Cape Crisis #62 – Grant Morrison Rocked Our World


Henry and Chris converse about many things that involve comic books, including Batwoman, Infinity, money woes, and revelations about the Joker…


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Cape Crisis #62 Question: What revelation about your favorite comic would blow your mind?

13 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #62 – Grant Morrison Rocked Our World

  1. Great episode and your criticisms against Batwoman are pretty much the same as mine, given how more restrained the earlier issues were.

  2. dude… i saw the title of this and instantly thought. “did grant morrison die?”
    weird title to see, with it being past tense but i’m sure you have a good reason for choosing it.
    so i’ll just shut up and listen to the episode.

    1. chris…
      strapped for cash, but still want to read comics?
      read some comics online. web comics (if you must)
      seriously… here’s a link to a bunch of comics. –>
      all across the board in genre and content.
      some are good some are bad, it’s up to you to choose the ones you like.
      but they are there and they are still very much comics even though they’re online.

  3. When I first read the Killing Joke a bit over a year ago, I didn’t really take the time to indulge in it or dwell on its nuances, so needless to say, that revelation knocked my socks off.

    SPOILERS. My only question is this: would that ending not render stories in which Batman is aided by Oracle as non-canonical, seeing as Batman would refuse to continue fighting crime after that? My knowledge of Batman is far from comprehensive, but I do know that the Killing Joke is the mainline story in which Oracle sustains her initial crippling injury; if that’s the case, then wouldn’t Oracle and Batman be unable to coexist in the same timeline?

    1. Well technically when Alan Moore was writing it he totally intended it to be an elseworld book not to take place in the DC continuity.

  4. I’m not buying the whole ‘Batman kills the joker’ thing. There’s the Oracle continuity point thats already been made but also there’s Jim Gordons big speech about how he needs to be brought in by the book to show that they dont stoop to the jokers level. I just cant see Batman going against his good friends word after whats happened to him. Also the ending is great enough already, with Bats and Joker having a grounded conversation about their duality and the nature of their relationship, even sharing a laugh if only for a fleeting moment. That is the real Killing Joke

  5. Anyone else buy the Guardians of the Galaxy collection that is on sale on comixology through today? I’m pumped to get home and read it tonight!

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