Vidjagame Apocalypse 22 – Taste the Rainbow


Last week was a pretty important one for our LGBT friends; not only was it Pride Week, but the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, clearing the way for gay marriages to be recognized on a federal level. What better way to say “congratulations!” than with a countdown of our favorite trailblazing gay characters from games? (If Pride isn’t your thing, you may want to cover your ears for this one.)

Question of the Week

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done in a video game? (The more lurid and horrible, the better.)



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Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Ballad of Gay Tony by Robot Chicken.

63 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 22 – Taste the Rainbow

  1. Huh. I was under the impression that gay marriage was already okayed. I hope you enjoy the feeling of being 15 years late to the party. I shouldn’t say that, I’m glad you can finally swing both ways.

    1. Hm. It’s not a matter of “being late to the party”, it’s about having a representative democracy that’s run at the individual state level and not from a monolithic federal entity. But uh. Yeah. Wouldn’t expect you to know that.

      So, a state marriage license is not a “human right”, and it’s kind of ridiculous to suggest it is.

  2. You guys really missed an oportunity by not calling this episode “Gayest Episode Ever” seeing as how both Laser Time and Cape Crisis both have an episode named that. Then Brett would just have to make an episode about gay vidjagame music (I don’t know) and Dave would just need to continue covering half naked men groping eachother and the “Gayest Episode Ever” Pentalogy would be complete.

  3. my second play through the Mass Effect series, I intended to play it as Renegade as possible. I’ve never made harder decisions in a game than forcing my FemShep to be a horrible asshole at every turn.

    what began as cringe inducing dialogue choices very shortly became despicable violent behaviour when you find a couple of survivors hidden away after the initial Geth attack on Eden Prime. the female you speak with goes through the exposition motions, while male counterpart spouts stuttering paranoid gibberish. when the option presented itself to “Hit Him”, I couldn’t resist. there’s no way the hero of this game, who I’ve barely had a chance to get to know, let alone like, will smack this poor traumatized man just for talking too much.

    oh yeah she will. after a snappy one liner, “Say Goodnight”, Shep strikes to man down and knocks him unconscious. when the woman justifiably erupts at you, you casually explain it away to her by way of “he’s crazy, it was only a matter of time before he did something stupid”. to which the woman bafflingly replies “ya I guess you’re right”.

    in what universe does any of this make any sense? i never played ME1 beforehand so i never got to seethe paragon response. does he actually do something that endangers anyone if you dont punch him?

    Renegade Shep in its entirety is one of the most difficult, and inevitably most entertaining gaming experiences I’ve ever had. what a horrible, lovable jerk.

  4. QotW:

    In Planescape: Torment when you have to put Morte back into the pillar of skulls. ESPECIALLY if you try and leave afterwards without pulling him back out again. It’s heartbreaking. I did it just to see what would happen, I immediately loaded the game afterwards and did it the other way.

  5. I think my most horrible thing happened in Fallout New Vegas. I got ambushed by the Legionary Assassins at 188 trading post. After a big fight between the traders and the Legion, I happened to be the only survivor left there. I decided to round up all the corpses and cut off their heads and place them neatly on the picnic tables near where (The now dead) Veronica stands. After wards, I tore the bodies apart with my bare fists until they were nothing but blood stains on the ground. Then I continued with the game with Good Karma.

    Every so often, I walk pass the trading post and see the heads of the dead sitting nicely on the picnic table, and think back to all the fun I had disposing their dead bodies.

  6. Me and my friend were something like 12-years old and we were playing Tomb Raider II together with his PSone. Each and every day we played the game together with slow but steady progress and finally after two long months, we’ve almost finished the game. Then something happened. Since I wasn’t ever that impressed of looking my friend play the game I decided to pay back all those agonizing “please progress instead of looking for secrets!!!”-moments and I decided to destroy it all.

    My friend went downstairs to answer the door and without hesitation, I took the PS-controller (that old school-one without analog sticks) and moved Lara Croft on a high ledge. One second I remembered all those fond days spent together with my friend and then… a leap down and a second after Lara started her trademark death-scream I hit the start-button and saved the game. Now everytime the game was loaded, it showed a glimpse second of Lara falling to her death and that’s it.

    Now 15 years later I have finally apologised my friend about the incident. He still has not finished Tomb Raider II up to this day. We haven’t played any games together since that day. Maybe one day our friendship will be back to normal…?

  7. QotW: Without a doubt the worst thing I’ve done comes from Knights of the Old Republic. I was tempted to go with forcing Zalbaar to kill his best friend Mission just for the hell of it, but I’ll pick the skull plate caper on Tattooine instead. I rolled into Tattooine, feeling all big and bad, having recently become a Jedi. I chanced upon this workshop where I found a kindred spirit in the form of HK-47, the murderous, sarcastic assassin droid. I simply had to have it, but even after a string of threats on its owner’s life, I couldn’t haggle the price down far enough. So I had to scrounge up some cash, fast.

    In the local cantina, I was told about the hunter office, a market where treasure hunters and prospectors could sell their wares. All I needed was a license to enter, and I’d be set. I threatened the clerk to give the license for free, and walked into the street, ready to head into the desert to find my fortune. Before I got five steps, however, I was stopped in the street by a young woman, who had been waiting outside the office. She told me that she saw that I had a license, and wondered if I could do her a favour.

    I sighed, audibly and deliberately, but agreed to listen to her tedious story. She was newly widowed, she told me. Her husband had been a hunter, and the sole provider for her and her two children. He had been killed during his last hunt, and now she was standing there, with no means of feeding her children, and nothing to her name, save for the skull plate of a Wraid, a large and notoriously hard to kill predator stalking the dunes around the town. Apparently, it was very valuable, and if sold, could support her and her children for a long time. She wondered if I could be so kind as to buy it off her, since her husband’s hunting license became void upon his death, and she had no access to the hunter’s market. I looked at her in silence, the way I imagine a snake looks at a mouse that thinks it is negotiation, rather than postponing the inevitable. I waited for her to finish her impassioned plea. Then I put my hand supportingly on her shoulder.

    “I can’t afford it myself,” I lied, trying in vain to sound sympathetic. “But I can take it to the hunter’s market for you. I promise I’ll get you a good price.”

    She looked at me with eyes that told me that she had paid dearly for trusting strangers in the past. I could tell she wanted to believe me, but something in the back of her mind screamed at her to get away from this man. He will bring nothing but misery.

    “I’d rather not,” she said eventually. “I’ll probably find someone else willing to pay me for it.”
    Unfortunately for her, I had already made up my mind. I wanted that skull plate.

    “Come on,” I said, and took a step forward, invading her personal space, making her uncomfortable, making her shift her weight backwards. “You can trust me. I’m a good haggler. I’ll get you a much better deal than you can get from some bum you stop on the street.”

    “I’m sorry,” she said, somehow finding the courage to oppose me. “I’m sure you’re an honourable man, but I can’t afford to risk my children’s future. This is all I have left.”

    I’d had enough. Any semblance of the phony sympathy I’d mustered drained from my face in an instance, and a total, hopeless darkness took its place. I leaned in menacingly, and with a voice so icy even the twin suns of Tattooine would struggle to thaw it, I said: “Listen lady. Give me the damn skull plate, or I’ll kill you.”

    I could see her struggle for breath as it sunk in what I’d just told her. She made no effort at hiding the shock and the despair which was paralyzing her body. She slowly reached into her bag, and handed me the skull plate, because she saw in my dead eyes that I was mercilessly serious. She had lost the ability to protest, even as she saw her children’s future trickle out between her fingers. This woman had been treated to a look behind the curtain, and she had seen cruelty so deep and complete that it had left her utterly speechless. Despite repeated and angry protests from my companions, I turned on my heels, and headed back into the hunter office, to claim my ill-gotten reward. I had to smack the clerk around a bit to get a deal I was satisfied with, but as I once again walked out the doors, I pocketed a cool 200 credits more than the sticker price, which nicely put me over the top. I could now afford the sociopathic robot. I even started whistling a little tune as I headed down towards the workshop to get my new friend. I didn’t get far before I was halted again, however. A light tug at my Jedi robes made me stop in my tracks and turn around, where I once again found myself face to face with the young widow, whose future I had just demolished.

    “Did you get a good price for it?” she asked. To my utter surprise, there was no accusation in her voice. There was hope. After what I’d just told her she still held out hope that there was a shred of decency left in me. Enough to give her the money that was rightfully hers, and that she needed infinitely more than I did.

    “This is a new low, even for you, Hjels,” I thought to myself as I turned my back on her, and skipped down the street, giddy as a school boy on his way to buy a killer robot.

    Tl;dr: Basically robbing a young widow of the last hope she had of feeding her children so that I could get a new robot.

  8. QOTW: With most role-playing games, on the second play through I try to play completely different to the first to vary the experience as much as possible. In Fallout 3, the first time around I was essentially atomic Jesus. On the second play through however, in one example, I found a cabin with a runaway prostitute that would give you caps in advance for help… so my character shot her with the gauss riffle that paralyzes and proceeded to rob her entire cabin before sawing off her arms and legs followed by cannibalism and burning the rest… and she only wanted help, somehow the it got worse against actual enemies.

  9. in Toronto we just say Trono. and if you think it’s clean you should see the shit I find in the subway. New York is infinitely worse, ya

  10. QotW:

    Just very recently while playing Crusader Kings 2 as the duke of the Orkney islands I discovered my wife (currently queen of Croatia) was plotting to kill my brother who was ruling some of my lands. Instead of imprisoning her or trying to stop her I did nothing. Six months later my brother died in mysterious circumstances. Those lands have since passed on to my 5 year old niece, who I am currently considering assassinating so the lands pass on to me.

  11. KotOR presented many terrible opportunities. Hjels mentioned a couple above, namely having Zaalbar kill his best friend and robbing widows. But my favorite is more evil in how juvenile it is. One of the first things you see when you land on Korriban is a trio dumb kids (read: teens/early college age) trying to get into the Sith Academy by following every terrible command of a recruiter. When the recruiter sees your Force sensitive self, he invites you to join his fun. So what did I do? I used my mind manipulating Force abilities to make them defacate all over themselves. The last thing we see of them is them running away in terror, no doubt leaving a trail of unfiltered stink in their wake.

  12. thank you for putting the rss link up there you guys.
    i had noticed yesterday all the separate podcasts don’t have them
    only lasertime.
    oh and congrats to the LGBT community this is a step forward for humanity progressing to the point that we finally get over ourselves and get off this rock, so we can explore the universe.
    oh yah, it’s all interconnected. haha

  13. Unlocking and playing through the Cleveland Steamer minigame in Barbie Island Adventures. The fisting QTE was nearly too much with the spurting blood. Lucky it was only performed a child so it wasn’t too bad, but the worst for video games.

  14. It seems impossible to get away from libertards spreading their gay agenda.
    Everywhere I go I see this pride bullshit.

  15. Hey awesome! I was thinking that you guys wouldn’t include entry #4 of this list because he was a side character of a very recent game, but you did! He’s an awesome character, and I’m glad he made it ^^

    Also Henry, there is a BIG difference between making a podcast themed after an important political or social event, and a self indulgent podcast in which you don’t talk about what the podcast is supposed to be about in the first place….

  16. Well, I can’t think of anything specific when it comes to an RPG, so… Probably an outright horse slaughter in Red Dead Redemption.

    I was playing the online mode with a friend and we decided it was hilarious to kill horses. Like, super hilarious to murder them by the hundreds. Any horse we saw would get shot in the face with whatever weapon we had at the time. We did this for a while until my girlfriend, who was watching, got angry enough and shouted at me to stop.

    1. Oh, and how could I forget modding Fallout 3 so kids were able to be killed.

      Anyone who played that game knows how the little shits in Little Lamplight were assholes, so I got tired of it and decided to mow down all the kids, save their leader.

      Their leader, Mayor MacCready, was captured and sold as a sex slave to some nearby raiders. Fun times, fun times. Yay mods!

  17. First off, let me congratulate you guys on not only being the most entertaining videogame podcast, but now the most progressive. Your discussion on sexuality in gaming is a dialogue that needs to happen, and I applaud you all for not shying away from it.

    Anyway, one point that you didn’t go into – although it was briefly touched upon in the Ballad of Gay Tony part – is that there STILL aren’t any gay male main characters. Yes, in some Bioware and Bethesda RPGs you can CHOOSE to be gay (or straight, or BI, or asexual), but how would gamers react if put in the role of a male character that only chooses to be with men?

    In The Witcher, Geralt can bed pretty much every woman he comes across (the first one, I think there were only 2 options in Witcher 2). Imagine The Witcher, everything EXACTLY the same, Geralt looks exactly the same and has the same personality… But he’s gay, and if you choose to have sex, it can only be with men. How would gamers react? Even as a very progressive straight male, it gives me pause to think about how I would react to that – it would probably make me slightly uncomfortable.

    And that’s GOOD! I WANT to feel uncomfortable, I WANT new experiences that aren’t exactly targeted at me. Too much of same-sex sexuality in games is just a cop-out. In some ways, being able to CHOOSE your sexuality the biggest cop out, when you consider how many games there are where the protagonist’s sexuality is fixed – and all of them are straight males/females. And when there are gay characters, like Ballad of Gay Tony, they go out of their way to define how straight the main character is – like how you mentioned Luis is firmly established as straight. Also a cop out.

    (… I don’t mention lesbians, as I think there HAVE been lesbian protagonists, but unfortunately it’s usually aimed toward straight males. I think the Fear Effect games are an example? So that’s got a way to go too. But I think gay male protagonists are a harder sell to gamers, even if the lesbian protagonist is done well.)

    Anyway. I think we’ve got a long way to go, but companies like Bioware and Bethesda are leading the way, even if their actions are practically baby steps (in my mind anyway). Thoughts?

  18. I have both State of Emergency and Manhunt (1 and 2 of each). I can’t get the blood off of my hands. *rocks back and forth*

  19. QOTW: In Red Dead Redemption I tied a man to a horse and set that horse in front of a moving train (It was a science experiment, I swear!)

  20. QOTW: Doing a repeat of a “Low chaos” run in Dishonored, I decided in the last missions to suddenly betray all my allies and murder them. Calista, Sokolov, Piero all were brutally murdered by my blade just to sate my simple curiosity of how the “Good” ending would play out with them dead. Hillariously enough, the slides in which they were supposed to appear are still there, but without any characters.

    The truly awful thing though, was when i killed Samuel the Boatman. He was special, fucker had double crossed me when I had chosen the high chaos path, so this time, right after he delivers me to my final destination and says goodbye, i windblasted his ass out of the boat, and he got eaten to the bone by fish. What made me feel shitty, is that in HIS ending slide, this time an image of Corvo (myself) appears by Samuel’s thombstone, looking all solemn and sad because of his death. Thus making me even more horrible and hypocritical by showing that ending…..

  21. The most horrible thing me and my friends did was abusing GTA IV’s physics, where we put Niko and pedestrians in various dangerous situations.
    We started out like riding a bike and then hitting a low wall to make Niko fly as high as the engine allows us, pushing pedestrians through high stairs.. then we reached a point where we would use a cheat to spawn a Six Star Wanted rating inside a hospital.

  22. “Nothing is true, Everything is permitted”

    The maxim of the assassins creed is not permission to do whatever you feel like. It is the understanding that there are no great truths or divine doctrines that govern human actions. However, with that understanding, it recognizes that it is up to people to judge their own actions to maintain a peaceful society.

    Ezio is not saying he supports Leonardo’s homosexuality because he thinks he should be free to do whatever he wants. He is saying that he thinks Leonardo’s lifestyle should be an accepted and supported part of society. As a man who kills in the name of a greater good, he does not see homosexuality as a threat and welcomes it.

  23. This episode was faaaabulous.

    I’d gay marry all of you. Except you Anne; it would just be a normal, boring, sexless marriage. I’m sure we’d have nice things.

    1. We would have the most awesome sexless marriage. I would buy you all kinds of pretty things.

      And puppies. Cute ones.

  24. Henry, sorry but being Scottish I can’t pass up on correcting you on where Rockstar is based. Scotland not England.

  25. Liberals beating people over the head with how open minded they are. Never get tired of that.

    Racism IS dead you creepy ass crackers.

  26. QOTW: In my younger days I loved to play with the little toy plastic army men – setting them up carefully for hours before letting the battle unfold in my head in minutes as every gun simultaneously fired on one other to ensure a fair battle. This was before I realized how actual war worked with cover, concealment, and reinforcements, but I digress.

    My worst thing ever in a videogame is by all accounts a war crime. I loved Company of Heroes, but not as an RTS game. This goes back to my love of the little toy plastic army men.

    I would play as the German army who had a special defensive doctrine that could build reinforced bunkers, fearsome MG42s, and longer-ranged mortars. Playing against the Computer, while still tough, could eventually be predicted and exploited so that their troops and tanks would walk directly into my unrealistically crazy lines of bunkers, machine guns, and snipers (the greatest irony being that I had just created a World War One battlefield in a World War Two game). I’d kill American and British troops by the hundreds so effectively that it was like a damn meat-grinder in the middle of the Norman countryside.

    The best part came when I discovered a mod that added the Soviet army. Bingo! No longer would I feel guilty about killing liberty-loving Allied troops in droves, I had soulless Communists to decimate! Instead of the first 15 minutes of Saving Private Ryan, I could pretty much recreate the entire film Enemy at the Gates.

    My war crimes came to an end when I discovered there was a mechanic in the game where infantry could get shot but not necessarily die outright. Instead, they would cry and shout on the ground clutching their torso – praying to the Almighty an unarmed medic would run through the fire and flames in-between waves and literally drag them back to their lines. It was particularly difficult to watch when multiple troops would become wounded in the middle of my killzone. You can only have so many medics. It was absolutely heart-wrenching to see a medic make only two trips before the rest stopped breathing altogether.

    It was this one specific encounter when the medic was on his second trip. He had picked up the bleeding soldier as the rest around him were screaming for help. Suddenly, another enemy wave charged into my firing line. My heat jumped. I didn’t care for my safety – my lines were too strong and I was playing the CPU. Yet it was the medic I instinctively feared for. Never mind the fact I was actually avoiding completing objectives and counter-attacking to watch my diorama of death continue to play out like fucking Yonkers.

    But what was I so worried about? He had a giant red cross on his uniform, and my units didn’t automatically target him unless I gave the order to like some sick fuck. That was when I forgot about my mortars as the shells came raining down around him.

    “OH SHIT NO! HALT FIRE IMMEDIATELY! DO NOT FIRE!” But my clicks were too slow; my Actions Per Minute frozen in the panic. I watched the last shell leave the firing tube before I could stop the demented scene from playing out. Next thing I knew there was a severed arm with a red cross on the sleeve just laying there, and to rub it in the wounded soldier that arm was carrying fell again to the ground writhing in even more pain.


    I guess Stalin had a point. “One is a tragedy, one million is a statistic.” Ironic, but thus is war, and thus is humanity’s business. That was the last time I ever touched Company of “Heroes”. The next time I saw my grandfather, who had lived under Japanese occupation in the Philippines when he was my age, I embraced him like the medic who carried that soldier – like the motherfucking code told you to do so.

    Also, I ran over, like, a hundred people on the sidewalks of Broadway in GTA IV. That sucked.

  27. In Skyrim there is a special sword that gets stronger every time you kill one of your friends. So I used to run around in Skyrim, do short quests for people so that they consider me a friend, and then murder them in public with the sword. What makes things worse is I didn’t even use the sword outside of these murders; it was a 2H sword and I was only leveled up in the 1H skill tree.

  28. Actually the gay characters kind of bothered me in Fallout, not the fact that they were gay, just how nonchalant they were about it. They live in a fairly uncivilised post-apocalyptic land, and if that wasn’t bad enough it’s in the ruins of a society based on Fifties values, the only way that world could be worse for gay people is if the super mutants were religious fundamentalists.

    There’s no way someone would just drop being gay like it’s no big deal, I get the developers have good intentions but they didn’t contextualise any of that stuff. Same deal with Dragon Age, medieval values, everybody hates mages and elves or whatever, but people have somehow overcome sexism and homophobia? It’s cool if these things don’t matter in these worlds but they still need to give us a nudge and a wink so we catch on to that.

  29. QOTW: probably just being a total douchebag in Fallout 3 and mercilessly killing everyone. Once I got the Fatman I’d just use it on anyone and everyone. Basically, if there were two options I’d pick the evil one and go out of my way to be the most hated man on the wasteland.

  30. I am so confused about how people talk about the pre change xbone stance on used games. Weren’t they just going to be charging stores to sell them?

    1. But in order to do that, you would no longer own your copy and trade it or lend it to whoever you wanted. No more rentals, no more simply giving your copy to a friend so he could play it. Basically, only if you went to a store that HAD paid for the fee Microsoft was asking for would you be able to make that copy usable for anyone else but your console. Otherwise, that copy would be useless to anyone else.

      And of course, because they’d charge a fee, used games would be harder to sell, and more expensive to buy, and the smaller scale stores that couldn’t afford paying the fee would simply get screwed over altogether.

      Super nice, no?

  31. QOTW: the worst thing I’ve ever done would probably be in my first attempt at playing Fallout: New Vegas. In the first town (goodsprings), I met a merchant named chet. Chet was always very nice to me. After playing for a while, I got a little bored and decided to see what I could get away with. I started shoplifting from his store until he noticed. He immediately started chasing me to punish me for what I had done. It didn’t really end well for him, long story short I ended up crippling him so badly that he only had one working leg (his arms, neck and other leg were totally messed up. The only reason I hadn’t gone farther was because he pleaded me to stop and offered me a discount in the store. I stopped and thought that it sounded like a fair trade. I left him in the house I had chased him in, ignorant to his state. When I next entered his shop, I saw what I had done to him. What was once a normal man, was now a pathetic, hobbling figure. I walked up to say something to him and he greeted me with a smile. I had not only crippled his body, but his sense of will. As I stared at the broken and beaten man before me, I was overcome with guilt. I promptly traded the game in for the force unleashed 2, which was a harsh, but fitting punishment.

    1. Tl; dr: I crippled a man so badly that I was filled with guilt and traded in the game for force unleashed 2

  32. The best/worst videogame sex scene I’ve ever seen was in the first Dragonage. I was super into the characters and the relationship system in that game, I thought it was really well done. I put a lot of thought into how I responded to my party members, and tried to roleplay the things my Warden would actually say and do, so that the relationships evolved organically. When I finally worked my way up to sleeping with Morrigan, the game bugged out and played the whole scene with my guy in FULL ARMOR. So it was all the hilarious, awkward videogame sex with the dumb camera angles, except it’s zooming in dramatically on my character’s huge, expressionless great helm, he’s thrusting and writhing around in his huge, bulky platemail suit. It was totally hilarious. It some how perfectly encapsulated the typical experience of sex scenes in a videogame.

    Worst thing I’ve ever done in a game? Probably helping the mutants get accepted as residents in Tenpenny Tower, although the repercussions of that were inadvertent. I thought I was doing such a benevolent thing, and I accomplished it (via diplomacy) without killing or hurting anyone…and then it all goes horribly, horribly wrong. I loved that mission, it’s one of the few examples in an open-world game where trying to take the “good” path actually ends up really, really badly.

  33. QOTW: In Skyrim, I used Paralysis on an arrow to stealth-kill a bandit sitting by a campfire in a cave. She immediately stood up, but fell face down into the fire, dying slowly.

  34. It’s a testament to ubiquitous media brainwashing that otherwise intelligent people can believe a state marriage license is a human right.

  35. QOTW: Probably the number of hours I spent killing the adoring fan from oblivion in creative ways. However, i don’t regret a second of it because i had the living fuck out of that creepy, little dick wart.

  36. In pokemon gold and silver, there is a npc who gives you his pokemon in fear of team rocket stealing it. After you defeat team rocket, he will ask for it back I said no, then released it on my Pc.

  37. So you guys not liking the shower scene in Heavy Rain is totally right, but those guys over there not liking the gay stuff in Mass Effect is totally wrong? Good to know where we stand. At least you’re upfront about your ridiculous bias.

    1. Right, because poking fun at the silliness of a gratuitous shower scene is EXACTLY the same as getting upset over a romance option you never have to see if you don’t want to.

  38. I would say basically the entire last half of Spec Ops: The Line. There was so much awful shit that I’m unable to pick one specific moment but it’s the only time in a game where I’ve wanted my character to die.

    If I had to pick one specific game moment where I went out of my way to do something awful it would be placing a hog tied woman in front of a train in Red Dead.

    Also, I wish Samantha Traynor had made list instead of Juhani. I get why she’s on there as the all important first character but I loved Traynor way more. Hated not being able to romance her as a male Shep so when I decided to go back and play through the series as a femshep I specifically held out romancing anyone until Traynor in 3.

  39. This was the most political non-political podcast ever. Even as someone the supports gay marriage I felt that you were all very unfair to those individuals that do not. I don’t know that it is ever a good idea to spike the football at a time when a large group of people are working to rectify their cognitive dissonance. It will take some folks time to get use to the idea that gay people are just people that have the same needs as others.

    I had a talk with my friends about this yesterday and totally get why some individuals are currently worried. Many of them have not had the years of knowing gay families to understand the other side of this argument and the people that this impacts. As Christians we have been taught since birth that Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by God because it had an openly gay society and this impacts their view of accepting gay marriage. Finally they are worried that this could impact their churches tax free status and ability to legally marry if they are unwilling to perform gay marriages.

    Just some thoughts that I found interesting and helped me understand how others view this. Great podcast though.

  40. I believe i read somewhere (gameinformer?) that there is a difference not necessarily in the hardware specifications of the two new major consoles (although Xbone’s DDR3 RAM vs PS4’s DDR5 is notable), but in how the RAM will be used; Xbone is only dedicating 5 GB of the 8 GB of its RAM to actual gameplay. I assume the other three gigabytes will be used for the other software the machine claims to employ in order to embrace its own ideas of an all-in-one entertainment box. That being said, how that will affect gameplay later on in these console’s lives will be interesting to see. I want to get an Xbone because I have many microsoft products that would be great to share functionality with. However, their handling of this whole issue was ridiculous and it is this that keeps me wanting to own my first playstation console: the PS4.

    As a side note: Windows 8 is amazing. The Modern UI, while admittedly seeming rather cumbersome at first, really grew on me, and I cant see myself touching any previous operating system without missing the wonderful features it provides. I will say my one complaint is the completely lack of F8 functionality to access safe mode or other troubleshooting tools. Having to be in the settings menu in order to restart into these modes is hilarious – especially when the machine cannot load windows 8 properly. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Fantastic podcast as always, guys. Thanks for all you do/

  41. League of Legends makes me a horrible person. I constantly rage at my garbage team and tell them to die a suffering death or just get hit by a truck. League of Legends is bad for your health.

  42. Oh yeah! I forgot the QotW!

    In Mass Effect 3, I was distracted by my exwife while trying to save my girlfriend Tali’s home planet. I inadvertantly made a very wrong decision, and found her committing suicide while her whole race perished to that stupid robot. I mourned in shock for about 20 minutes; I then rage-boned Miranda just to ease the pain.

  43. QOTW: In Mario 64 the first snow level, after bringing the mother back her penguin child i did a belly slide grab picked up the child and dropped him off the edge of the world to die, then picked up the star.

  44. QOTW: In Fallout 3, I went to Little Lamplight, a community filled with children no older than the age of 16. I was doing the “Happy Birthday to you” quest where you have to take a kid named Sticky who just turned 16 out into the world for the first time and escort him to Big Town; the town where all Little Lamplight citizens go once they turn 16. As we left Little Lamplight, Sticky was endearingly wide-eyed and excited . As soon as we were out of earshot from Little Lamplight, I turned and impulsively shot him in his callow face with my .44, looted his body of its clothes and belongings and left his corpse (minus head) to bake in the harsh, wasteland sun… About 5 minutes later, I got so freaked out at my actions, I reloaded a save file. O_O Love the show! Been with you guys since Talk Radar 60! 🙂

  45. QOTW: In Fallout 3, I went to Little Lamplight, a community filled with children no older than the age of 16. I was doing the “Happy Birthday to you” quest where you have to take a kid named Sticky who just turned 16 out into the world for the first time and escort him to Big Town; the town where all Little Lamplight citizens go once they turn 16. As we left Little Lamplight, Sticky was endearingly wide-eyed and excited . As soon as we were out of earshot from Little Lamplight, I turned and impulsively shot him in his callow face with my .44, looted his body of its clothes and belongings and left his corpse (minus head) to bake in the harsh, wasteland sun… About 5 minutes later, I got so freaked out at my actions, I reloaded a save file. O_O Love the show!

  46. QotW:

    I played WoW for a couple years, did bad things to real people just cause they were on the other side.

  47. I’m not sure exactly why but this site is loading incredibly
    slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my end?
    I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

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