Comic Reviews: Batman/Superman and Hawkeye!


COMIC REVIEWS!!!! If you enjoyed the our brief discussion on Batman/Superman #1 and Hawkeye #11 (Pizza Dog Special!) on this week’s Cape Crisis, be sure to check out Jonwahizzle full issue reviews…

BM_SM_Cv1_52flzomr7u_Batman/Superman #1

Writer Greg Pak and artist Jae Lee bring us a brand new DC series, spotlighting it’s two most popular characters: The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight. Instead of giving us modern day team ups between the World’s Finest, Pak and Lee wisely spin the clock back to show us how the two heroes met in the new rebooted DC universe. What follows is a great first issue that teases some spectacular things to come.

The issue begins with Clark Kent visiting Gotham City, where he inevitably runs into an incognito Bruce Wayne. The two have a fantastic verbal sparring match, putting aside any doubts that Pak would have trouble writing these two icons. Kent informs Wayne that some employees of the Metropolis branch of Wayne Industries have been murdered, which of course leads to Batman travelling to Metropolis to investigate.

What follows from there is an appearance by Catwoman, Superman arriving to put a stop to what he believes is an attack by Batman, and an eventual twist that I’ll leave unspoiled for those who want to be surprised. Greg Pak’s script exceeded my expectations, wasting no time getting the plot into motion. He truly has a handle on Batman and Superman, and getting insights into their reactions to seeing one another for the first time is fascinating.

When it comes to the art, it’s easy to see that Jae Lee delivers the goods. His art may be polarizing to some, but I absolutely love it, and his depiction of Batman is one of my favorites. The page of Batman crashing through a window to stop Catwoman is a thing of beauty, and he really captures the nightmarish image that criminals see when Batman first appears to them. His Superman is extremely powerful looking as well., creating a sense  that he may jump out of the page.

If there’s one complaint I have with this issue, it’s that Lee draws some of the citizens of Gotham to look a little too freakish.  While he is depicting some of the more depraved members of the city, one of the younger characters looks nearly identical to Lee’s rendering of Sheemie from Marvel’s Dark Tower series of books. It should also be noted that Ben Oliver handles some of the art in the last pages of the book. While it’s not marked as a back up feature, it does make me wonder how long Lee will remain on the title.

Despite this, Batman/Superman is a welcome addition to the multitude of Batman and Superman books on the shelves, and looks to tell a new, intriguing take on one of the best friendships in comics. If Pak and Lee can deliver on the potential shown in this issue, we’ll have a truly fantastic series on our hands.

Hawkeye #11tumblr_inline_mlu0nvg9F11qz4rgp

It took a little longer than usual, but the long awaited Pizza Dog issue of Hawkeye is finally here! Hawkeye #11 is a visual treat by David Aja that fans of the book will love.

The issue is, you guessed it, told from the perspective of Lucky, aka “Pizza Dog”, whom Clint Barton rescued back in issue one.  Putting a unique spin on the search for Grills’ murderer, writer Matt Fraction walks us through a “typical day” of Lucky, albeit one that happens to involve the dog coming across the dead body of his owner’s friend.

Fraction is credited as the writer, but the real author of this issue is David Aja.  This nearly wordless issue is handled amazingly by Aja, who not only shows us clever design after clever design, but also gives Lucky some truly heartfelt moments, many times with just a simple head movement (which will definitely strike a chord with those who have dogs).

Hawkeye has had some excellent issues in the past, but this one is easily one of the best. It’s not the issue I’d give to someone who wants to know what all the hype is about, but it’s definitely the issue I’d tell people to get excited for once they start the series.

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