Vidjagame Apocalypse- Suicide is Painless

In this week’s episode of Vidjagame Apocalypse we start up a suicide prevention hotline. JUST KIDDING. We talk about making people kill themselves in videogames. Good times. We also talk about Remember Me and your reactions to the Xbone.

Question of the Week

What is your earliest gaming memory? (Because we’re going to remix it and somehow make you kill yourself.)




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53 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse- Suicide is Painless

  1. Earliest gaming memory would be watching my uncle play SMB and duck hunt on the NES, the ealiest memory of me playing would be me playing Super Mario Kart after my mum went off at me for hitting the neighbours kid, which i didn’t, he was lying. She then locked me and my younger sister in the house and told us she was leaving forever. I was 4 or 5 at the time.

  2. I believe the Nu metal band Cold owns the rights to Psi-Ops, because they are likely the only affiliated party who still has a revenue stream, kept afloat exclusively by the proud buttrock hold outs of the 21st century. keep on reaching for that Staindbow.

    (i was totally psyched about Cold doing the theme song, and that’s probably half the reason I bought the game in the first place, don’t judge me)

    totally overlooked PS2 fun. one of the few from that generation to still hold a place on my shelf.

  3. It’s either Duck Hunt or Super Mario World. I don’t have many memories of Duck Hunt other than well.. hunting ducks. However in Super Mario World I remember being a total wuss and not leaving Yoshi’s House because I was afraid of dying in a god damn video game.

    1. As a husky bearded man named Michael, I idolize both of the Mike’s on the show, because I like easily attainable goals.

  4. My first game console was the NES & SMB/DuckHunt combo, but I think before that, I was playing Atari 2600 with my mother, who use play Space Invaders and the like with her college friend.

    I think one of the games on the 2600 I played was Deadly Duck, which was sort of like Space Invaders but with a duck, with a shotgun in its mouth that sho crabs out of the sky….

  5. that dramatic reading… hoo boy. I had it coming didn’t I?

    total knee jerk reaction. I still don’t like what MS is doing, but the militant
    shit needs to take a back seat. at least until E3.

    that said, I was grinning moronally hearing my butthurt comments bellowing out of Michael.

    earliest gaming memory is a boring one. got an NES with SMB/DH when I was 5. I’ve been told I was pretty good at it right off the bat.

    1. Had it coming? Nah, it was purely a dramatic reading for the sake of a dramatic reading. Your answer just happened to lend itself well to a sermonizing tone. 🙂

  6. naw I’ve got a better one.

    I was playing some Tiny Toons “create a cartoon” game with my brother. when the baby sitter said we had to go to bed my brother threw a screw driver at her. good times.

  7. My earliest gaming memory is playing the arcade MK4 game while on vacation in Chicago. I was enamored with the hyperviolence like the ceiling of spikes, then crushed to find out it was M rated and I would have to wait years to own it.

  8. I am 15 so when i played star wars episode 1 on ps1 when i was 4. I couldnt get past the first level, but had so much determination to I keept playing it!

  9. My earliest gaming memory for me would be the arcade version of Golden Axe in 1989 where my then limited knowledge of gaming made the prospect of cooperative gameplay mind blowing at the time. While my brother doesn’t play video games, even as adults we’ll still have a quick game if the chance arises, being surprisingly easy of course since you can pretty much play ports on anything with electricity…

  10. Ive been playing games since before Ive been able to form memories but as a kid I played a shitload of Sonic the hedgehog but some of the more definate memories come from playing Toejam and Earl with my older sister at my Dads house (my parents being divorced). She would be Earl (the fat one) and I was Toejam and we would play for hours we completed it numerous times.

  11. My earliest memory is playing the NES Ninja Turtles game and hating it. And I was 5. That’s how bad it is.

    1. Also I have blurry memories of Battletoads being one of the first (or the first) game I played but its meme status has me wondering if its a real memory or just me knowing the game retroactively.

  12. My earliest gaming memory is playing the NES Ninja Turtles game and hating it. And I was 5. That’s how bad it was.

  13. QOTW: My earliest gaming memory has to be playing pokemon with my Dad back when I was four. He had blue and I had red, and I remember always trying (in vain) to defeat my Dad’s army of dragon pokemon (never realizing dragon pokemon DID have a weakness).
    That’s why, even though I haven’t played a pokemon game since ruby,that series will always hold a special part in my chest place.

  14. My earliest gaming memory was when I was 4 before my older brother and I got our first gaming system. My brother and I wanted a Sega Saturn because my older brother had played it at my next door neighbors house and convinced me how awesome it was. When we asked my Dad to get us one for Christmas, he told us no but he would get us a PlayStation because the guys he worked with told him that it would be the next big thing. So my earliest gaming memory wasn’t playing a game but my Dad making a decision about what system he was going to buy us

  15. Sucking at Driver’s first level. Terrible way to start my favourite hobby. I would’ve given up on gaming altogether if it wasn’t for the free-roam option

    1. THANK YOU! That game was so awesome! Except the ending… There’s a game that needs a next gen reboot. Also, the co-op was unique, fun as hell, and quickly ruined friendships.

  16. The first games I can remember playing was Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt combo on NES. Along with those games, I also remember playing The Addams Family and some caveman game I can’t remember the name of quite a bit.

  17. I remember crushing my first Goomba in Super Mario Bros. at age 3, late at night in the basement. Glow of the television, that old grungy couch we had, NES cords chewed a little bit by the dog. It was the start of my lifelong obsession.

  18. QOTW: Pretending to be sick so I could stay home from school to play Sonic Spinball…that clanky soundtrack is still stuck in my head.

  19. My dad’s not real computer savvy, but we did have a computer that played something like a first person Astroids on PC when I was 4 or 5. However, the first concrete memory I have is going to a neighbor’s and seeing Super Mario Brothers and it blowing my mind at 5 or 6. I got an NES that Christmas and a Game Boy the next, because I was a spoiled brat. I also remember my babysitter’s son and I running down the batteries on the Game Boy after one day and my mom getting annoyed.

  20. My first gaming memory is playing Sonic CD on the computer in 1996. It was fun, but a lot of that was overshadowed by how terrifying the Game Over music in the American version is. It bothered the hell out of 3-year-old me, and to a degree, it still creeps me out.

    You can listen to it here:

  21. My first gaming memory is going to the laundry mat as a 6 year old in the 80’s with my mother on the weekends and playing the 3 arcade games they had (Galaga, Millipede, Ms. Pac-Man) until I couldn’t move my hand because it would be stuck in a the claw position for hours.

  22. My earliest memory was at age 4 when my dad surprised me with a new Atari 5200 and a copy of Frogger 2 (I’m old, yo.).
    SO excited, if I was capable I probably would have jizzed myself. Anyway, I couldn’t wait to play but driving home from the store I didn’t pay attention when exiting the car. I slammed my finger in the car door and couldn’t play my new Atari for a week.

    – HH

  23. My earliest gaming memory is from 1990 when my Grandmother got me an NES Action set. I was 5 years old and had no idea what I was getting into, originally we thought it was broken because we couldn’t figure out how to get 2 players going in Mario (Pro-Tip press select at the start screen) but I was enamored.

    This is what started me into gaming and I still have the NES, wish I could find the damn light gun.

  24. My earliest gaming memory consists of sitting on my fathers lap playing the Thundercats platformer, on what i think was an Atari, aged 4, and repeatedly killing Liono on the first water obstacle. As a toddler i found the idea that he would go swimming without his trunks hilarious. I also recall my watching my dad get increasingly frustrated on the same machine playing Zynaps and dying A LOT.

  25. QOTW: either playing Super Mario World with my brother or getting Batman Forever for SNES as a Christmas gift. Not entirely sure which came first since I was an infant (yes, I’m young-ish) but I sincerely hope it was Mario since that Batman Forever game is a shitty MK rip-off that even a three year old me didn’t like.

  26. My first memories were watching my cousins play super Mario bro’s and age of mythology in my grandparents basement

  27. My earliest memory of gaming was being taught to read with A Link to the Past by my parents. I guess that’s one of the many reasons why I hold it so dearly to me is that it also happens to be just one of the only memories I had as a two year old. Oh, and also, I loved you guys’ acapella rendition of the SMB2 character select screen….classic.

  28. I’m probably one of the younger people listening to this but my first video game memory is getting pokemon yellow. I was probably 5 and it was my birthday. My family was at my grandparents cabin in Minnesota. My grand parents gave me the Green model of the gameboy color with pokemon yellow. I remember then getting stuck in the first cave. The end.

  29. I fondly remember the days of creating lame excuses to walk in on my older brother and his (SUPER COOL) friends, just to catch a glimpse of whatever (SUPER COOL) game they were then playing. It was there, when I (peaking through the keyhole) realised that I want nothing more than to join in and play the forbidden fruit that was videogames!
    To this day, I still approach every new game with the respect and awe as when I first set eyes on the polygonal world of Goldeneye.
    My first gaming experience was one filled with curiosity and excitement, and I still feel it to this day!

  30. Why does your mind immediately go to gamestop when thinking about used games.
    What about rental outlets, or ebay.
    Tyler is ignorant of the poor gamers plight.

  31. BEWARE I LIVE! My first gaming memory was playing Sinistar at the local pizza joint in my small town. It was up a small hill just on the outskirts of town. I’d ride my bike out there with my friend and we would play all day, and even get a few slices of free pizza. They also had a Q-bert cabinet and a Back to the Future pinball machine, life was good!

  32. Earliest gaming memory: sitting at the top of the stairs after having been sent to bed, and listening to my parents play the Atari Intellivision we’d just gotten and desperately wanting to stay up to play with it. The games I remember were a carnival shooting game where a bird would fly down and steal your ammo, a fishing game, a TRON game and a dungeon crawler that I remember being super hard that I’d always play with my dad.

    On the subject of the Xbox One and used games, why do people always frame it as a choice between supporting the developer or supporting Gamestop? First of all, most of your money will be going to Microsoft, not the developers. Second, a lot of gamers don’t use Gamestop at all. Many sell or trade their games themselves, or do business with small, local game shops. Gamestop may be scummy, but it’s a CHOICE. Nobody is forced to do business with them. Under the Xbox One’s scheme, you will have no choice but to live with whatever rules and restrictions Microsoft chooses to set. That’s why it’s a shitty deal.

  33. Playing Doom on my uncle’s lap when I was three. He would do the movement and I’d shoot. My family bought a PC a little after that, and I beat Doom 1 and 2 with my dad the same way. I was always too scared to fight the cyber demon or spider master minds and would run away until my dad killed it. I’m 24 now and I still update my dad of any new Id or doom/quake news. Those memories mean a lot to me, I should probably tell him that…

  34. QoTW: first memory is Texas Instruments 99/4a. I would get home from school (kindergarten) and want to play ,but my mother insisted she wasn’t smart enough to connect it to the tv. I’d proceed to stare at the 12 inch tv while holding the controller waiting for my dad to come home. Dad would be to tired so I’d wait until after dinner. I was only allowed to play for an hour , unless “cheers” or ” moonlighting” was on, then I couldn’t play at all:(

    I remember the waiting more then any of the games. I know we had space invaders and some home work out game.

    Now that I think about it most of my childhood gaming was centered around waiting. Waiting for the tv, waiting to go to acade, waiting until holidays to get a new game, saving money to buy a game and slugging through school just to get home to play a game. Maybe that’s why I’m such a patient adult? Anybody else have this experience?

  35. Why does it feel like there needs to be a big debate on used games and whether they’re killing the industry or not? Seems to be a rather thorny issue lately. =/

  36. My earliest gaming memory is playing the Atari 2600 with my uncle at my grandparents on a Thanksgiving. We would all get together for the holidays and he had the 2600 along with ET and some other games. But I remember playing Pac-Man as the main game we all played that day.

  37. Hmm let me see if i can recount things correctly. I was always curious in this little game but never knew what it was about. I saw lots of people playing and talking about, it kept popping up in all my channels and i always kept seeing weird art that did things to my body that i didn’t fully understand at the time.

    So a few years after the game released I finally got a system that could play it and was still confused how its so popular. A cluttered interface, long loading times, a huge selection of characters but unlocking them all would take ages. Not to mention that once you got into a match you were practically stuck there for an hour and if you wanted to quit the game would threaten you bans and stuff. It was really bizarre and not what i expected a game to be.

    Yet something strange in it kept me playing. I don’t play it often though cuz when i do i loose an entire day.

    Its League of Legends, that’s the game I’m talking about if you couldn’t tell.

  38. Lets see, my earliest video game memory was playing Starcraft when I was 4. Before you all start screaming “Bullshit” I was just playing the game, I wasn’t doing anything awesome like hitting top of the leaderboards or anything online. Hell, I didn’t even know starcraft was a multiplayer game until I was 7. Anyways when my half-brother bought it in 2000, he showed me the game, and how it had cheat codes like “Show me the money” or “There is no cow level.” When he went to school and I stayed home, I would sneak into the computer, turn on the game and play some campaign. I didn’t know what I was doing in it, all I just did was use the list of cheat codes my brother wrote down and examined what each one did. It wasn’t much as I didn’t really play the game and more just used a bunch of cheats, but it was something as it was the start of my gaming lifestyle. It affected me in a way where when I finally went to school, the teacher would let us play Arther or Math Blaster games on the school computers. Because I was still playing Starcraft, those games were just boring and really slow paced to me. Even I abandoned the concept of toys years later while others would still collect legos; my action figures and my coloring books would remain untouched for days as I sat in front of a computer playing flash games and learning to use MS paint. Just by being introduced to the orgasmic world of gaming, it sucked me in, something about being able to control people and having them submit to my will was thrilling, I just couldn’t stop and it made me into who I am

  39. I would have to say that my earliest gaming experience would have to be when I was about 7 and went over to my Aunts house to discover a nintendo 64 in the basement with all the best games Super Mario, Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong. I then found myself constantly asking to sleep over thus starting the creation of the gamer I am today.

  40. If you could leave any OC Remix songs you put in the show in the notes here…… That would be great… I have no idea if the FFX song was on this episode or the dog episode, and it wasn’t at the end of either, but I KNOW it’s in one of them. So annoying.

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