Cape Crisis #64 – Your Move, Creep!


Henry and Chris gab about sports, Robocop, how important secret identities are, and Bradley Cooper…


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Cape Crisis #64 Question: Which characters secret ID is most essential to their narrative?

9 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #64 – Your Move, Creep!

  1. I like how, in the community section, Hank says “Aaron Paul as Flash” and “Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor” when, in both cases, they said “ANYONE BUT Aaron Paul/Bryan Cranston.” Their point was that they did want those people cast as those characters.

    Excellent reading skills A++

    1. Yeah, thanks for noticing that, too. I wrote the Bryan Cranston one and he completely missed the point.

      Oh welllllllllllll.

  2. Henry, you just now found out those guys from Scarlet Spider are a couple? The book’s been stating that pretty plainly since about the 4th issue.

    As for the QOTW, I guess I’ll have to second Spider-man and Daredevil, although Kid Loki sort of has a secret identity and if anybody found out who he really is, it would throw a wrench in his current plots and schemes.

    SPOILER: The consciousness that was Kid Loki is sort of dead and old Loki is now in Kid Loki’s body. Not really a secret identity, but everyone he knows is assuming he is a different version of himself.

  3. You guys are so right about movie trailers today. There definitely is a ‘lowest common denominator’ out there who wants to know EVERYTHING in the trailer. Long ago I had a summer job with a company that did movie marketing research. They would set us up outside movie theaters and video stores to show people upcoming trailers on a tiny screen (actually a Sony VHS Watchman haha). Then we’d give surveys about the trailers. One movie we previewed was Milk Money with Melanie Griffith. To me, the movie was totally given away in the trailer: setup, conflict, climax, and even the denouement. But I had several people say “That trailer told me NOTHING about this movie!!” That summer I realized two things. 1. Most moviegoers are very stupid and want to see bad movies, and 2. Studios care more about the quality of the trailer than the film. But I guess that makes sense because another movie we surveyed was Forrest Gump (my god I’m old) and from the early trailers I thought it looked terrible.

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