33 thoughts on “Laser Time – Green Apple Cheeseburger

  1. FINALLY!!! Someone remembered the contest! I was late for work throwing my entry together AND FOR WHAT!!! Fleeting halfhearted internet recognition is my only source of validation!!!

  2. man! i always wondered what the hell happened to scott butterworth.
    hm… random episode. i liked it.
    by the way where the hell is that axe body spray wiki you guys were talking about?
    was it the heavily edited wikipedia page for axe? *shrugs*

  3. Can we get a whole LaserTime on Sorkin shows/movies? There are a lot of good things there, and I’m still not sure how Henry feels about The Newsroom.

  4. Can Mike Grimm’s rave horn sound effect make it onto the soundboard?

    Once I got an Axe body soap in the mail for some reason. This particular one was a yellow concoction called “snake peel”. With some simple doctoring, I made it so the label read “snake pee!”, and convinced my roommate that it was actually urine from certain species of snake that was known for it’s natural cleansing powers, they just added micro-beads and a scent to the mixture. She bought it. About a month later the ink must have run off the bottle as it sat unused in the shower, and she came running out of the bathroom saying, “Nuh uh! it’s called snake peel you liar!”.

  5. I fucking remember Smart House. I liked it. Didn’t know Leela voiced the house.

    I love me some rambling Laser Time – just talk you beautiful motherfuckers.

  6. Love these aimless, talk-y episodes of LaserTime. Some of my favorites have been like this.

    That pano picture… Is that a holdover from Lose your Boner Wednesday, Chris? Anyone else remember that briefly lived feature on GamesRadar?

  7. You guys should wing it more often. Generally the rule seems to be that if you’re enjoying yourselves – we’re enjoying ourselves.

  8. Thanks as always for the podcasts.

    One topic thought that would work, Trailers. Discussing great, poor, misleading trailers for movies. Since a trailer is meant to encapsulate the premise of the movie and tends to use music to heighten the emotional response of the audience. There certainly would be numerous ones to talk about.

    Example: Sin City trailer, totally setup the movie style, characters with that great instrumental version of Cells which oddly enough was not in the movie though Transporter 2 took it. But that trailer was one where I watched it over and over dozens of times.

  9. I love these episodes without a specific topic. They are often the most fun ones. Post em whenever you feel like it (although I would also love an episode based around the community’s shame songs. That episode was my favorite one of 2013).

  10. This episode was pretty fun!

    And yes, I usually one of THOSE guys who get annoyed at some of the tangents that happen in CapeCrisis, but the difference here is that well, this whole episode was MEANT to be just talking about whatever. That’s fine, I never have a problem with that, the problem is when you DO have something you supposedly are going to talk about, but then gets rudely interrupted or sidetracked by a rant.

    Also, I guess it’s also the fact that when Chris and Henry are alone, they tend to go into the same annoying off topic themes.

    ANYWAY, speaking about off-topic rants, guess I just had one of my own 😛 Again though, good show!

  11. Love the use of MGS music in this episode, hope its because MG on the NES had to replace the Cigarette with the Electronic-Smoker.

    Maybe there will be an MGS VGM

  12. I know youse guys felt bad about this episode, but I love hearing you guys just riff and hang it. It’s often funnier and more fun than themed episodes.

  13. Does anyone have a link to the Bob Costas drawing contest? I’ve been googling it but can’t find anything, and it sounds amazing.

  14. “(Nicholas Cage), you’re not Johnny Depp.”

    Right; he’s much, much more enjoyable to watch than Johnny Depp, and much less pretentious too!

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