19 thoughts on “Laser Time – Many Ducks Were Given

  1. I’ve been waiting for this episode for a while. As exited as I am, I sincerely hope this episode doesn’t boil down to blowing Capcom scented smoke up our asses.

  2. pennies, nickels, quarters, dimes,
    come to us while there’s still time
    golden ducky ever bold
    look into our eyes of gold.

    that was the rhyme that those sirens in that one episode sang to scrooge.
    it freaked me out too henry.

  3. I’m bummed that Courage the Cowardly Dog got about 5 seconds of attention before moving on. That was a great show, and it still freaks me out – the artists picked the right tint of green to make your skin crawl.

  4. That Rocket Power Wiki is hilarious

    My favorite homepage section is titled, “We Are Writers On A Mission.”

  5. Holy shit, I’d forgotten that there were so many cartoon ducks! Oh, and I feel compelled to correct Grimm on a minor point about duck genitalia: male ducks actually have extremely long and complicated penises, which evolved in response to the labyrinthine vaginas of female ducks, which in turn evolved in response to male ducks being relentless rapists. Kinda shines a terrifying new light on that scene from Howard the Duck, doesn’t it?

    1. Ah I’m loving this current thread of Brett pretending to be the host of Cape Crisis. Funniest stuff ever. Ironically, Henry was the one trying hardest to stay on the topic of ducks this episode. Normally he’s the first to divert.

  6. I still have a bunch of those gold-boxed Disney VHS tapes in the family basement! I still remember the theme song to the Donald Duck army cartoons. And Chris is right; no art form will ever be as timeless as Donald / Chip & Dale fight cartoons.

  7. Since I haven’t seen Chris’s youth psychoanalyzed yet, I think I’ll give it a go:

    The way I see it, Chris’s festooning of his penis was a power grab- probably spawned from the same region of his psyche that played in the band despite being poor at bass, and caused him to act out as a child, and an evolution of the region that caused him to bleach (if I recall correctly) his hair. As a youth, Chris probably felt a distinct lack of agency in his world, he wasn’t particularly wealthy, and probably had little influence to obtain indulgence. As a result, the part of his psyche that wanted these things acted out in an attempt to get some power- first it was non-conformity, an attempt to prove to himself that he wasn’t subject to the powers that he saw govern his life: parents, school, police, social values, etc. This manifested in skirts with the law and truancy, though my memory of past stories may be incorrect in this last regard. After this “desire to prove himself to himself against others”, which we shall call his ‘recalcitrance’ had established itself as a part of his primary personality, it widened, not only did he want to prove that he wasn’t subject to others, the recalcitrance wanted to prove that others were subject to him. Musical and artistic expression of the so called “punk” varieties are typical examples of this; it is music and art that is seen to have a notable effect on people that are seen as authorities. The aforementioned penile festoonment is a pristine example of this, he wanted to be able to affect whoever he wanted, however he wanted. When the girl mentioned in the story asked to see it, it was a disarmament of his recalcitrance. The point of the adornment and display was to establish agency over people, and fulfilling this girls request would display her agency over Chris, and thus he did not want to show her, as this is the opposite of what the recalcitrance was trying to establish. Chris’s level of timidity is not unexpected after such a request, as up until that point such a role-reversal probably hadn’t taken place, or at least not in Chris’s proximal history.

    That’s my take on it, anyone notice if I went wrong somewhere?

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