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In this week’s episode of Vidjagame Apocalypse we talk about memorable appearances in shitty videogame movies and make speculations about the next Xbox. Yes, we realize the reveal has already happened but when we recorded this, it hadn’t.

Question of the Week

What game would make a good movie?




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47 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse- It Was Tuesday

  1. Doesn’t matter that the xbox was revealed after this was recorded. TV was invented back in the 20s so you almost had 100 years to talk about it.

    1. For QOTW i would have said a Sergio Leone Man with No Name game but Red Dead Redemption was pretty much that.

      I would like to see a Mad Max game as a third person shooter or and Escape from New York game

      1. Oh Shit read the QOTW backwards.

        Enslaved, Mirrors Edge, S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Metro 2033 would be amazing movies.

    1. I disagree. I feel like Minerva’s Den from Bioshock 2 would make the best movie, but as a whole, I think the Bioshock franchise wouldn’t translate well to film. The first game has a lot of commentary on video games that would be lost in a film. The third is so complex I feel most people would not understand it without taking a hacksaw to the ideas that Irrational slaved over.

    2. If they ever make a BioShock movie, I want it to not try and translate what the games did since they’re inherently gamey stories but to act like a prequel to the first BioShock. The rise of one man’s vision underneath the sea and how human frailties and an addictive, gene-changing drug destroyed that vision sounds like a great cinematic story to me. I don’t want Hollywood to give Jack a voice and a hunky, Johnny Depp face, I want the story of Andrew Ryan and his fall from grace.

  2. I know nobody gives a shit, but I can’t stand people being misinformed about something I care deeply about.

    Japan does use NTSC. The Super Famicom works 100% in US households in stock form. The video out connector is the same, and will work with your SNES, N64, or GameCube av cables with no problem at 60 hz. The controller port is the same as the SNES, and you can use any SNES controllers with it. Finally, the power adapter has a different plug than that of the SNES, but the stock SFC power supply works fine in the US. It is designed for 100v, but in US outlets receives 110v, however this is within its limitations, and generally works fine. I have a recently imported Super Famicom sitting right in front of me, which works perfectly, as proof. Furthermore, if you want a power supply with the 100% correct specs, a Model 1 Genesis power supply has the right plug and delivers 100v.

    Sorry to babble about dumb shit nobody cares about, but I’m drunk and felt like I needed to reply. Absofuckinglutely love the podcast, you guys kick ass and I wish you many moons of awesomeness to come.

  3. Surprised that the “Of course!” line wasn’t used for your Top 5, but then again, I guess that was too obvious.

    Also, so ecstatic that my answer was read! Grimm’s weird mushed accent for the reading made it all the more enjoyable. XD

  4. The Metroid series, as long as it didn’t include the Other M submissive pussy PTSD Samus parts. The original games were mostly based on Ridley Scott/ James Cameron’s Alien series to begin with, so why not just build up from there?

    And NOT end on a note like Other M/Prometheus???

  5. For a while I’ve wanted either a miniseries or a Deus Ex movie, there’s certainly enough to the world/plot to construct a compelling feature length film. It’s also near enough in the future to avoid costly cgi world-building (ie Halo, curious about the tv series in that respect.)

    But I’ve always hoped that Oddworld would make the transition from games, if not just to explore more of that amazing world of which the games only gave us a taste of.

  6. QOTW:
    This may seem like a strange choice but I would suggest Dark Souls. Since it had a minimalist and ambiguous narrative, an interpretation wouldn’t necessarily ruin the plot in an adaptation. The story could still be simple yet more of a character piece as they slowly go insane from turning hollow all the while being pushed forward by unknowns towards an unclear ultimate goal. The visuals, score and themes would be at the centre… also dragons. It would be the sort of film Solaris and Stalker director Andrei Tarkovsky would make… if he hadn’t already died in 1986…

  7. QOTW: Spec Ops the line would make an incredibly great real movie, but since that will never happen I suppose I would have to say a Ratchet and Clank movie, if only something like that could happen

    Oh wait a moment, what’s this?

  8. Red Dead Redemption would make for a genuinely good movie. As for something more interesting visually I’d love a movie in the Portal universe. Assuming the same writers were involved it would make for a compelling but super funny game with some fantastic visuals.

  9. Even though it will never happen because NAMCO fucked up the release date then blamed Ninja Theory, Enslaved would make a great movie. As much as I loved the game, the gameplay takes a backseat to the environment and story. It’s a character driven game with a story that actually matters. It’s like “After Earth”, only with less Smiths and closeted Scientology!

  10. Suggestion for a top 5: Worst levels in otherwise great games.

    This comes after playing Psychonauts’ infuriatingly infamous Meat Circus level

    Also for a game that would make a good movie, i think i’d like to see a saints row movie directed by tim and eric. that could be fun, and they could definitely capture the attitude of the games. That or a beyond good and evil movie – that could be really cool.

  11. QOTW: First game that comes to mind is BioShock. I know they’ve been trying forever, but I still think it could make a really good film in the right hands.

    And as for a joke-y answer, X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Uncaged Edition because that movie should have been as violent and awesome as the game.

  12. Don’t know what it was about this episode (possibly Grimm’s infectious laughter) but you guys were really on today.

    Not a lot of games can make the transition to cinema and turn out well but I think many could translate to a TV series much smoother. Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed especially.

  13. “I don’t think physical media will be around in the next generation.”

    What about people without internet, Tyler? Do you think most of them will get internet in five years? The constant doomsday talk of this podcast is getting very, very old. Physical media is still roughly 80% of game sales, so maybe you should look beyond your own personal digital life.

    Still a good show.

    1. People without internet aren’t listening to the show.

      However, I do think that the “all digital future” is being slowed by the shitty infrastructure in the US. I, for one, couldn’t download a blu-ray drive worth of data very quickly and I have cable internet. Unless I move to Austin and get Google Fiber, I’m not sure that will change by the next gen. And I live in a moderately sized city (200,000+).

  14. Hear me out here, Redsteel. The worst part of that game were the gameplay section, so if you get rid of that then you can have a cool action movie full of shootouts and sword fights. I also don’t remember the story at all, so that may also suck, but it’s not like anyone cares enough about that game to get angry at plot changes.

  15. I think the Mass Effect series would make a pretty good movie, but could you imagine it as a TV series? That would be amazing! The stories and characters of Mass Effect would translate perfectly into a TV series.

  16. Ok, here’s my QOTW hitlist:

    -Myst/Riven, of course (I know one was in the works but that’s looking pretty dodgy).
    -Grim Fandango
    -Monkey Island
    -While I’m on a Tim Schafer run, how about Psychonauts? Anyone?
    -Metroid Prime!
    -Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
    -Now I know Professor Layton already had a movie, (It’s quite good), but I’m hoping for another.
    -Siberia I and II would also make excellent movies.
    -Umm… I guess some obscure PC adventure game from 1998-2003? I mean that’s what I’m basically coming up with atm.

    Also, did you guys see that Equestria Girls trailer? That shit is so cash!

  17. My picks for the QOTW would have to be either Shadows of the Damned, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, or Enslaved. Also Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus could be a fun animated film.

  18. I’m currently in preparation to ship out for the Marines, & every podcast in the lasertime family just makes going to the gym everyday the most enjoyable part of my day, I salute you guys!

    P.s. Those M. Bison lines, my sides were destroyed after that whole segment XD

  19. Gotta say, I enjoyed the DOA movie as well.

    Back when the first Mortal Kombat film came out, I enjoyed the hell out of it because I loved the game and was in 8th grade, so I didnt know a good movie when I saw it. But I just CANNOT watch that movie now because it doesn’t hold up in any way what so ever.

    DOA, on the otherhand, i didnt enjoy the games, barely play them, and had zero expectations from the film. Then I watched it, and loved it for what it was, a B-movie brawler with T&A that had good characters, and that didnt go overboard with the game references. There was maybe 2 “special moves” in the whole movie, and they were quick enough that it didnt bring down the film. Then I watched it again with my at-the-time-girlfriend maybe a year later, and she loved it. Then again with my current girlfriend 2 years ago, and she also loved it and we now watch it every so often.

    DOA will be one of the few video game movies that will hold up for years to come simply due to the filming style. You feel that it is a b-movie, you know its a b-movie, but many times it doesn’t “look” like a b-movie, which is the odd yet fun thing about it. The camera work was solid, the scene choices were good, and the “fan service” was just enough to be humorous rather than embarrassing. And yes, the fight scene in the rain on the beach was very well done, especially the over-the-shoulder throw, counter-throw, counter-counter-throw as the camera passed behind the wooden posts.

    Made me want to see the people behind DOA make a Ninja Gaiden film with Kane Kosugi reprising his Ryu Hayabusa role.

    Sadly, DOA still has a low rating on Rotten Tomatos (lower than Mortal Kombat, but not lower than Street Fighter, Legend of ChunLi and MK2 (THANK GOD)), but that just reinforces my believe to not trust sites like RT or MetaCritic for crowd sourced reviews.

    Just ordered the Bluray edition of DOA due to this episode of Vidjagame Apocalypse 😀

  20. Panzer Dragoon Saga would make a fantastic movie! Post-apocalyptic yet totally unique world, compelling characters, great story arc, wonderful music and DRAGONS! It might give a boost to the whole Panzer series, games that are long overdue for some fresh love (not from Duke Lombardi though)

  21. I know these are next to impossible but seeing as how The Avengers pulled it off, it gives me just a slight bit of hope.

    -Marvel Vs Capcom
    -Super Robot Wars
    -No More Heroes
    -Panty and Stocking with Garter belt

    On second thought nope these will never happen and if they do, Hollywood will suck out all the charm and color and put every one in black leather and have a whole bunch of lens flairs and miscast actors

  22. I always say I want a Shadow of the Colossus movie. Then people start poo-pooing me about how it would ruin the plot or they would have to speak english. But I really want in full IMAX to see stories tall giants with that great orchestral score coming in full surround sound all around me.

  23. Far Cry 3 or Devil May Cry would be perfect for the movies just because of how outrageous and awesome they are

  24. C&C, the whole Tiberium, GDI/NOD and possible SCRIN invasion makes me say wow I can’t believe this hasn’t been done on Syfy yet. Throw in time manipulation, Hitler and the Soviets/Allies, oh man epic. You could also use the Chronosphere and show time settings of all the C&C games from C&C, Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, RA2, Yuri’s Revenge, Generals, etc etc. Oh man, I miss that franchise… oh yeah and f C&C4! Wow, ruined the best story too.

  25. The obvious movie that needs to be made is “Injustice: Gods Among Us”. The Uncharted series would make a good adventure movie, or either the Killzone or the Resistance series would make good sci-fi movies.

    Oh and just for good ole shits and giggles, “Lollypop Chainsaw” would be a great B movie… especially with the MST3K crew commenting on it.

  26. I think a Just Cause adaptation would be fantastic. Over the top action in the same vein as 90s action movies, with a badass going around destroying third world countries.

  27. Uncharted 2 because the story is already like a film so they don’t have to write a new story

  28. Just heard my answer to last weeks QOTW, I feel awesome and dumb next time i’ll give my answer a read over and check for grammatical errors.

    QOTW: I’d say Alan Wake

  29. easy answer is Mass Effect. handled well you could milk a great series of sci fi movies from that cow. but that’s not really interesting to me at the moment because I’m more concerned with Xbox revealing itself to be the form of the destructor. did Dan Ackroyd fuck up again and will this thing into existence?

  30. Contra. Sure, it’s essentially just a backdrop for a typical action movie, but you don’t run any of the risks of shortchanging the story (since the storyline in a game like Contra is as basic as it comes), and any liberties you take in terms of dialogue and character development probably won’t piss off any of the fans. They’ll be happy to see two guys running around shooting things with a Spray Gun, not minding the occasional breaks in action for whatever miniscule plot development you need to get out of the way.

  31. Killer7. A Killer7 adaption could possibly be more entertaining than playing the actual game.

  32. I really think Dead Space would make a great movie but then I remember Event Horizon and think that it might just come off as a knock off of that

    But still I’d like to see who they’d get for Isaac and how far they’d go in a live action film (necromorph babies and such)

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