Cape Crisis #58 – Age of Comic-Con


The boys have all returned from San Diego Comic-Con, and they’ve got a ton of stories to tell! So much to talk about (and Henry and his cough are back), but where to begin? Age of Ultron? Superman/Batman? Days of Future Past? Superhero slot machines? We’ve got it all!


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Cape Crisis #58 Question: What was your favorite news/purchase out of San Diego Comic-Con?

16 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #58 – Age of Comic-Con

  1. I think it’s a shame people don’t come out of comic-con talking about comic books. This isn’t a criticism of you guys, more of the industry as a whole – everyone treats the movies as having more importance than the comics.

    I’m excited for (some of) the movies coming up, but gosh I love comics more.

    1. To me, the movies have FAR more importance than the comics, honestly 😛

      I do agree though… That if the even is called COMIC-CON, then the focus should be on comics books, and for the movies and all that other good stuff, another convention could be more fitting. But oh well…

  2. Regarding The Amazing Spider-Man 4 potentially being a spin-off of some kind, they’ve been kicking around an idea for a Venom movie for a while. I imagine they would have Venom in ASM3, but there’s the inevitable team-up for them to defeat whichever Goblin they decide on, and then Venom survives to get his anti-hero spin-off movie. Why do imagine Vin Diesel in this role? I don’t know enough about black costume / Venom as a character, I’ll leave that to Brett.

    In terms in development of the film, apparently they’ve gone so far as to have Josh Trank attached in some capacity. It’ll be interesting to see how that shakes out if he’s attached to the Fantastic Four reboot as well.

  3. Brett’s points are sound but I still don’t agree with Whedon’s decision.
    As a Hank Pym fan I’m disappointed that he’s changing the character this much just so RDJ can be witty in front of a camera some more.

  4. I’m really convinced Marvel is so much better than DC at this point. Recently having read Civil War and Secret Invasion, those comics are so much better than a majority of what DC puts out mostly because Marvel’s characters are so heavily intertwined. I am way more excited for Marvel’s upcoming movies like Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy, just to see Batista as Drax. DC has taken so long to get even one Justice League movie out I wonder if it even will be as good as it has been built up to be.

  5. Yay! Henry’s back! Cape Crisis just isn’t the same without meandering tangents. Anywoo, this episode was fantastic. So much awesome news of Comic Con this year, especially the Ultron reveal (c’mon, people, where is my grainy cell phone footage of that teaser, huh?). I saw an interview with Whedon where he said Avengers 2 was gonna go darker, and we all know that man can go DARK. When Brett was talking about his Jarvis theory, all I could picture was Ultron holding Pepper by the throat and telling Tony “I have determined that killing her would be the best way to hurt you, sir” in that calm C-3PO voice of his.

  6. My favorite news out of Comic Con was the Superman/Batman movie. As someone who knows nothing about comic books, except for a fairly big chunk of Batman’s history, I love the idea of seeing Bruce kick the shit out of Supes on screen, although I think they will team up to fight some other villain by the end of the movie, which will lead to the Justice League. I’m not too hyped about Avengers 2 because I know it’ll be incredibly awesome, but I’m worried for the Bats/Supes movie, as imo, Man of Steel was kind of an abortion. I hope Batman is cast well and they leave the gruff whisper-yell voice to the Nolan movies.

    PS. I couldn’t ask for a better host than you Henry, thanks for the great show!

  7. really good episode.
    a lot of comic history flowing around in this one. i like that.

    i can imagine there are plenty of cosplayers that were hired, sure.
    but i do a lot of dirt cons (1 day small cons) and those people in small town georgia, tennessee, south carolina, north florida, alabama… they’re not hired, they love it purely and I have seen some super beefcake dudes and super sexy women. the geek physique stereotype is just that.
    we live in a very body conscious society. sure, not everyone is worried about how great they look in a mirror, but i know a few ppl who work out daily in a deliberate effort to counter people who perpetuate those stereotypes.

    also… eff you guys talking about shit you don’t know shit about. flash animation doesn’t mean tween animation or bad. I animate in flash sometimes and i work frame by frame like i would on a traditional piece of paper. and i know a lot of animators that do the same thing. and finally it’s not flash most of what you’re seeing is done with in house animation software, using wacom cintiqs and a program called toon boom. psh!

    wow… another mention of shane paterson. been a long time. long loooong time.

    great episode. i know it’s a great one to make me wanna’ type this much. haha.

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