Cape Crisis #65 – Makeover Time!


Henry, Chris and Brett have a late night talk about infinities, Batwomen, redesigned spacemen, and we briefly touch on Cape Crisis’ fave subject, Newsroom…


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Cape Crisis #65 Question: What character would you hate to see get a Lobo-style makeover?

14 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #65 – Makeover Time!

  1. While we did lose a Mr Freeze recently, it wasn’t the 60s one, it was the 90s animated one: Michael Ansara.

    I do love that 60s series though, I can’t wait for it to be released in some form. The comic isn’t digital exclusive (DC releases print versions of all their digital stuff a few weeks later,) but it’s definitely better in digital – the way they use the digital format to alter panels slightly is great!

    While I’m here, I’ll ask a favour of the Cape Crisis audience. Over on my Tumblr ( I’ve issued myself a challenge – to draw one Marvel character, one DC character and one “other” character a day. I’m looking for requests! Have at thee!

    Great episode, Henry’s really been on point in the past few show’s hes been on. Makes me laugh pretty much every time. I still think Brett should chill out with knarking on Gilbert, leave my flower alone. 🙁

    miss that guy, so freaking glad he made an appearance.
    he was so wonderfully charlie, making things awkward and not knowing what to say into the mic.

    I’m okay with how Lobo looks now, i’ve never had much of an attachment to Lobo as a character, he was such a visual gag of a character and SO NINETIES!
    now he just fits with the rest of the 52 designs, weirdly sexy in a jim lee glasses sort of way.

    i DID love every second of it.
    good episode

    also… if henry is going to be out and about in japan for a while, I hope chris and brett will jump in for a few episodes just to keep us from going crazy from the silence. hehe

  4. Never cared much for Lobo but HOLY FUCK the new design is awful. Read the issue the other day and there’s a page where he’s sitting on a chair drinking some black martini thing looking like some Jersey Shore space hipster. I mean, wow DC have brought out some terrible New 52 redesigns (whats with all the lines) but this has got to be the worst. The writing isn’t particularly great either.


    Hearing him just made me think about the stories from his bachelor party and that beautiful Worst Video Game Characters Fight podcast. I forgot how much I missed that dude. Good to hear you again, Mr. Bearhat. Hope to hear more from that guy.

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