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  1. Interesting topic for the episode. My wife and I have talked about moving to the west coast (SF, Seattle, or Portland). Like Chris pointed out, the cost of living is cheap, so we live well here, but traveling to the coast for job hunting/moving sounds brutally expensive. She and I just don’t feel like we fit in here in Indianapolis. When my co-workers found out we went to the city’s small gay pride and drag queen show, the rumors about me being secretly gay were spread INSTANTLY. Fucking ridiculous.

      1. Was it really necessary to jump straight to an insult? Used to do that a lot myself in the past, and I’ve stopped now because it’s a frankly, pretty immature, douchy thing to do, even if the person you’re insulting is flat out wrong…

    1. Actually, it wasn’t for the vast majority of the podcast, and I say this as someone who gets very annoyed when they go into full liberal douchebag mode.

        1. *Shrugs* I mean, they ARE all liberal, but what I meant is that they at least weren’t going super-Political and bashing people that think differently than them as they’ve done in the past.

  2. I’ve only gotten a demo of how bad the hobos are from the few times I’ve visited. But most of that sounds correct. I would say move to a city NEAR san fran or something so the cities negatives aren’t constantly around you but you can still visit easily.

  3. The aggressive panhandlers in Denver/Boulder have forced me to adapt. I now do not carry cash, EVER, and that is my answer to all of them. Result is, I do not feel like an asshole and my debit card usually wears out before it expires. I kind of recommend it to city dwellers.

    1. I’ve had to do the same thing, and the few times that I actually have cash it’s for a specific purpose, so I don’t feel bad not giving it away.

  4. RE: Panhandlers, SF sounds just like any other city, so if you can adapt to one, you can probably adapt pretty quickly to all.

    That said, I would rather be homeless in SF than die here in Richmond, VA.

  5. Heh, a pretty fun episode, I gotta say!

    Though I love how Chris was in the Second half “Hey! Let’s give you people that live in podunk towns reasons to move up here!” And then the conversation consists of mainly talking about how bad the panhandler infestation in the city is XD

  6. I just watched the trailer for “The Institute” and read up on it. Looks very interesting and unsettling. Thanks for mentioning it, I had never heard of it.

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