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  1. When I was 11, a friend of mine showed me his dad’s VHS copy of Heavy Metal. It both terrified and aroused me. I eventually had my own copy, hidden away from my parents. My dad found it and grounded me for having cartoon pornography. That screwed up movie will always have a spot in my heart.

  2. It’s awesome to have you guys back.

    This seems like as good of a place as any to ask, for it is somewhat adult animation-related: is Cool World worth watching? It’s been on my “Recommended For You” on Netflix forever and I just kind of keep putting it off.

    1. I left that question before listening to the podcast and now that I have, I am still basically on the fence. It sounds pretty shitty but I am almost more curious than ever to watch it now. Ebert’s review ripping it to pieces probably piqued my interest enough to watch a little bit of it before turning it off.

      Also, thanks for being the only podcast on earth that can go from 90’s Nick game shows to Heavy Metal in consecutive episodes without skipping a beat. All of my boners go out to you.

      1. Based on the discussion, it might be only if you are curious. Otherwise, everyone seems to think it is not worth it watching. I’ve only seen parts but I wasn’t impressed.

      2. If it’s on Netflix Instant, and you’re curious, maybe pull it up, jump to the middle and if the look of it interests you, go for it. But it’s a mess – the animation is often cheap and the integrating the live actors is non-existent. They’re just standing on a blue screen looking depressed and badly lit.

        It’s a bummer, because there’s totally good material to be mined for a more adult Roger Rabbit type movie, but Cool World pretty much killed off anyone wanting to try.

    1. I would love some anime talk. Like many people Ninja Blade was the first hyper violent animation I seen

  3. You know it just struck me. Chris being a huge animation fan, I’m wondering how come he’s not so big into anime and manga.

  4. When the Wind Blows http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090315/ is also a really, really good adult animated movie.

    Its made by the “Walking on the Air” Snowman movie people and its about a cute old couple who slowly die from radiation poisoning after England is struck by a nuclear attack. One edition of the film has an intro by David Bowie.

    Need I say more?

  5. Well now I need to watch Fritz the Cat and the Hiroshima cartoon THANKS A LOT GUYS (but seriously its good to have Laser Time back)

  6. This is the second show I’ve heard Mikel say the@er. I’ve never heard anyone else pronounce theater that way.

    Henry needs to go to more Japanese classes if he’s going to pronounce Mononoke as Mananoke. At least he didn’t say Mayazaki or Mayamoto.

    Cool World has a decent soundtrack, but the movie is really not so good.

  7. I don’t quite remember what I saw when I was little that must have traumatised me, but something makes me really uncomfortable with western adult animation, violence specifically, I can watch Kratos thumb in a man’s eyeballs and maybe wince, but cartoon gore will turn my stomach.

    Needless to say, I’m probably not going to watch Barefoot Gen anytime soon.

  8. It’s kinda funny how you used to have to go all the way to the theater to watch cartoon characters have sex. Now, it’s just a click to DeviantArt away!

  9. I actually did a bit of work with Kevin Eastman and Julie Strain on promo stuff for Heavy Metal FAKK2 back in the mid 90s when I was just starting out at a model company called Streamline.


    It was pretty crazy, one night I helped make a body cast of Julie while Kevin was hanging out and taking pictures. Super cool, nice people, just fun to hang out with. I ended up making those 2 guns for Julie to pose with in promo shoots.

  10. Sorry to ask this, but where is the Mario theme that plays under the first part of the show from?

  11. Good topic, I did enjoy this episode and only wish I could heard more of that 8 track porn. However I hear raging erections really can ruin podcasts.

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