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Cloud Atlas
Aside from Avengers, this could damn well be my favorite movie of 2012. The directors of Run Lola Run and The Matrix took one helluva  longshot, and I think it paid off with one of the most unique  and beautiful cinematic experiences I’ve had in the last five years. As one of the most expensive “indie movie” of all time I believe this breakneck, optimistic tribute to humanity kinda ate shit at the box office, plus older film critics kinda panned the thing… But that the fuck do they know?! They treated Argo like the Second Coming of Christ! Try Cloud Atlas, kiddies – you’ll probably like it. If you find it too fast-paced and sentimental, you’re too old.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
I recently kicked myself for not remembering what an exquisite experience I had with Donkey Kong Returns on the Wii Wone. I’m a terribly grown man, so they fact that I’d wake up early for work just to play more of this here vidjagame should damn sure be a testament to its greatness. Call it a shameless cashgrab if you must, DKCR’s heaving helping of bite-sized platforming euphoria is far better better suited to playing on the 3DS (plus all you’re losing is the dumbass wiggle-waggle controls.) I never 100%ed the game on the Wii, so I’m fuck-sure I’ll pick it up on here and amend that oversight.

Captain America [THE 1990 VERSION!!!]
Of all the movies that demanded a painstaking high-def remaster, I’m sure we can all agree this little ditty was high up there on our lists. And while we’re all of the same mindset, let’s all take a moment to go vote for Ralph Nader and molest a child.


Fast & The Furious Showdown  360  |  PS3
We bitch all the time about shitty, fly-by-night movie licenses… but you know what? I’d really don’t want to think about living in a world without them. It could probably score an 11.5 from your precious Destructygons or Kotakistiq’s and it’d still sell the exact same. (Just try and imagine some poor asshole developer saying “We decided to release 18 months after the movie, because we really wanted to get the Fast & Furious game right” and not treating the guy like he’s out there peddling Bulletball on national television.)   This thing only exists to put another piece of merch out in the wild to capitalize on Fast 6’s (justifiable and well-deserved!) marketing blitz and/or two weeks or so of boxoffice burnouts. Thank God, Activision’s got this side of the business down to a science we haven’t seen so refined since the heyday of the NES! I hope it’s really shitty, too. If Activision can keep up the turdy momentum of games practically released in secret, such as Men In Black and Battleship, Let’s Play livestream clowns have all the more curious fodder to put food on their table now that Nintendo’s tossed a wrench in the moneytrain.

Dexter: The Seventh Season
I gave up on this after Tom Hanks’ son began hallucinating Admiral Adama. Give me one good reason to get back into this shit show. Could win ya $20, kiddo.



National Lampoon’s Vacation
Community fans: You know you’re dying to get a glimpse at exactly the point and time Chevy Chase sucked the least.



I’m convinced Jason Statham’s making the same movie over and over just to see if I notice. Sorry, Statham… if it ain’t Crank 3, it ain’t shit!



My Neighbor Totoro
BUY THIS! I just bought this thing on Standard-Def DVD and am currently punching myself in the dick for not knowing a Blu-ray was coming. What a heartwarmingly furry ball of animated whimsy essentially put Studio Ghibli on the map (they made Ni No Kuni, kids), and you’ve no doubt seem Totoro himself pop up on merchandise in and outside of Japan, as well as a mute performance in Toy Story 3. I honestly can’t recommend it enough; even the new English dub with the Fanning sister and the guy from Wings is way better than I expected.

Howl’s Moving Castle
I haven’t seen this film since the theaters, but not only do I remember enjoying it quite a bit. Plus, I’m almost positive it’s the last time I was even mildly amused by the presence of Billy Crystal. Don’t get all about the sequel to Monsters Inc., now. Disney’s got their name all over these Studio Ghibli DVDs, so I’m sure they won’t suffer too much without my box office dollar.

The Last Stand
I heard Arnold’s return to beefy action star kinda sucked from friends who went into into it with the highest of expectations, and that’s really a damn shame. Arnold’s seemingly idiotic film persona is only now getting the praise it deserves, and this apparently falls just short of his ludicrous and violent legacy.

Resident Evil: Revelations
Certain affiliations forbid us from dispelling the glory of this game, finally optimized for platforms RE fans actually own. However, I will say it’s my favorite Resident Evil since RE4… That’s it, LEEME ALONE!



Amazon’s got the Star Trek movies on Blu-ray for their lowest price yet (50% off!) Can’t say enough nice things about the TOS films.
Star Trek: The Original Series Movies (I-VI) – $25.58
Star Trek: The Next Generation Movies (Generations – Nemesis) – $28.74

Assassin’s Creed III is $29.99 on all platforms, including Wii U. Speaking of which…
ALL WII U GAMES have been discounted.
-Call of Duty Black Ops and Arkham City = $30 off
-ZombiU, New Super Mario Bros U and Lego City Undercover = $20
-Nintendoland, Injustice, Need For Speedand more = $10 off


The Last of Us
– Pre-order and receive the Sights and Sounds Pack
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist  360  |  PS3
– Receive the Upper Echelon Pack, which includes the Gold Glowing Goggles, the Upper Echelon Suit, and the Aral Sea Co-op Mission
Grid 2  360  |  PS3
-$15 in-store credit
-Pre-order to receive the Headstart Pack. The Headstart Pack includes car upgrade discounts and Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 GT Car! Pack contains 15% Discount in the Car Upgrades store for the multiplayer game modes, the exclusive Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 GT
Madden NFL 25th Anniversary Edition
-Pre-order for a 17 week Madden Ultimate Team pack subscription, and exclusive offers for DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket. A $400 value!
Disney Infinity
-Pre-order and receive a power disc pack free with your selected starter pack and free bonus figure
Arkham City: Origins
-$10 in-store credit
-Playable Deathstroke character






25 thoughts on “Bestest Amazon deals and releases for May 21st

  1. I am glad to see these are back I love seeing these mini reviews. But the Naussicaa Manga full set is back in print and I need to get it before it disappears!

  2. No money to spare at the moment, but comics come first, then cloud atlas, and I know I can’t help but buy Donkey Kong again. Returns is possibly my favourite Wii game!

  3. Watch Dexter because the seventh season is crazy. I didn’t like the sixth but the seventh threw so many storylines, cliffhangers, and drama. Shit hits the fan all over the place.

  4. Oh cool, I didn’t get to see Cloud Atlas in the theater so I guess I’ll pick it up now. As for Dexter, I have to agree with you that the entire Colin Hanks season was shit. Season 7 wasn’t as good as the first few seasons, but it definitely was an improvement. Assuming you haven’t seen the entirety of season 6, just watch the last two minutes for the big cliffhanger and decide if you’d have any interest in seeing how season 7 followed that. Thank god they’re finally ending it next season though. I’m excited to see how they wrap it up but they probably should have killed it years ago.

  5. I see a lot of Totoro shirts and backpacks and things around Honolulu, and I own a Tshirt myself. I first saw Totoro back when anime was still called Japanimation, before we ever got much real anime in the States, and Disney movies in the 80’s still looked simple, like Ghibli ones do. I’m not sure how modern kids will feel about it, it’s very methodical and not action-packed. It’s hard to deny the awesomeness of the Totoro design, though.

  6. Picked up Cloud Atlas. I realy enjoyed it, and I went and saw it in the theaters without knowing anything about it because of you guys. Good stuff.

  7. Looks like I’m throwing more $$$ at Nintendo to repurchase games I already own [RE being sealed, but never played]. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D from console to 3DS and Resident Evil: Revelations from 3DS to WiiU.

  8. Yeah Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is on my radar, but I’m picking up GRiD 2 at the end of this month (it’s been 5 years!)! Actually pre-ordering through Gamestop, which I never do, since it seems they have the best bonus packs (McLaren & GTR).

  9. didn’t get to play much of Donkey Kong Country Returns so i’m glad it comes to a platform i own at the moment

  10. Wait, Cloud Atlas AND several Studio Ghibli films are coming out this week? Why wasn’t I informed? CURSE YOU, LIMITED FUNDS!!! *shakes fists into the empty air*

    Studio Ghibli stuff goes without saying, but I can’t recommend Cloud Atlas enough. Quite possibly the best film of one of my favorite film years in recent memory, Cloud Atlas is bold, beautiful, and generally amazing. It may have been more than slightly divisive, but count me firmly in the “absolutely loved it” camp.

  11. Oh man, I totally forgot about Cloud Atlas! That would be fantastic on Blu-ray! Or I might pick up Extremis. That was a pretty cool Iron Man book. Either way, you know I’m shopping through the Laser Time links.

  12. The Last Stand was hugely underrated, its such a ridiculous action movie, but the action is top quality, & the climatic fight between old-ass Arnold & the young fit hispanic villain, is fckin awesome, its “They Live”-tier.

  13. I love the amazon articles on this website mostly because it shows all the geeky things I’m into. Cloud Atlas is one of my must watch movies I tell my friends to see.

  14. I want to check out Cloud Atlas, especially because everyone here (and you Chris) keep saying its good and I didn’t have the time to watch it in the cinemas.

    Also, wouldn’t the Wheelman be considered as a Fast and Furious game, as its stars Vin Diesel and is just as over-the-top as the Fast and Furious movies.

  15. Now that I finally have a 3DS, I’m super tempted by Donkey Kong Country Returns… but I think I’m gonna have to wait for a sale 🙁

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