Cape Crisis 51 – The Robot Heart


After getting over the hump with 50, we’re here to talk about the newest comics, Free Comic Book Day adventures, and a certain third film featuring an ironing male…


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Cape Crisis #51 Question: Your favorite/most hated moment in Iron Man 3?

18 thoughts on “Cape Crisis 51 – The Robot Heart

  1. Pretty on the fence about Iron Man 3.
    I think I was over-hyped about it and it came off as a let down to me.

  2. I think people are disappointed not because the mandarin isnt his comic book self, but that he isnt the one that was built up in the trailer(as an actual terrorist) which was pretty cool.

    1. I LOVED that, because it meant that they DIDN’T spoil the whole plot in the trailers, and simultaneously made fun of the entire “uber-powerful super-terrorist” villain that we’ve become obsessed with.

  3. I loved Iron Man 3. Way better than Iron Man 2 and, in my opinion, a lot better than Dark Knight Rises. I really didn’t care for DKR, and seeing it a second time only confirmed my initial thoughts.

    IM3 though? Great. Can’t wait for Thor 2!

      1. Yes it was, when you look at it with a dispassionate view, you can clearly tell that Nolan really wasn’t interested in making that movie, not like he did was with the other two.

  4. Why do you guys all think the Mandarin is magic?

    There’s nothing magic about his powers. The rings are pieces of an alien starship.

    It’s Xenotech, not magic.

    1. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
      It’s pretty much magic.

    2. This is probably why the term “science power rings” is not as widely-used as “magic power rings”. Most people see Madarin as a finger wizard…besides, “xenotech” just implies that it’s foreign-to-people, and most science AND magic is foreign to most people.

      Regardless, the lack of ring powers and the lame/ugly Magma Man Killian were the two biggest sticking points for me. Also, the “she got better because I figured out how to make her better” ending for Pepper didn’t sit well with me, and the fact that even after 13 years or so, that “botanist lady” didn’t correct the whole blowing-up-when-tampered half of her research…

  5. remember how you guys were complaining about image comics series having such short runs last week?
    well i think you guys pretty much answered the question of why they do it that way in THIS episode. @ 34:00 min
    you guys are talking about the slurry that the ultimate line has become after 13 years, all the baggage it carries and how dull it is now.
    you don’t get that with a limited run series like image comics does.
    you get a 3 act story and you’re satisfied and done.
    no baggage only good story and good memories.

  6. What a waste of a villain and while it’s better than that piece of crap called Iron Man 2 (which isn’t saying much tbh), it’s still a let down in regards to the story and especially the creative choices around the entire thing.

    Minor quibbles:
    – Obligatory flashback scene with laughably bad acting by Guy Pierce who is on par at that point with Uma Thurman’s Pamela Isley before the transformation though he’s much better thankfully as Killian later on.
    – One of the most shoehorned and wasted Stan Lee cameos ever.
    – Wasted (that’s a key word for this movie) after the credits scene with Banner that shows nothing for the future films and this is supposed to be the start of “Phase 2”.
    – Shane Black’s Christmas fetish once again popping up here.
    – Why was Rhodey even in this movie? Nothing came of the Iron Patriot plot point. It’s like they wanted to do a condensed version or start the SR Act here but in the end, NOTHING happened.

    Ugh too many problems to point out so let’s just go on to the heavy ones:

    The best sequence in the film (AF1 rescue scene). Supposed to show off how heroic Stark is, as is referenced throughout the film, and it turns out he’s not even in the suit. Badass scene all for a throwaway bus gag.
    Stark needing 20 suits to survive every little hit, fall, accident in the climax. Then proclaiming he’s “still Iron Man” w/o the armor?? F**k off Drew Pierce.
    As good as The Avengers was this is exactly the problem it was setting itself up for in the post solo films. Where were they? You’re telling me a branded terrorist like The Mandarin (Slattery) is executing people left and right and Captain America is nowhere to be found? If not him then how about BW or Hawkeye? All those references to The Avengers and none are found here except in a post credits scene.
    And of course the inclusion of the PTSD story point where it’s set up nicely and carefully woven throughout the movie but ultimately leads to nowhere as Stark has either beaten it or suppressing it in the end. Either way it’s left unresolved and unsatisfying.. just like the rest of the movie.
    The Mandarin…. pfft I don’t even know where to begin. Granted, it’s better to avoid the exact comic book interpretation of the character with the live action version, but of all the story choices you can go with, they pick the switch-a-roo card on it.

    What a damn shame if this is RDJ’s final solo Marvel film. To see his great acting go to waste in something like this.

  7. I really enjoyed Iron Man 3. I am not connected to the Mandarin like a lot of the outraged fanboys are, but I thought it was a clever way to handle it. Also, let’s not act like the Mandarin is on par with the Joker or Lex Luthor. He’s a racist caricature who wouldn’t fit with the tone of these movies.

    Overall, I think it’s better than Iron Man 2, Incredible Hulk, Captain American, and Thor, still behind Iron Man 1 and Avengers.

  8. I was annoyed with how heavy handed the foreshadowing was for the source of the attacks was. I had almost the entire plot figured out by the time Happy found himself in the hospital

    1. I didn’t think it was supposed to be subtle or a mystery. The audience knows, the heroes have no way of knowing, you watch them figure it out.

      None of that explosion stuff pointed to Mandarin, who I believed was the boss with the AIM guys as his more practical second in commands all the way up until the reveal.

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