Vidjagame Apocalypse 34 – Is It Safe?


Grand Theft Auto has finally become so ingrained in mainstream culture that not only did GTA V break all sales records for all media ever (probably), but it took a torture scene to raise any real controversy this time around. So naturally, we’ve jumped on the lurid bandwagon with our top 5 disturbingly interactive torture scenes, more GTA chatter, a po-faced discussion about sexism in games by four straight white males, and your favorite GTA or GTA-alike missions.

Question of the Week

What’s your most interesting launch-line story?



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19 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 34 – Is It Safe?

  1. I think the fact that people have trouble visualizing fucked up female criminals is a perfect reason for rockstar to get on that right the fuck now. I want the next GTAV DLC to be about a team, or at least a duo of female criminals pulling ridiculous heists and generally being psychopaths.

  2. the only launch line I ever stood in was GTA 5, but it was particularly stressful because I was working at the time. thankfully I was out of there in 45 min and just called it a long lunch break.

  3. oh, and my least favorite thing about how good AC4 looks is getting to hear about how much everyone disliked AC3. Compared to brotherhood and revelations AC3 was so open and content rich, and it introduced more major mechanic changes than the AC1>AC2 transition. So many people are actually getting excited for Black Flag because of features they didn’t realize that AC3 added. -.-

  4. I really like seeing games with female protagonists, but GTA has become a relatively grounded series largely about organized crime, bank robbing, and (let’s be honest) mass murdering. Things that are overwhelmingly done by men. Now I know GTA has its goofy factors, but isn’t there something to be said for reality, here? Is it sexist to use real world facts as a basis to creating your characters? Honestly, I’m done with the complaints of persecution-seeking healthy young first world people. Rockstar creates one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time, and THIS is what dominates the conversation?

  5. Skyrim was the only launch line I’ve been in. The game store was inside a mall-style building on the ground floor close to the entrance. I was close to the front while the second half of the line went outside into the extremely heavy rain. Being the nerdiest to get there early clearly helped that day.

  6. QOTW: I don’t have any launch-line stories because waiting in line for something non-essential is for chumps. Specially when it can be so easily avoided either by buying or pre-ordering it online or simply waiting a few days usually.

    Also, regarding the top 5, while the torture scene in MGS 1 is certainly more memorable, I’d say the one MGS3: Snake eater is far more brutal, cruel, uncomfortable and effective. You are in a dinky, filthy chamber, and the guy before you has been tortured to the point he peed all over and then is murdered, and then it’s your turn… And you are bloodied and super injured already, and then you get shocked with cables. It’s dirty, it’s messy, and it’s a far more effective scene overall.

    Once again, loving these breaks! I specially love how easily you guys are able to come up with new ideas and crazy shit to put there, like tat rabbit who thinks he’s pikachu XD

    Lastly, kudos for bringing up Skyler as a good example of a well done female character. She has been shown to be every bit as complex and smart as Walter has been in the show, and the amount of hate she’s gotten is kinda baffling. Specially because it shows a severe lack of empathy from the public in general to her situation. In a real life situation she would be more than justified to act the way she acts, but oh, she’s a torn in our beloved psychopath protagonist? WHAT A FUCKING BITCH *eyerolls*

  7. I missed the Wii launch, but the Walmart in my town got so many calls asking when they would get more Wiis, that they ended up doing a launch line setup for their second shipment. Unfortunately, that second shipment came on the morning that I had chemistry and biology tests. Any pre-med student would tell you that back to back science tests are bad enough, but now I’ll miss my second shot at a Wii?! No, I will not. I got to Walmart around 10 pm with my folding chair, backpack, and chemistry notes. I studied a little, slept a little, and tried my hardest to ignore the kid ahead of me who KEPT talking. At about 7:30, my dad came and relieved me so that I could take my first test, and a family friend showed up at 8:30 to actually make the purchase. I then spent all day studying biology, getting an A and a B and a Wii! Hindsight being 20/20, I should’ve never bought a Wii at all, but Nintendo for life.

  8. I waited in line to get a PSP while I was in college at the University of Texas in Austin. When I had gone in to pre-order the PSP, Robert Rodriguez (the director) had his assistant call to reserve a couple. While waiting in line on a cool March night, I met devs from NCSoft. There were about 12-15 people there, but it took me 2 hours to get my PSP since they were only letting one person into the store at a time. Afterwards, I went to the library to study with my then-girlfriend, who didn’t care.

  9. QOTW: I have many interesting line stories but i think I’ll give one of the most recent ones. One day around 2pm-ish I was standing in a long line waiting for sandwiches when an unannounced fire drill was announced for the whole campus and we all had to stop what we were doing and meet at the designated area in front of the library. While passing by the dorms, starving because i didn’t get my sandwich i saw a guy running out of the dorm clutching 3 bottles of Jergens lotion and 4 more in his pockets (1 for each pocket). As you can guess masterbation jokes occupied the conversation until the drill was over. I didn’t get my sandwich because i had to go to class right after.

  10. I was the first one to show up at the store for the Wii, prepared to sit outside for 10 hours on a freezing November night in Cleveland. Well, as there wasn’t yet a line, I just slept in my car in a cocoonish fashion to stay warm. In the middle of the night a cop started knocking on my car window with a flashlight and scared the shit out of me. He questioned what I was doing parked out there and I explained about the Wii to this clueless man. He didn’t believe me and insisted that it had already happened a week ago, clearly confusing it with the PS3 launch that I remember having some violence surrounding it. After calling in a query to the station that was met with some audible shrugs, finally someone responded convincingly and the officer left me to my miserable existence. I woke up some hours later finding myself third in line.

  11. QOTW: I was fortunate enough for the release of the PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii to all work in the electronic departments of retail stores during high school/college that I never waited in line to get one, I just held one back for myself.

    Yes–I’m that asshole, sorry to those who waited in the freezing cold.

    That said, I did see a guy bring donuts for everyone who waited in line at some of these, and that was pretty cool.

    I’d like to quickly add, the reason the auction house works in something like World of Warcraft over Diablo 3’s is that in WoW’s auction house, the best gear in the game is ONLY obtainable by actually playing the game and getting loot from boss/monster drops. Unlike Diablo 3, where you could just buy the best gear off the auction house.

  12. I think it’s a little unfair that men are always labeled as the bad guys in these debates and no one ever points out that you also kill men by the hundreds in most these games which kind of devalues the male life. I feel it’s also wrong to vilify something for being mostly targeted to men when plenty of things are targeted to various, genders, sexes, and ethnic groups. To each his/her own and if you don’t like something don’t partake is all I’m saying. I think that’s a fair and honest stance with no hatred towards anyone, I’m just speaking my honest opinion with no ill will at all.

  13. QOTW: Well GTA V was my first midnight launch. The woman working at my local EB Games(Canada) said that the line would start getting really busy in the next couple hours(it was 12:30). So I came back at 5 and there was still only the same group of five rednecks that I saw earlier. I sat there in line with these rednecks with their confederate flag patched leather jackets while they were generally loud and obnoxious. At some point, one of the rednecks got bored and went to the back of his shitty car with a big ol’ fuck Obama bumper sticker and was showing his friends a huge knife he pulled out of his trunk.

  14. QOTW: only launch line I ever stood in was for the PS2. Woke up early on launch day, drove to three best buys, a target, a circuit city (RIP), passing each one by because either the lines were too long or employees or other random people in the parking lots told me they had handed out tickets already. i finally made it to a fourth best buy about 15 miles from my house in chicago where i overcame my crippling fear of standing in line for more than 10 minutes, struck up some conversations with the middle aged folks around me hoping to surprise their kids, and when the tickets were being handed out the final ticket came to me. the employees took my picture (for what i don’t know becaue i never saw it in that best buy after this), and i drove home happy, but the working class guilt in me took over soon after as i had spent a week’s wages for a console on which i’d only be playing madden and smuggler’s run for months until ssx came out. (yeah i know, i like sports. i’m an asshole.)

  15. Holy hell did this feel like an episode of Talkradar. Please have more of these because it was great! As for the question of the week, I buy all of my consoles a year later and I haven’t been in a midnight launch since Halo 2 when I was in my junior year of high school.

    Hate to be boring, this comment was more about the compliment than the QotW after all lol

  16. Can’t answer this week’s question, but I though I’d let you know that it says that the podcast is only 3 seconds long on iTunes. You may wanna look into it.

  17. Cut down on those donation raccoon ads and give me more of the Pikachu. Also good job guys love listening to your opinions don’t stop the podcast.
    QOTW: I guess Halo 3, I don’t really have a good story, went to the now dead Gamecrazy they ran out of Halo shirts so i got a gamecrazy shirt and 5 gum. Talked to some friends then went home played good time.

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