Vidjagame Apocalypse- Going to the Dogs


In this week’s episode we talk about our favorite canine friends and the Xbox One reveal. It’s basically just four people talking about dogs for two hours.

Question of the Week
What do you think about the Xbox One? Short and sweet, but it’s what’s on all of our minds.




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48 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse- Going to the Dogs

  1. I get Laser Time AND THEN Vidjagame Apocalypse a few hours later?!

    must be my birthday 😀

  2. What do I think of the Xbone*? I think I’m returning to PC gaming. (Any tips? My PC’s older than my first 360.)

    * “Xbone” joke ™ GamesRadar/RadioRadar

  3. I love working nights because it means I always get my LT and VGPocalypse as soon as they go live.

    Anne I’m sure you’re still cute in burly lumberjack gear. THERE I said my one “Anne is cute” line, and shall retire my creeper status immediately.

    I dropped this comment on the last ep but it dogs repeating. E3 prediction: the XBone is revealed to be the true form of the destructor, accidentally willed into existence by Dan Ackroyd. he never learns.


  4. honestly, this thing looks like a fucking abomination. 10 steps in the wrong direction for the gaming industry. if this much control, privacy and freedom is taken away from the gamer, and we all apathetically accept it just because we want some new shiny shit, dark times a ‘comin.

    I’ve always been a playstation guy, but I genuinely wanted Microsoft to wow me this time. I entered into the conference with an open mind, and left bruised, bewildered and extremely disappointed.

    unless MS backs off due to negative reaction, I hope we can all agree to hold off on buying this machine, because we speak loudest with our wallets. if we decree these business practices acceptable, then you better believe Sony and Nintendo will follow suit.

    I want the best for all gamers, I’ve always respected the 360 as a fine machine, and I’ll do the same for XBone if MS cleans up their act.

  5. should I have a funny name? funny names seem to get all the air time. I was thinking about Vampire Prosecutor. what dya think?

  6. i approve of Ryan T. from GDar. he makes me giggle on the Freaky youtubes, and it will provide new dynamics for this podcast, hopefully.

    anxiety follows now listening to good gaming podcasts, because as soon as the editors get to a certain age, they tend to go over to the dev side, and therefore handcuffed from appearing on such podcasts.

    the new opening song doesn’t have the kick…and…and….

  7. Is that Chris and Henry that i could hear in the background for a lot of the podcast?

    QOTW – It’s already been said but I think Microsoft is really trying to compete against Apple. They are long time arch enemies and since the last console release Apple really blew up. So it’s all about getting the non gamer audience interested in the Xbone and throwing some call of duty on the side for the casual gamers.
    They made some stupid choices with the new Kinect but im hoping they learn from the backlash and reevaluate it.
    It is probably best to wait for E3 to make any big calls but i have already abandoned the console ship, i bought a WiiU for the Nintendo exclusives and build a PC so i am set for the next generation.

    1. i thought my fervent wish for Chris to be on this again finally manifest in my hearing him in the background. like a ghost.

  8. The Xboxone was the logical evolution of what the 360 has become. If this crappy reveal aimed at casuals means a purely game focused E3 most people’s butt hurt will be asuaged; since all the matters is the last thing you did.

  9. The trouble with the Xbone is that its too late. I would normally understand pushing a few features like netflix and sports stuff because that’s a good idea however with smart TVs tumbling in price everyone already has this stuff. My sister who is not exactly technologically competent recently bought a 3D smart TV and spends her time watching lovefilm. Why then would she buy another device that plugs into the television to function that will probably cost more than the she got the TV for.

    tl:dr Xbone is too late on the draw for streaming services since smart TVs already do it.

  10. no need to explain to us why the change in theme song.
    it makes sense. this is like a new season of the show, so a new theme song is appropriate.
    i’m still feeling awkward from that XBO reveal. so AWKWARD!

    you know… i have my all in one entertainment system. it’s my bloody fucking laptop.
    i can game, watch movies and tv, talk to friends using skype, read comics and all sorts of stuff
    plus i can take it with me pretty much anywhere i go.
    so… yeah. i’m not sold.

    anne was still dead when stand by me came out.

  11. To be honest I wasn’t fond of the “remix” version of the last song. I like the TDar original, not so much with singing… the new one sounds great to me.

    As for question of the week: I don’t even think we need another generation of consoles. Microsoft in particular seem to just be reacting to the current success of companies like Apple and online streaming services. Plus the argument that a console cycle can hold back new engines including those on the PC is debatable considering the most interesting new games on the PC aren’t graphics showcases, like indie and new greenlight games.

  12. Yes, dogs!
    I have yet to even look at the reveal really, all I’ve been hearing is everyones response to it and it seems…well pretty crappy. Like really just trying to make money in general. Either way I know I won’t be able to afford a next gen console at launch so I’m probably gonna wait about a year and even then I’ll let the games sway my opinion, not the company.

    1. But more seriously, I actually think the xbone’s focus on a wider audience is a pretty good Idea, “hardcore gamer’s” are an incredibly small niche when you take a step back and look at everything, and given that console’s alone don’t make any money and that the cost of making these monstrosities of science will keep rising, xbone’s new focus on a much wider audience will probably prove profitable

  13. I’m a long time 360 fan and I will not even consider the XBONE. It is anti-consumer and big brother. A couple of the biggest appeals to me of using a console was simplicity and ability to rent or buy used cheap. I’ve been debating the merits of switching and with this push I may as well invest in a gaming PC instead. The major advantages of 360 vs PC are being chopped off Xbox One.

    Also by buy cheap I mean ebay and Amazon. I spent little to nothing playing some games by buying them and reselling them on ebay when done. I don’t get why anyone uses GameStop who has access to other methods.

    Side point about the show in general. Please don’t always cut off conversations for fear of spoilers. I agree that major plot points of a game a couple weeks old or the ending of a game a few months old should be kept back. The problem I’ve had is several times Michael has cut an interesting story or opining about a game off because it may veer into spoilers of a game where that shouldn’t be a big deal. I come to the show for your thoughts and insight on games, don’t cut so many short.

  14. QOTW: honestly, I’m not impressed at all. The built-in Kinect, plus the fact that you have to sign into xbox live daily to play, and install games that then become tied to one account, makes me very weary of the console. To top it off, the launch line-up is sub-par, and unless it improves a lot I’m not sure I’ll pick it up on launch.

    TLDR; disappointed because of the tech and lack of interesting and true next-gen launch games, plus anti-piracy measures

  15. Y’all know that it’s because the Call of Duty games emulate/take inspiration from war films is the reason why I said they’d translate into films fine, right? They’re already about halfway there, so the transition would/should be easy.

  16. In terms of the Xbox One they just don’t have me hooked yet. All those features are nice and all they just have not really given me the first party incentive that the system has to offer. While the issues with sharing games and such are important ones, ultimately it is the fact that there are games to begin with that will make the difference. The only game i am really interested in as of right now is Destiny. With that coming to 360 as well I don’t see an incentive to purchase the new hardware. Until I see gameplay comparisons between the current and next gen I won’t really care.

  17. New theme song is fantastic.

    QOTW: My reaction to the Xbone reveal can be summed up by listening to Brett’s reaction to Nintendo at E3 in Tdar 10. Every bad rumor we heard turned out to be true, and absolutely nothing exciting or impressive was shown. Microsoft better have some incredible exclusive games at E3, otherwise…I guess…I guess…*drops gamepad to the ground in slow motion, where it lands with a deafening thud* I guess I’m a PC gamer, now…

  18. well i am spectacularly indifferent and have no opinion what so ever,
    BUT! my dear uncle frank has some concerns he wishes to make known



    Thank you Frank that will be enough.

  19. QOTW: I think the good features of the xbox one are nice, but its going to be a real up hill battle for microsoft to push the always online and no more used games features to players. I predict either the system will be considerably cheaper then a ps4 or these features might no longer exist by E3.

  20. What was up with all the convos in the background? Something being brainstormed at Laser Time HQ?

    Nice new opening btw.

  21. New theme is great, I wasn’t a big fan of the Helix Nebula remix after the enjoyment of hearing Helix Nebula as a theme again wore off.

    QOTW: Don’t care for it. I loan games to friends all the time, and them saying a can’t is a huge turn off. I generally avoid PC gaming for that reason, as well as digital versions of just about any media. And all that TV stuff probably won’t be available here on day one anyways, so hearing them talk about it at a conference seemed like them telling me that they don’t really care about me, and that my business is a benefit and not a goal.

  22. Xbox One hasn’t completely offended me yet, and I’m still excited about a new console. My 360 broke for the second time, out of warranty, back when I was playing Arkham Asylum on the week of it’s release. Needless to say, I’ve been waiting a while for a new announcement whilst refusing to pay for a console twice. On that note, I’m saddened to see that it won’t be backwards compatible. I’ll have to wait and pay for all the current gen games I missed out on as they hopefully appear on the Xbox One online marketplace rather than scouting bargain bins and borrowing from friends.

  23. — Phonetics nerd alert —
    seeing as ubi is an acronym for “Union des Bretons Indépendants”, and Union in French is pronounced “ouño”, I’d assume that it was originally pronounced “oobie”, and changed later to the more anglophone-friendly “you-bee”. an occurence more common among asian companies (i.e. ASUS).
    — you can come out, it’s safe now —

    what, xbox one-eighty? i’ll pass.

  24. QOTW: It’s like a Smart TV on a console, Smart Console? Only It’s not Smart because when I play games, I don’t want to flip to another screen to read a new Facebook message, Tweet, or check some ESPN highlights. I want to sit and play my game, I have a mobile phone for all that other crap. Very unimpressed with the reveal.

  25. Qotw response: What was shown at the Xbox One reveal was interesting but the actual delivery of how Microsoft positioned there console was baffling. I’m excited to see what Microsoft brings to E3 but I can’t help but feel the mixed messaging from Microsoft’s PR was a massive blunder on there part. First impressions and word of mouth go a long way in creating an image for a Console that will be around for another decade.

  26. So – I have been trying to find the original theme song for some time. Finally, after this episode, you told us what it is. I find the original from Helix Nebula but can’t find the mix with Gucci Mane. Did you make it yourself? 🙂 Thanks in advance. Btw – I like the new theme. I do not think it will prevent people from listening. 🙂

  27. Before I begin let me say that I am a long time Playstation fan so that may contribute to my bias.

    While watching the Xbox ONe reveal I never felt a sense of amazement. The demo of the new fangled Kinect 2.0 wasn’t as impressive as they wanted it to be to me and the reveal of the new COD wasn’t exactly what I’d call a reveal as they have become annual releases so everyone was sort of expecting that at some point. All though it was a neat thing to see the change in detail for the dogs and arms and stuff, but it would have been nice to see something that actually pushed the limits of phot realism like at the PS4 reveal. In all the only thing I was excited for after watching the reveal was Halo TV and blu ray.

    All in all, I am much more excited for the PS4 in comparison to the X-One mainly because it seems to offer more in terms of graphical quality and what is possible for developers, but that does not mean I won’t get an X-One eventually just not before I get my PS4 🙂

  28. I kinda resent the idea that not having complex controllers is holding back game design and innovation. Most of the most innovative games of this gen are extremely simple.

    About the reveal, throughout the whole thing, I was pretty interested, even though I knew it wasn’t really for me. It was still cool to see all the little gimmick things that the PS4 wouldn’t have, and to guess which of these things would be the “killer app” that would be a big deal to casuals. Not really too bothered about no gameplay shown, as the PS4 conference showed games running on PCs with “approximate specs”, which you know means the games won’t look quite that good.

  29. QOTW:

    ——youtube video of Tom Jones’ ‘Sexbomb’ with the word ‘Sexbomb’ switched out with ‘XBone’ here, with Sir Tom Jones making gross faces——

  30. I know it’s after the recording, but I wanted to throw in my 2 cents about the Xbone (the best console nickname EVER).

    I still have cable and cable internet. It’s not blazing fast, but it get the job done. I feel like this is a product that can do a lot for me and I plan on picking one up on launch day. Ever since SEGA left the console market, I’ve been an Xbox guy. I’ve owned all the systems since the Dreamcast, but I identify more with the Xbox branded consoles.

    I have no doubt that Xbone and PS4 will get 95% of the same games. I actually do plan on buying both, but depending on price, may wait for the PS4.

    I know everyone is freaking out about the hardware reveal and entertainment stuff. “It’s not for us! It’s not a console.” However, you have to realize that these companies can’t make consoles just for gamers anymore. If you are targeting to JUST gamers, you’ll be a niche company and won’t grow. Not only that, but Microsoft’s goal the whole time has been to “own the living room”. That means not just your video games, but your entertainment as a whole.

    Overall, I’m just excited for the next-gen. I plan on buying both next-gen consoles in the near future (or asking for one for Christmas) and getting new experiences out of both.

  31. I’m done with consoles. I currently own a 360, a PS3, a Wii, a Wii U, and a solid PC rig. It seems like the whole console market is more enthused with gimmicks and not at all interested in actual innovation. That being said, I’m genuinely creeped out by the XBOne’s Kinect “feature”. I have no issue at all with Microsoft wanting to push the expanded abilities of the XBOne, it seems smart to me. But, I’m also disgusted with the XBOne’s stance on used games.

    I’m also not convinced of Sony being upfront about used games, either. There seems to be a lot of wishy-washy statements coming from Sony that makes me believe that they will have a system in place similar to Microsoft. The coup de grace on my belief on this is EA saying that they are ending the Online Pass, and I have a hard time swallowing that any major corporation would just terminate an entire revenue stream. Also: Fuck the share button. I get enough of Facebook all up in my face about everything under the sun. Now there’s a god damned dedicated button? An actual physical button? Ugh.

    As has been said on your show, PC gamers swallow the ability to not sell used games, because Steam gives us ridiculously good sales that make it so we can actually get decent deals. I’ve yet to see sales even remotely good as, or frequent as on Steam from Xbox Live or PSN.

    I’m doing all I can to convince my gaming buddies to switch to PC gaming, and abandon this continuing spiral of disappointment. Add in the Keyboard Mouse combo (That I’m still utterly baffled hasn’t been forced even on the current gen. Come on, they’ve already got USB ports!), mods, ability to use whatever peripherals we want, incremental upgrades, backwards compatibility, and the ability to not have to deal with 8 year olds advising me of my mother’s apparently indulgent sexual proclivities (not to mention my own apparently confused sexuality), the console manufacturers are going to have to do something damn amazing to win me back.

  32. You guys forgot about the first video game dog, Wonder dog ! I was too young to realize it was a cheap sonic rip off. Long live the sega cd.

  33. I’m severely disappointed with fauxbox one. They moved to a pc architecture and then from what I’ve read it seems they severely underpowered it. My two year old gaming pc still kicks the shit out of the “next gen” gaming consoles and I built it for the same price the 360 came out at. Not to mention their all in one entertainment solution… Pshaw, I’ve been running my pc to a tv and a 5.1 sterio since 2004. If you ask me consoles are behind the times.

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