Laser Time – Gayest Episode Ever


Because we know you guys are psyched for one thing and one thing only this week (HBO’s Liberace movie!) we’re tastefully outing secretly gay celebrities of yore!


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37 thoughts on “Laser Time – Gayest Episode Ever

  1. New LaserTime ftw! Also, when is the episode about the listener responses/forum posts regarding embarrassing songs coming? I really want to hear what the LT crew has to say.

  2. You know what would be cool? Since you guys did a shameful music podcast and several on thing like racism I think a “shameful beliefs” podcast would be interesting.

    Like telling stories of how maybe in the past you might of had this or that bigoted belief or some present belief that is silly but is just something you’re stuck with (like some superstition or habit).

    When I think back on my younger years and the kinda silly things I used to think I cringe now. I’m sure you guys have stories like that or even fun things you still do/believe that you can’t really justify but you do/think them anyway.

  3. Sounds like a gay old time, though I could have sworn there was already a title called “Gayest episode ever”….unless this episode is even gayer than that in which case the title is technically correct.

    …this is important.

    1. there was a ‘gayest’ episode for Cape Crisis. the guys revisit this theme regularly, though, all across the network. ive been waiting for Henry to come out–or at least confess he’s bi–for a while, now…

  4. This lasertime was EXTRA camp for me because I just got done listening to the GR TalkRadar camp podcast (27 or something).
    Great episode guys as always

  5. Another Laser Time, more liberal bullshit spewed.

    I respect Elton John for performing at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding. Its nice to see a liberal not treating a conservative like scum just because they have different political views.

    1. For a hefty price tag, sure. It’s not like he did it out of the kindness of his heart. Rush Limbaugh may be a dick, but Elton John is a pretty big asshole himself.

      1. Obviously it was for the money, but liberals act as if Elton John sold out and betrayed gays.

        God forbid the thought people with opposing political views actually get along. Its ridiculous how liberals are always treating conservatives like enemies.

    2. As much as it pains me to say it, I agree.

      I don’t even consider myself to be some hardcore conservative (I’m pro choice and pro gay marriage). That said, I am really getting tired of NY, LA, and SF liberals feeling like they need to “enlighten” the unwashed masses who happen to live on the other 99% of the continent. I usually agree with (or at least respect) Lasertime’s views, but I feel my blood pressure rising from time to time. For example, when Henry wrote off Jack Reacher as the worst movie he saw over the holidays for no other reason than because it was “a bunch of conservative bullshit”, or when Chris made the “crazy, white Midwesterner” comment in this episode. How can you guys be so open-minded and yet dismissive at the same time?

      I realize I’m not doing myself any favors with a name like “taterboob”.

      1. I recall Henry talking about Jack Reacher. I remember him saying it was conservative bullshit, then he called it racist because a black guy was the villain or something along those lines.

        Anytime you hear the word conservative on Laser Time they actually mean gay hating and racist. Stay classy guys.

    3. It’s not because he’s a conservative. It’s because he’s actively undermined the rights of people like Sir Elton. It seems hypocritical for Elton to fight for those rights in his country and then come play the wedding of one of the most hate-spewing commentators in the US.

  6. I shit you not, this was the second podcast I listened to this week that explained the phrase “Chekov’s Gun”.

  7. Now I wish we’d held back a week until we’d seen the new Arrested Development eps, so I could talk about George Maharis. Damn!

  8. Mikel, what town did you live in? I’ve lived for a few years and still have fam in that part of the state. I know what you mean (LOL).

      1. Aha! I was going to guess Ephrata. My mom’s family hail from Moses Lake. They’re all pretty cool, but there’s some odd folk in those parts, no doubt. I lived in Spokane for a couple years, and one thing I really don’t miss is the spat chewing tobacco found everywhere in varying degrees of desiccation on sidewalks and stairways, inside library books, in coin-return slots of vending machines….

        1. Ugh. What is it with eastern Washington and chewing tobacco? One time on a flight to visit my parents I sat across the aisle from some guy who spent the entire flight spitting huge brown wads into a styrofoam cup while his kid watched Cars on an iPad at top volume.

          On the other hand, seeing that erased any lingering doubts that I’d accidentally boarded a plane for somewhere else.

  9. As someone who considers himself fairly liberal I want to punch Henry in th face everytime he talks about politics, and he is my favorite cast member! Rush Limbaugh the most evil person ever.

  10. While I didn’t have a problem with the content of the episode, and some of the conversations were pretty entertaining, I thought this episode got a little repetitive. The format was basically “did you know this person was gay? It was/wasn’t so obvious at the time. Here’s some things they did that make more sense now that we know they’re gay. Know who else was gay…” I think this subject could have worked a little better if it was paired with something like a best/worst gay characters segment. Just my opinion. Love the show, thought this one was just ok.

  11. Another great episode, as usual! 😀 This one was a bit gayer than expected.
    I enjoyed your stories about the moment you realized homosexuals should be accepted.
    It still surprises me how so many people go the extremist route when it comes to gay rights. My view on this issue is that as long as it doesn’t affect my life directly or restrict my own rights, let them do what they want! If they’re happy, who am I to stop them?
    Have a great week, everyone.

  12. Living in Canada I’m still always surprised that the rest of the world treats this as not normal. With France just changing the legalities of the subject I remembered that its still not common. Its entirely a non issue here. People just seem to get on with their lives one way or another.

  13. I love this episode! I agree with Antista, there is something fascinating about hearing who is actually gay, and who isn’t. I could not care less about Kim Kardashian, but when I spotted that issue of Us Weekly with the rumors that Kanye West was gay, I could not resist!

    I was thinking about NPH and his bulletproof career since coming out, and i think the X factor is that he works on television. Film actors who come out have a much harder time because they work in Hollywood. the Gay Mafia practically owns the networks. I don’t know how many homosexual and gay friendly people work as actrors, producers, writers, and so on, but it seems like a lot. Hollywood, however, is still terrified of offending their precious Straight White Males, so fags get the boot.

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