Cape Crisis #60 – Batman’s Getting Old


The boys are together for another week, and we talk mainly about all the stuff we read, plus some minor movie talk, and addressing your suggestions of DC books for Henry to read…


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Cape Crisis #60 Question: What Marvel story deserves a fancy animated film like Flashpoint Paradox?

13 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #60 – Batman’s Getting Old

  1. Awesome! New Cape Crisis!

    QOTW: I feel like AvX would be a great animated film. Not so much for the story but for the fight scenes. Cap vs Scott Summers? Sign me up. That or the most recent Mark Waid Daredevil stuff. It would just be really fun to see that stuff play out on film.

  2. Can you please make an effort to have a DC focused episode more often. The shows supposed to be about all comics, not just marvel, and as someone who reads two current marvel series, it would be nice to hear about DC stuff more often.

  3. Henry, if you’re gonna read Batwoman, start with “Elegy” (Detective Comics 854 to 860), then “Cutter” (861 to 863), then her solo series. That covers the main thrust of her character arc. “Cutter”, while good, is a bit of a filler arc almost, so you can leave that out if you want. She’s been in other books, but nothing essential to understanding her. Also, because of her origins, she can get more into the supernatural side of Gotham from time to time, just so you know what to expect.

  4. “Hey guys, suggest me some DC books”

    “Read this hank”


    Wtf hank, you’re so negative and closed minded

  5. While I realize Marvel doesn’t have much in the way of solo female books right now, I think it’s offset by the large number of female team books they have going atm.

    X-Men is an all female team at the moment.

    Fearless Defenders is another all female team.

    And Uncanny X-Force is basically all females+Puck.

  6. it was just good to have a new episode this week.
    i work while listening to podcasts, and this is definitely in my top 10 that i feel like i can’t go without hearing.
    i dunno’ what it is… you guys just have a way with words i guess.

  7. Hot damn thanks for the heads up about Flashpoint Paradox. I’m a huge fan of DC animated stuff (I honestly prefer superhero cartoons to comics) but I tend to just let a lot of time lapse and check randomly to see if there’s anything new. I really liked it, by the way.

    QOTW: Old Man Logan would work great. A nice one-shot story that doesn’t depend on continuity and could probably be compacted into 90 minutes without losing too much. If only there were, say, a new movie starring Logan out in theatres they could tie that into.

  8. I have subscribed to marvel unlimited off and on for years and ended up doing the new promo last week. While I do buy a crap ton of comics every week it is an awesome way to catch up to current. I have almost caught up from brand new day to the end of amazing thanks to it. if I had bought them off of comixology I would be looking at spending over a hundred dollars assuming all of them were available.

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