Cape Crisis #66 – No Thanks to Hanks


In the spirit of DC’s month of villains, the show compromised by evil in Henry’s absence. Battle of the Atom, Spidey 2099, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and because we’re exclusively about comic books, The Princess Bride and NFL highlights!


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Cape Crisis #66 Question: What did you think of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D?!

15 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #66 – No Thanks to Hanks

    1. I haven’t listened to the episode yet but the Cape Crisis QOTW haven’t been as big apart of the show like in past in recent episodes (on and off).

      Regardless, looking forward to it. I’ve got a number of walking errands today so good time as ever for podcasts.

    2. DAMMIT I saw that and was like, “oh I gotta mention this” but must’ve got caught in a tangent or scrolled down or something. I do want the QOTW to have meaning, sorry for missing that, man.

  1. I’m really curious to know what Henry’s reaction will be when he hears the jokes done at his expense in this podcast…

    Very enjoyable podcast! Having Grimm on is always nice! I’m definitely looking forward to see a commentary about agents of SHIELD from you guys, specially because you barely talked about it in this episode 😛

    1. Grimm can be entertaining, or he can be tiresome, depending on how cynical he’s being.

      This show drove me to watch Princess Bride last night. Such good stuff.

      1. Eh, I find him entertaining most of the time really, and I know better than to get annoyed when he’s being contrarian. And regarding that kind of attitude, I find Tyler more annoying with his hipsterisms, fake or not, than Grimm with his cynisims XD

        And yeah, can’t get enough princess Bride, that movie is fantastic 😀

  2. Could we possibly get more DC/Non-Marvel talk? There’s plenty of good DC books ongoing right now and we’ve heard barely anything about them from you guys!

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