Cape Crisis 54 – A New Start


Sorry for the week off, but we’re back with an extra long episode! We talk Ultron, Man of Steel, Anustart, Venture Bros., and way too much more! Enjoy it…


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Cape Crisis #54 Question: Whats your favorite Superman moment?

15 thoughts on “Cape Crisis 54 – A New Start

  1. My favorite Superman moment is quite new actually. In the recent cross over for “H’el on earth” Superman and H’el are fighting and H’el keeps taunting him saying “Is that all you got”. Superman then says “I guess I don’t have to hold back anymore and hits him as hard as he can. The shock wave is then heard by Batman in the Watchtower and that lady scientist in the center of the earth.

    Short Answer: Superman letting go when fighting H’el in recent crossover event.

  2. Great episode I love when you guys talk about other media that ties into comics. I look foward to the ocassional Venture Bros. breakdown. I am really suprised you guys didn’t talk about Dan Harmon’s return to community.

  3. I’ve had to jump a little in a couple of Laser Time networt podcasts so far when Game of Thrones is mentioned… the internet is grim landscape of spoilers.

  4. Superman fighting Captain Marvel is one of my favorite moments from comics period. The battered look on Superman’s face as he trades blows with a former friend as he comes to the realization that his whole world is coming to an end. All the way up to the classic image when he believes everyone he cared about is dead. A great ending to a near perfect comic.

  5. Every time Henerey mentions that there may be the slightest problem with how women are constantly hyper-sexualized, Chris reacts with the shittiest argument possible, and it really sound like Hank just doesn’t want to go there. Don’t be afraid man.

  6. I glad you talked about the Venture Bros.
    It’s the only place I’ll get to hear anyone else’s opinion about it since not a single other person I know watches it; despite my constant prodding.
    I loved that it started up right after P.R.O.M. (the best episode of last season). Also, it was a lot more coherent than a lot of last season’s episodes. Of course, I still loved those episodes even though I was certain a lot of it was flying right past me.
    Regarding Dan Harmon’s return, I couldn’t be happier. The recent mini-season had some good moments but they were mostly in reference to previous seasons as opposed to creating something new.

  7. im getting really tired of this white knight thing, human body is fetichised by artist and especially of the opposite sex, always is always will be. If the author wants to draw ladies the way he wants to, well good for him, and guess what, the Venus de Milo may had forget her bra, the birth of venus too, and the David of Michelangelo (not the turtle) his pants. Art is about saying something… now that i’m typing this sentences is see this conversation has been, is and will be, so please just cut it off.

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