14 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #12- Weird Wrestling Freaks

  1. my first live event was a few years back at the St. Louis elimination chamber, it was pretty awesome! This was the show where the undertaker was lit on fire by his fireworks and then breaks character and runs to the ring lol I had to explain to my dad that no that was not part of the show

  2. Don’t forget that Bray Wyatt is the nephew of Barry Windham and the son of Mike Rotunda, a.k.a Irwin R Schyster or IRS from the New generation era. I’d love it if they brought his dad back in an angle where you find out he has become this cult leader because his dad was an asshole bureaucrat for the I.R.S.

  3. My first and only live experience was Judgment Day around 2002-2003. Only thing I remember about it was that one guy who I liked to call “the White Undertaker” walking into the ring and Eddie Gurrero getting all bloody and leaving a big ol’ blood stain in the ring. The following day I walked into my middle school all decked out in my John Cena “you can’t see me” camo shirt and wearing my John Cena “Word Life” lock chain around my neck. I was definitely the coolest kid at my school that day, or so I thought.

  4. My friend’s parents took me to see the WWF c.1986 at The Richfield Coliseum (site of the first 2 Survivor Series). The main event was Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan in a handicap match. Before the match, someone from the crowd threw Hogan a gigantic pair of underwear, probably fashioned from a bedsheet. It had “BUNDY’S UNDIES” written on them in huge black letters. Hogan then ran around the ring taunting Bundy with them. Little Kid Me thought this was HI-larious!

  5. My first live event came as a Christmas present from my grandparents and aunt. Four tickets to a house show in Evansville, IN. It featured mainly wrestlers from Smackdown! and ECW, if I remember correctly. It was the day after Christmas, and my brother, sister and I loaded into the car with my grandpa to drive the near hour to the venue.

    Once we got there, we got the souvenir book, and headed to our seats. I had a great time in the arena, hearing the mat echo with every slam. I got to see some of the classic ECW dudes, such as Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, and even a tables match between Sabu and one of my favorite wrestlers, Rob Van Dam. Overall, a very awesome experience. I haven’t watched wrestling in years, but I do enjoy the memories, and listening to Cheap Popcast.

  6. My favorite live show memory was when I was at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, TN. I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade and it was the height of the Ultimate Warrior’s …reign(?) He was squashing guys in 30 second matches that, at the time, I thought were amazing and in absolutely no way a total rip-off. The main event was the Warrior and the future ghost of Andre the Giant. Our seats were directly above the entrance walkway (the 80’s so no ramp). The Warrior was already in the ring and i’m marking out like it’s my job, and when Andre begins to come out he hesitates and pretends like he’s not going to wrestling so he can draw some heat. The audience is boo’ing and I’m craning to see him because we are at a weird angle. I rectify the situation by getting on my knees in the stadium seat I’m in, and I start leaning over. My father, the apex of wisdom says, “Don’t lean in your chair, you’ll fall”. And as the words leave his mouth my chair collapses and I slam my face into the chair in front of me. He yanks me up, checks my forehead, and sure enough, I’m bleeding pretty badly. As we are getting up to leave the Warrior’s music starts to play because he just squashed Andre in another 30 second cocaine-a-thon. I missed the entirety of the match and had to get stitches directly after. Years later the Giant died, …because of his sadness.

  7. My first live experience was at Royal Rumble 2010. My buddy had us watching Raw and old PPVs the whole fall semester. So in January when royal rumble was in Atlanta, we took the road trip up from Tampa. And man, on that night when Edge returned from like almost a year on injury that place blew up. Including the large man behind us screaming like a 10 year old. So good, been hooked to wrestling since that night.

  8. So was I the only one who immediately thought of kefka when the clown gave his speech?

    Another great ep guys.

  9. Back in the early 80s WWE (then WWF) TV shows were taped in Allentown and Hamburg, Pennsylvania. This was when Bob Backlund was World champ, shortly before Hogan came along and started filling larger arenas and stadiums. My wonderful parents faithfully took me to every show they could. My Dad was a truck driver and often out of town, so sometimes my Mom would chaperone me alone. My favorite memory was from 1983 when Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson won the WWF Tag Team titles from The Wild Samoans in Allentown. I was 11 and my normally stoic and aloof father was so excited that he actually picked me up and held me on his shoulders as we all cheered and went wild (He was also mildly racist, so i think i was somewhat surprised at him cheering the African-American team winning. Guess he disliked Samoans more? Dunno). Anyway, that’s probably my earliest live show memory and strangely, my favorite memory of my Dad.

  10. I was a fan of the WWF and WWE through the 80s, 90s, and 00s, but my first live show was actually at a AAA Lucha Libre event. My mom was the nurse for one of the luchador’s mom, and he invited my friend and I to a show. We got to go backstage after the event and what I remember most was meeting a lot of the luchadores like El Perro Aguayo and La Parka, and listening in as El Perro Aguayo discussed with Octagon what they were going to do for somebody’s birthday that was coming up.

  11. My first live wrestling event was a somewhat shitty Canadian indy company called Blood, Sweat And Ears. As we and ten other people waited outside for the doors to open, a seemingly senile old woman in front of us peered through the door’s glass section and looked at everyone and said with the most excited look on her face: “The Undertaker’s here!” and was very excited. Im glad I didnt see her disappointed reaction, when the biggest name to appear at the event was Sebastian Suave.

    Also my nephew told a wrestler in purple trunks that he sucked, and the purple trunks guy came over and told him to ask his mom what real sucking was. He also yelled at the noisy 5 year old beside us to shut up, causing her to cry. Needless to say, he was the highlight for me.

  12. I believe my first live show was in 2006. The ‘Cyber Sunday’ PPV in Cincinnati, OH. I was stoked to see my two favorite wrestlers at the time (HBK and Jeff Hardy) in a live setting. That was indeed cool, but the PPV as a whole was pretty lacking. I think it was rated as the 2nd worst PPV that year (behind the Great American Bash) on some WWE fansite I slightly recall reading at the year’s end. Summary: Umaga beating Kane/ Cryme Tyme winning a Texas Tornado match/ Jeff Hardy winning against Carlito/ Rated RKO defeating DX (with Eric Bischoff as referee)/ Lita over Mickie James/ Ric Flair+Roddy Piper destroying the Spirit Squad/ and “King” Booker T edging out John Cena and The Big Show. I remember the fan-voted stipulations for each match not really being anything too exciting, but still cool nonetheless to see live in person.

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