15 thoughts on “Laser Time – TV Sharty

  1. I LOVE James Spader and the woman from Damages so I hope Blacklist will be worthwhile. Unlikely but at least it has the actors that could make it fun.

  2. I don’t know if it’s mentioned in this episode or not (saving it for work), but I’m cautiously optimistic for the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show.

  3. I just wanted to take the opportunity to plug Cougar Town.

    Now, I’m going to preface this by saying that, up until Community came out, Scrubs was probably my favorite television comedy.

    This show is made by basically the same people, and has pretty much the same sense of humor.

    Don’t let the fact that it’s called Cougar Town turn you off from it. It’s basically an Artifact Title that doesn’t even apply to the show after the first 3 episodes or so. To the point that in the series Couch Gags they are constantly making fun of it.

    1. You’re right, Cougar Town is pretty good. They meant to do a show about a mature lady dating a cavalcade of young boytoys, and it ended up being a slightly cartoonish and cynical ‘Friends’ for middle age people (must be why I like it 🙂

  4. I might still have to check out the Dads show just for Martin Mull. I have always loved him so much. I was way to young to be watching such things, but he was so great as conservative pundit Barth Gimble on Fernwood 2Nite. I couldn’t have been onlder than 5 when I saw him sing ‘Anything you Can Do, I Can Do Better’ to a cardboard cutout of then-President Jimmy Carter. And I laughed my ass off. Genius I will never forget.

  5. Burn Notice: Awesome, awesome, awesome. So bummed it’s over, but the finale was a good wrap-up. Jeffrey Donovan and Bruce Campbell made great buddy team. The spycraft 101 narrations were always fascinating, telling you how to survive a gunfight, improvise explosives, flip a car in a chase, etc. Like a cooler, more violent MacGuyver.

    How I Met Your Mother is actually easygoing and fun. The formula again is a bit like Friends, except two of them are already married. The rapport between them all is pretty believable, and yes the in-jokes are sort of hard-earned laughs. It’s not the most sophisticated comedy out there, but it’s fairly entertaining and well-observed.

  6. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is the first broadcast show I am going to watch live since High School. And its fun so far. Still weird to watch something in real time.

  7. So glad Tyler brought up the SNL “What is Burn Notice?” skit while you guys were on the subject. That bit made me tear up with its send up of generic network marketing that plagues channels like USA.

    You guys also echoed my sentiments on How I Met Your Mother. It’s alright for a traditional sitcom and has some good running gags, but it’s not exceptionally smart like AD, as Dave pointed out. Among my circle of friends though, I often feel crucified for not thinking it’s the best thing on television.

  8. i thought shield was okay. very basic tho.
    i’m looking forward to bob’s burgers. i’ve been trying to get a job on that show for two seasons now (one of the 2 studios is here in atlanta) and i kinda’ like the mindy project. i think she’s kinda’ cute and her comedy is a little self deprecating so she doesn’t get too saccharine sweet.

  9. I liked Burn Notice, up until a point. After like they Season 6 or 7 or whatever they just lost my interest as it was the same old shit with no story pay off.

    Shield was disappointing but I did laugh a few times during the show. I just wished they would have done more than CSI Shield. I’m so f’n sick of cop shows.

    I’m watching Hell on Wheels on AMC and I’m not even into Westerns. Main character is such a BAMF though.

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