Cheap Popcast #11- Returns on your Payback


We’re back covering WWE for their premiere Payback PPV, chatting about CM Punk’s return, RVD’s MITB tease, and the most shocking returns in wrestling history!



5 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #11- Returns on your Payback

  1. Yay more Cheap Popcast! I don’t watch wrestling and never really have but enjoy hearing people who do love stuff like this talk about it, so thanks for that and cool to hear you have your schedule for these more locked down now Dave.

  2. Absolutely love these, as someone who got back into wrestling as a result of the “Wrestling Buddies” episode of LT it’s great to hear your opinions on the current affairs in the WWE (and the TNA ep was great too). Can’t wait for the new format!

  3. Love the Cheap Popcast! But I have to disagree with Henry’s assessment that the Figure Four is not a finishing move. It absolutely is, and as a move that CAN be reversed as well as pin the opponent, it’s one of the most versatile. Though Flair made more of an art out of losing than winning most times.


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