Vidjagame Apocalypse 25 – Hiyo Silver


Have we really been doing this for 25 straight weeks? Dang! To celebrate being halfway to 50, we spend this episode counting down our top 5 games of 2013 (so far), gushing about Earthbound, recounting your most memorable game deals, and introducing a NEW COMMUNITY SEGMENT (OK fine we admit it it’s just a Twitter contest).

Question of the Week

Of the titles that have been released over the past seven months, what’s your personal Game of the Year for 2013 (so far)?




Want a chance at winning the moderate pile of game swag (including a Witcher 3 jigsaw puzzle, a Batman: Arkham Origins keychain/bottle opener, a boxed pair of Angry Birds boxer shorts and vacuum-shaped t-shirts for Darkwatch and Resident Evil Outbreak: File #2) at top or one of the five sets of five Ani-Mayhem booster packs below it? Listen to this week’s community segment and follow the instructions by July 31, 2013, and you’ll be entered to win! (CONTEST OPEN TO U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY)



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76 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 25 – Hiyo Silver

  1. As somebody who is really bad at paying attention to release dates, and playing new games, I’m going with Bioshock Infinite because I liked it more then Tomb Raider.

  2. For me it would have to be Bioshock Infinite, Having never played the first two, I was a little sceptical at first when going into infinite but after reading Gamesradar’s review on the game, I was convinced enough to actually buy it’s. I also managed to get a good deal on it at my local independent game store for $78 (I’m from Australia so game prices are heaps different here) I loved every minute of the game and I’m only half way through it. The relationship between Booker and Elizabeth and how they me reminds a lot of the movie Tangled except a lot more violent. Seriously though, Bioshock Infinite is at the top of my list for favourite games of the year and maybe even of all time.

      1. A good deal for someone who doesn’t import games like most smart people in Aus tend to do. Import your games SIR! either from ozgameshop or dungeon crawl.

    1. Ride To Hell: Retribution has to be one of the best games ever made, and by far my favourite released this year. From the outstanding voice acting, to the slick, tight controls and the mind blowing graphics, this makes a game like Bioshock: Infinite look like complete dogshit.

  3. I guess Shin Megami Tensei IV? It’s the only thing that hasn’t let me down this year, both bioshock infinite and last of us had great stories, but the gameplay in both wasn’t really up to par with what I was expecting. SMT Gave me exactly what I was looking for. A good Story with an great battle system that gives me a lot of game to play, and demon fusing is incredibly addictive.

    1. Totally forgot, But Fire Emblem Is my actual favorite, I beat the game three times two weeks after It came out, I love fire emblem (and most turn based strategy games) And awakening was pretty good and added a lot to the series.

      1. it also took the best from the previous series added it as well, love my child soldiers, reclassing and free roaming

  4. my game of the year is either the last of us or animal crossing. im still playing animal crossing for hours each and every day. its my first animal crossing ive played so it really is a magical thing when i discover a new bug or fish or see something really funny or quirky from my villagers. i beat the last of us within a couple days and only played it the one time. but i still can’t stop thinking about that game. ellie IS my daughter. i have never felt so connected to characters before, not even in the walking dead. i miss them and thats something special. i was bored by infinite. but i was also bored with the first bioshock so theres probably something really wrong with me. fire emblem is also the shit

  5. QOTW:

    My Game of the Year (so far) has to be Tomb Raider. As much as I loved BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider really surprised me with its quality and the connection I felt to the characters and story, and I simply could not put it down until the end, and had it on the mind for days.

  6. QOTW:

    For me i’d have to be Fire Emblem awakening, I even bought a 3ds just for it. In my opinion its also the best fire emblem out of them all, be it the ability to re-class units to better soot ones needs and prevent the dreaded early promotion situation where a characters stats could suck, the child system where depending on who you have S rank together will create a future soldier with unique traits to that pair, free roam over world to grind or have fun at your pleasure. Even the combat got great improvements such as the pairing system where stacked units act as an asset instead of hinderance and the attack sequences which now have 3 different camera modes. Finally Nintendo really stepped it up with the free and somewhat pricey dlc, you can essentially fight characters from all the other Fire Emblem games and add to your army in the series for free or you can pay to play special story maps which feature unique events like 2 main characters from different games duking it out for supremacy.

  7. Metro:LL has to be my GOTY. Metro and STALKER are probably my favourite series of games. And despite Metro:LL being pretty easy it’s one of the only games i can really get immersed in.

  8. My GOTY is definitely Metal Gear Rising, action games have always been my favorite genre and I’ve always been a devout fan of Platinum Games. I love the parry mechanic, the dismemberment, the bosses, the amount of post game unlockables. Even the music, which is the cheesiest shit I’ve ever heard, is currently on my mp3 player. I know a lot of people have problems with the camera, which I understand, but it never really broke the combat for me. I love how hard it is, especially the final boss, which is probably my favorite boss fight in years.

  9. While Bioshock and Last of Us are defiantly in my top spots, based on how much I’ve played and am still playing, Injustice: Gods Among Us is a personal game of the year so far. The simple to learn fighting engine yet can hard to master online with great reverence to DC makes it a down right fun game to play, which is still what I want first and foremost in a game. Combine that with an active online community and so far constant updates, tweaks and optional DLC, all of which is further keeping the game alive for me. Even as I type this I’m waiting for Martian Manhunter next week.

  10. My game of the year is Animal Crossing: New Leaf. However, you guys already said everything that needed to be said about it last week so here’s my pick that wasn’t mentioned in a previous podcast; Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

    As someone who never got to play the original Luigi’s Mansion, seeing the 3ds sequel got me excited. I remember buying it on an impulse and one of the cashiers saying to the other one “I thought we were out of these. Didn’t you tell that kid we didn’t have any? That kid that pulled out his wallet and looked like he was about to cry when we were out? You made a kid cry!” He said as he laughed to the other cashier. It made me very sad to imagine this. I did, however, very much enjoy the game. I hope that poor child got his copy of it and enjoyed the 10ish hours of shining ghosts with a flashlight before damaging them.

    PS: Alan Wake is a grittier Luigi’s Mansion clone

  11. Without a doubt The Last of Us, that game is a masterpiece. Everything about it is just so far ahead of any other game this year. The performances and story are outstanding. The art design and visuals are the best this generation has to offer. Also the way they use the environments to tell stories is masterful. The gameplay itself is excellent and everything about the way it was designed fits in with the narrative themes of the game, everything feels like a desperate struggle just to survive (for the first 6 hours at least). Yeah things get more action heavy after the 6 hour mark but again none of these sequences felt out of place in context to the story. People always talk about games that defined a generation of consoles, like Mario 64 for the 3D era. The Last of Us is the game that defines what this generation has been working towards which is mature storytelling that can only be done in videogames. Hopefully The Last of Us is an indicator of what type of games we can expect from next gen consoles

  12. Having just beaten The Last of Us Friday night, I’m hesitant to call it my game of the year for fear of being a prisoner of the moment. But the tense gameplay and the moments where its story rewarded your suffering through Joel and Ellie’s suffering (no spoilers here) were just exquisite. Additionally, I’m pretty sure that every time Joel spoke, I thought to myself, “Troy Baker really delivered a great performance.” What a great game.

    Runners up include the usuals… Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite. But perhaps the most underrated game of the year thus far is Guacamelee. It just does everything a metroidvania game should do extremely well. It perfectly escalates its platforming and upgrades your abilities. So much fun.

    TL;DR: Currently, The Last of Us wins, but that may be because it’s freshest in my mind. Runners-up are unsurprising. Guacamelee needs more lovin’.

  13. QOTW: Funny, had this been asked in previous years, I would probably had a lot of difficulty picking out a single game. This year though, I don’t have have to think it twice. The Last of Us takes the cake easily for me. It’s not just that it has top notch graphics and artistic design, or gameplay that marries stealth and shooting perfectly with a true emphasis of “every bullet counts”, or that enemy selection is short but extremely meaningful.

    It’s the fact that it manages to take a familiar setting for a story, and thanks to phenomenal acting, natural sounding dialog, bold consequences to otherwise clichéd scenarios, and a VERY subtle handling of emotions and actions, it elevates it to easily one of the best, most mature stories and characters ever portrayed in Video Game History.

  14. My personal Game of the Year so far is probably… The Last of Us.

    I knew Bioshock Infinite was going to be great, Tomb Raider was fantastic, but for whatever reason I wasn’t as hyped for TLoU before its reviews started trickling out. I know Naughty Dog, I love the Uncharted games, but TLoU does something extra.

    There’s little purpose in me regurgitating why I love it when so many better people have done that.

    Beyond that, I really like Fire Emblem: Awakening and Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate. MH3U has over 220 hours of time on it and though I haven’t played it in a while, I know I’ll put more on it.

  15. My game of the year so far is Bioshock Infinite because its the only game I remember buying this year.

    Also nerd fun fact that no one actually cares about: The reason Deadpool has a healing factor is because he had cancer and wanted to get rid of it, that’s why he looks so fugly too

    1. Listening to them spend 5 minutes talking about the Deadpool Cancer reference while having NO idea that Deadpool has super cancer was agonizing.

  16. Fire Emblem: Awakening is probably my favorite game so far this year. It’s definitely the game I’ve sunk the most time into. Like Mikel, this was the first JRPG in several years that I have actually completed. It was also the most recent case of a game putting my college education in jeopardy.

  17. Can somebody count just how many times Grimm says “fuck you”, in response to a game? I feel like he broke a personal record.

  18. The two biggest things i took away from this podcast:

    -“Fuck-ass-nowhere” is the capitol of Nebraska

    -Tyler Wilde picked on autistic kids in high school

  19. I would say Bioshock, but I don’t wanna be too obvious so I’ll say CIVILIZATION V for now. That’s new right? DLC just came out a couple weeks ago. Gimme a break I just got my first PC that can actually play games this year. Anyway yea that game is eating up my attention.

  20. My game of the year so far would be Bioshock Infinite, with The Last of Us a close second.

    As far as games that weren’t in the top 5 I really enjoyed Gears of War Judgement, the arcade approach to the level design was interesting and had me hooked.

    Thanks for another great episode!

  21. Can’t say none of the games I’ve played this year have impressed me to call them game of the year material. Out side of presentation, Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite feel like directionless attempts at telling stories in ways that limit player input and interaction.

    True i haven’t had all the time to play all the games that came out this year and don’t have either a ps3 or 3ds so i cant play fire emblem, smt or the last of us which looks promising to be honest.

    Maybe i just hate games now or AAA games all feel the same because of this long console generation. Or maybe I’ll just go play some more Street Fighter and League of Legends, that’s all any one needs in their gaming life anyway.

  22. Tough I’d like to give it to Killer is Dead but that isn’t out yet.

  23. I’ve only listened to the first segment so far, but this episode is one of my favorites. It has great discussion about great games, it has a 10 minute conversation about Surgeon Simulator, and it ends the segment with I’m Da Bess. Love you guys.

  24. Mike Grimm- The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo also features the anal rape of the protagonist. Right up your alley! (In a manner of speaking)

  25. Tough question

    In terms of GOTY so far, I would definitely have to say Bioshock Infinite. Sure the gameplay isn’t as good as Tomb Raider, but the story was great and really got me thinking.

    In terms of non-top 5 GOTY, I would definitely have to say Joe Danger for iOS. I was a mild fan of Joe Danger on PSN, but on iOS, OH BOY is it amazing! Looks great, plays better then the console version (and no awful virtual joystick) just a fucking lot of fun to play, and now they got the new level pack that I can check out so I’m back in!

    Honourable mention goes to Ridiculous Fishing: A Tale of Redemption. Fun gameplay, cool style, and pretty funny.

  26. Don’t Starve. The game’s Tim Burton like aesthetic intrigued me. That and the fact that its made by the people who made Mark of the Ninja. But its a super fun, frequently hilarious rogue-like that seems to have endless depth. I looked at the wikia article for a few minutes after playing about 10 hours of playing and discovered I wasn’t even scratching the surface of what the game has to offer.

    Although if I wasn’t trying to be different, I’d say Bioshock Infinite. I’ll concede that the game has its flaws, but it emotionally resonated with me in a way that no game ever has. Instantly became one of my all time favorites.

  27. Hey guys! Long time listener, first time question respond-er-er,

    As much as I would love to deviate from the crowd here, and pull some random, quirky, and mind-bending indie game out of my ass for my GOTY-so-far pick (Kentucky Route Zero anyone?), I have to agree with just about everyone else here when I say the two best games this year have been Bioshock: Infinite and The Last of Us (in that order, for me at least), with the wonderful Tomb Raider reboot a somewhat distant third.

    I look that both those games (Infinite and TLoU) and I realize how lucky we are to be gamers right now. I truly believe that the two best games of this generation came out within three months of each other, and will be the two favorites to win every GOTY award under the sun at the end of year (unless gta 5 completely boggles are minds enough throw off these games).

    Infinite and TLoU are true masterpieces of the vidjagame world, both are once-in-a-generation type games that redefine how we see games, and what we can expect out of a AAA release. It may just be my opinion, but I believe that these games have pushed storytelling, character development, and emotional connection to new levels in the industry, and now sit upon that golden pinnacle of games alongside the other masterpieces that have come before them.

    Infinte and TLoU stand out in my mind as mature art pieces and showcases for the world to see what ‘toys for kids’ have become, more than almost anything else. These are games which all of us gamers can look at, and be proud that we are a part of such an amazing medium. These are the kinds of games that will help vindicate the importance and worthiness of video games to those that couldn’t care less about them. But if I were pick just one of those two, it would have to be Infinite, mostly because of that ending… oh my…

    TL;DR: Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us are both mature and emotional art pieces and showcases for what the games industry can achieve creatively. But my personal pick for GOTY-so-far is Infinite, mostly because of that ending that I must have seen 15 times, yet still has never lost its resonance or mind-bending wonderment.

  28. I believe that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate should be the game of the year simply because not only does it have massive amounts of content, but it also requires you to work hard towards everything you earn. Every time I defeat one of the monsters I actually feel like I have accomplished something and I have not had that feeling towards a game in a long, long time. Bioshock Infinite would be my runner up though. Keep up the good work on the podcasts guys, I love what you do!

  29. Fire Emblam is probably my GOTY so far. I’ve beaten that bad boy several times just so I could get different combinations of party members to marry each other. Y’know, just out of curiosity. Luckily the gameplay was also fantastic, with a gorgeous soundtrack to boot.
    Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us and Tomb Raider were all close runners up. Good year so far!

  30. Bioshock Infinite for my GOTY. I was engrossed in the story and setting of the game, more than any I have played since Fallout 3. I’m a huge fan of the turn of the century and limited steam-punkieness and it was fantastic to see them in such an interesting game.

    Also it was very fun as all my friends were playing it along with me at the end of high school, which provided us with a lot of interesting conversation as we discussed and debated the various possibilities of meanings in the game.

    I should also note that Rome Total War II stands usurp Bioshock Infinite as my GOTY, Rome Total War is one of my favorite games ever. The sequel has a lot to live up to, but looks extremely promising.

  31. Haven’t finished yet but I wanted to say something on the topic of physical media in regards to what Tyler was saying.

    I totally agree that digital stuff is WAY more convenient and am actually planning on getting games digitally whenever I can in the future but until mp3’s can match up to CD’s in sound quality I will never stop buying them. As a musician I want the best sounding audio possible and mp3’s are just nowhere near. I fucking gag whenever I hear about someone buying their music off itunes because I can’t imagine people actually being okay with lossy ass versions of the songs they love.

    I know most can’t tell the difference but there is a BIG difference to people like me who are obsessed with that kind of thing.

    Also I was mowing the lawn when Grimm whooped as loud as he could so I had the volume all the way up on my headphones. I think I am deaf now.

    1. I’d go one step further with your argument. This may be pertaining to my age, but I have a romanticized view towards media stores, the bigger the better. I love walking in and seeing a large physical layout to pick from.

      A brief anecdote to illustrate my point: 5 years back, I happened to be in NYC on release day of one of my favorite artists new albums, so I stopped by the Times Square Virgin Megastore (RIP). They had loads of copies on display, they were playing the new album over the PA system, and also playing one of the artist’s concert films on the displays. It was an EVENT. Does it alter the quality of the work itself? No. But it was far more fun than sitting at home waiting for iTunes to download.

      I have to cross the country to get to a store like that now. (cough Amoeba/Rasputin’s cough)

  32. Earthbound, its my first time playing it, it has been such a great experience already.

    If I had to pick a game that has actually come out this year…I had a lot of fun spending 50 plus hours to get a 100% in Lego City Undercover.

    I would pick that barely over Last of Us

  33. Mike Grimm has become, in a word, irritable. He used to be so awesome. Just because “fuck you” is fun to say doesn’t mean it bears repeating ad nauseam. Also, blowing out my ear drums during the Earthbound intro wasn’t appreciated.

    1. Are you joking, he was on fire this episode, i laughed til i cried when he started screaming about earthbound.

    2. I’ll agree he says “fuck you” too often, but really? You’re going to complain about him screaming about Earthbound? Lighten up. If you want calm, vulgarity-free game podcasts, there’s a million of them. Come to Vidja Game Apocalypse for the antics and the energized hilarity.

  34. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is the only 2013 release I’ve played so far and I like it well enough.

    Now, If we are talking favorite games that are definitely not new but I hadn’t played them until this year…
    I recently bought a 3DS with Mario Kart 7 and I am hopelessly addicted to online play and perfecting my drift lines. Also, my local bar-cade just got Ninja Baseball BatMan! This is an extremely fun (and very Japanese) 2D co-op beat-’em-up.

  35. QotW: Not a very interesting answer, but I guess Bioshock Infinite.

    All the stuff I’ve really loved came out at the end of last year.

  36. My pick for game of the year so far is Bioshock Infinite because Ii love everything about it, my runner up is Injustice Gods Among Us because its the only fighting game i’m good at.

  37. Killer Instinct is not free to play. It is a game that you can buy for a full price, just buy a few characters, or play the free demo forever.

  38. As I said last week, I totally understand the worry about stuff in regards to the NSA stuff, but honestly I never once thought before all this that if the government suspected someone of suspicious activity they COULDN’T access their email or video calls.

    And I’m not especially happy about it, but it’s just the kind of evil I expect from the government. I also see it as a pretty huge leap to assume that the government has unfettered access to everything that’s a part of the Microsoft family of products. It seems pretty clear that they didn’t even have unfettered access to what they did get.

    Microsoft’s statements on the matter have held enough water to keep me from getting too scared about it, and the Xbone has all the launch and launch window games I’m most interested in, so I’ll take the chance. If a scandal is discovered, I can sell it.

  39. Oh boy. Prometheus is perfectly fine, and not a single person in the entire world has brought up a single plothole or inaccuracy or continuity error that I didn’t clearly see an explanation for in the movie EXCEPT the rolling thing, though even that makes sense considering the state the characters were in.

    How did David know what the goo did? he didn’t. he was experimenting, because his whole mission was to find out a way to extend his master’s life. That was also why they wanted to speak to the Engineers, who created humans, as obviously they would know much more about their biology than humans do.

    To me, that movie very clearly communicated why a character was doing something or changed their mind about doing something or acted a certain way. I guess it was just communicated in a way that not everyone is good and understanding, though I’m not really able to comprehend how that’s the case.

    It was a fun movie for me. I’m glad I eventually disregarded the solid year of bad things I’d heard about it and just watched it.

    1. Even without plotholes, the movie is just stupid, riddled with cliches, and just not very entertaining. Pretty to look at, sure, but not much else.

      Also, if you can find a bona-fide, logical and acceptable explanation as to why a geologist, whose specialty is is studying the earth and rock formations, wouldn’t be able to make it’s way back from the place he just CAME FROM not just a few minutes ago, or that a Biologist would stupidly get close and prod a unknown, living organism without being in a safe, controlled environment, or how, the Prometheus captain, the one person responsible for the lives of his crew, would notice that there’s weird signals going on on the map of the place where two stranded part of his screw are, and instead of monitoring or doing something about it, he goes and gets laid instead… Then the logic you operate on isn’t the same kind of logic a rational, intelligent human being would use.

      Not to mention, all those guys weren’t supposed to amateurs, or even acceptable at their professions, they were supposed to be some of the best on their fields, and yet somehow they all do their job HORRIBLY. There’s no acceptable justification for that.

      1. As someone who studied special effects, Prometheus is an amazing piece of film. The things they did to make you feel like you were there, that and I watched the movie in IMAX 3D and it was amazing. Of course people are going to do stupid things and be bad at what they do in the moment, it’s an Aliens movie!

        1. Like I said, the film is indeed beautiful to look at. But alone, does not a good movie make.

          Also, using the “It’s an Aliens movie!” Is a crappy excuse, specially regarding the first two movies. (Y’know, the only good ones.) In the first movie, you were dealing with a bunch of workers and miners, none of them who were particularly special nor meant to be the top of anything, nor were trained in any kind of combat. In the second, yes, you have a squadron of soldiers, but this time it isn’t so much that they do stupid decisions or are under-prepared, they are simply overpowered and they had no idea what they were up against.

          And in both cases, the people in the movies act in accordance with their job description and education, and their actions make sense. So Prometheus having pretty much every single character doing stupid shit that goes against their supposed description or job is simply inexcusable, and makes for a frustrating and stupid story.

  40. I’ve just started playing Tomb Raider, pretty much leapt 4 feet across my room to stop the podcast with seconds to spare when Mike Grimm was about to go into spoiler territory. Close call…

  41. Also, if we’re to pick a non-Top 5 GOTY so far, then my choice would go to Guacamelee. A gorgeous metroidvania-style game that does almost everything it needs to do right. The graphical aesthetic is vibrant and charming, the music is energetic and fitting to the game’s entire Mexican motiff, the story is simple but well told, the platforming, puzzles and combat are all simple on the surface but then gradually scaled up in both complexity and difficulty.

    It just has a personality on it’s own that works in a way that makes it stand out from even games of the same exact genre.

  42. To me, Bioshock Infinite felt more like “Baby’s first Multiverse” than the amazing story that most people saw. While I did enjoy it, it just felt mediocre for the most part. I will compliment how immersive the world is, as long as you never notice the four models that were used for every NPC.

    Also, since the PC version of Sonic and Allstars Racing Transformed came out this year, it’s my GOTY right now. Something about driving a Russian general around in a tank that turns in to a boat, while the Space Harrier theme is playing in the background, makes the game amazing.

  43. I would say Bioshock Infinite because my friend kept making fun of me about achievement whoreing both Bioshock 1 and Bioshock 2. I forced him to sit down and watch me play through all the Bioshocks. It took close to 16 hours and I’m pretty sure he officially had his world turned upside down and is playing Bioshock Infinite right now.

  44. Barring the obvious top three from the episode I’m gonna say Metal Gear Rising because I love MGS and Platinum.

  45. QOTW: Outside of the Top 5, my GOTY is Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. I was born in 1981, so I totally remember all of the themes and references in the game. Michael Bien’s voice, solid game play, a button sceme that allows you to give the finger, the neon tone of the 80s, and a $15 price point made it a total homerun for Ubisoft.

    I also feel that games like Blood Dragon and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger may have an effect on how we view value of games. $60 for a mediocre Homefront, or $15 for great quality Blood Dragon or Gunslinger.

  46. First off, a borderline 3 hour podcast about video games? (No, it’s not a complaint)…TDar truly lives again!

    As for my answer…I haven’t played ‘Last of Us’ (yet), but I have to go with Bioshock Infinite. I’m a sucker for well told multi-verse stories, and this hit all my buttons. I’m pretty sure I’m also the only one who mentioned ‘Infinite’.

  47. Loved the show guys, don’t go a changin’.

    I really enjoyed Bioshock Infinite, GRID 2 and Tomb Raider so far.

  48. QOTW:

    The Last of Us because of the state-of-the-art “dragging the people out” mechanic 🙂 But in all seriousness, the game had me misty-eyed in some parts, and no form of media has done that for me in ages. Grimm, you are awesome!

  49. QOTW:
    Bioshock: Infinite, I prefer it’s high concept fantasy to The Last of Us’s atmospheric realism.
    I have to many fanboyish nitpicks about FE:Awakening for it to be my GOTY.

  50. Metro: Last Light should definitely get a mention. The game was one of the most atmospheric games this year, and it was very fun to play, and replay. Considering the working conditions they were under, it was surprising and an extraordinary achievement to put out a game as good as they did.

  51. Bioshock Infinite is my GOTY, but Metro: Last Light should definitely get a mention. The game was one of the most atmospheric games this year, and it was very fun to play, and replay. Considering the working conditions they were under, it was surprising and an extraordinary achievement to put out a game as good as they did.

  52. “…Ayn Rand wet-dream bullshit”

    Wow, clearly your opinion on Ayn Rand is well informed if you’re getting it byproxy via Bioshock games.

  53. So far my game of the year is a close tie between Ni No Kuni and The Last Of Us. No No Kuni made me feel like a kid again and The Last of Us just blew my mind. Two totally different games, but both are amazing.

  54. Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut has been my game of the year. I don’t have an XBox so I had to wait for the PS3 version of these strange Japanese horror mystery. Any game in which the main character has split personalities that he likes to talk movies with is okay with me.

  55. I’m so glad that Grimm of all people so poignantly described how rewarding it was to get Sable to open up. The interactions with the characters, though simple, is the greatest joy in that game. And the music, but whatevs.

    I love you guys. Keep up the good work!

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