The 10 Best New Smash Bros Pics of All-time!


Superman flew into theaters, there are massive protests in Brazil, and the NSA can see into your bathroom. Yet… none of that matters BECAUSE SMASH BROS!!!!

Look, I know every other website has had their turn with the latest entry in Nintendo’s sluttiest franchise, but I was in the eye of the E3 hurricane, and I had to wait until I returned from LA to feel the full brunt of that sweet, sweet, fan servicey cunnilingus performed on my eye holes. THIS IS THE DEFINITIVE OPINION!

01. Donkey Kong is watching you masturbate… And masturbate… and masturbate…
new smash bros nintend wii u (7)

02. Together, they will consume all the abilities
new smash bros nintendo wii u (1)

03. No, I shall have the longest period between games!
new smash bros nintendo wii u (2)

04. Super Mario Cockpunch
new smash bros nintendo wii u (5)

05. Coming the Fall on NBC!
new smash bros nintendo wii u (8)

06. Whilst thou grant me thy dainty paw in marriage?
new smash bros nintendo wii u (9)

07. Take a picture of me in front of the apocalypse!
new smash bros nintendo wii u (10)

08. A Tale as Old as Time!
new smash bros nintendo wii u (12)

09. Van Damme would be proud
new smash bros nintendo wii u

new smash bros nintendo wii u 14

Disagree with me? FINE. Pick your own goddamned favorite from the screenshots below, dick.



8 thoughts on “The 10 Best New Smash Bros Pics of All-time!

  1. The captions are great. And goddamn does Mega Man look perfect! I know you couldn’t tell us if he has his own game in the works or not, but seeing him in Smash Bros. got me seriously excited about the possibility.

  2. You couldn’t even get through a screenshot post without a Simpsons reference, could you? 😀

  3. I like how Donkey Kong is the recurring source of humor in both this article and also as a marketing point in most previews so far. I’m glad DK has regained some popularity in the last year or two.

  4. Ah #10’s caption reminded me of when you guys read the Halo Reach reactions. And yes I know its from Boondock Saints.

  5. I stopped trying to get into the Smash Bros. games after playing the GC one but I am actually excited for this and if they have good online options I will probably cave and get it, just looks fantastic. Caption #6 is my fave, this brings me back to the old GR days for sure.

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