30 thoughts on “Laser Time – Let’s Scare Kids!

  1. I found one of my scary stories to tell in the dark books last year. I’m 19 years old and some of those pictures still freaked me out.

  2. Book Fairs still exist.
    “Latchkey kid” is still a term.
    Kids still watch adult programming.
    People still go outside.
    Landlines aren’t extinct.
    Your childhoods aren’t as special as you think they are.

    1. Man, I really appreciate the effort you went to just to say something snide. What’s the matter, honey? You need a break from us? It’s okay, we’ll be here for you when you’re feeling better *HEART*

  3. Holy shit guys I can’t understate how much I look forward to this show now, I must have refreshed the Laser Time main page 10 times today looking for it, it’s just like Tdar levels of fandom all over again (which means I guess its fanart time)

    Please never stop (or at least keep going for a reasonable amount of time) with this show I’ve never listened to one where I haven’t laughed, learned something and genuinely enjoyed the ever living fuck out of this cast

  4. Scary Stories… books are still a fun read. between the story, the insane art and the audio books (where you get not only creepy sound effects, music and a narrator that sounded like he ate children), it was almost too intense for a kid.

    but I got beef with the new editions. they removed amazing illustrations and replaced them with generic child friendly garbage. I’ll never spend the money to find out but I’ll bet they removed a lot of the written material as well.

    but this is probably all covered in LT this week.

  5. I loved the Scary Stories books, especially the art! It was weird to so enjoy something I was also afraid of; I re-read many of the stories often, but I always avoided looking at the eyeless woman (forget her story, I’m sure other ppl know)

  6. speaking of the choose you own adventure books there is a tumblr that is just scans of all the weird and horrible deaths called you chose wrong, you’ll love that shit

  7. I remember thinking ‘Lady in White’ was a good scary movie when I was younger. Watched it more recently with my wife and she laughed. Still kind of scared me though….

  8. I feel like this might have been a missed opportunity to dive into ernest scared stupid. Maybe Ernest movies need their own episode. I went to see that movie with my next door neighbor. It was a parents arranged play date. I thought it was just actually stupid but it gave the neighbor nightmares. You could here him screaming throughout the night and he started to take milk to bed with him. (It’s how they killed the trolls in the movie).
    I’m 31 years old and I remember being ” too cool” for goosebumps , are you afraid of the dark and animorphs. On the other hand I was terrified of nes castlevania. I literally was hospitalized the night I got castlevania from eating a tainted can of Campbell’s wonton soup.

    Any way this episode stirred up some memories for me. Thanks~~~~

  9. My daughter is 3 and will be (most likely) coming to the Toronto Zombie Walk with my wife and I this year. I’m starting to think that what was once scary to my generation (ghosts, zombies, etc) won’t be for my daughter’s. She isn’t phased by heavy (or death) metal, thinks zombies are funny and generally embraces all horror culture without a clue of whats supposed to be scary.

    Then again, she hasn’t come to the realization of why all the guys are “covered in jam”.

    And by the way, excellent show, Scary Stories were great and Goosebumps really were terrible (except that theme song)

    1. +1 for being the responsible dad and desensitizing your daughter to zombies at the young age of three so by the time the apocalypse finally dawns upon us she is fully mentally prepared to remove zombie threats with extreme prejudice.

  10. Oh, great! I haven’t looked at the Scary Stories art since I was a teenager. Turns out it was for a valid reason. Now, as a 32-year-old man, I’m going to get freaked out walking up the stairs in my own fucking house. Thanks a lot for posting that picture, Laser Time. The flood of memories is going to break my brain.

  11. When I was around 7 or so, I remember the first time I saw the Stay Puft Marshmallow man walking through the city, and it freaked me the fuck out.

  12. My dad told me one time that He got scared watching a Scooby Doo episode with the laughing space skeleton/ghost. You can see it in the opening credits. And not sure If I got this ino from you guys during the talk radar days, or maybe I just found out myself, but Hayden Christensen is actually in one of the episodes of Goosebumps.

  13. Not super scary, but since they did talk about less scary nostalgia, I do have many fond memories of the Disney movie Halloween town. It is probably terrible, but I remember it well.

  14. I do think that though 99% of Goosebumps is garbage…there is a forgotten 1% that is actually really good. “Be Careful What You Wish For” is pretty excellent Goosebumps book that actually has a real message and a scary ending. When the protagonist doesn’t learn the lesson she should learn through the message of the story…well, she pays for it. It’s actually good.

    Also, the “Give Yourself Goosebumps” series did carry on the good Choose Your Own Adventure tradition of killing or putting-in-permanent-peril the main character, and the fact that that was “you” always got to me good.

    But, yeah, in general, Goosebumps tends to just be a bunch of bad puns.

    Likewise, “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”‘s tendency to always have a “good” ending undermined its supposed ghost-story motif. This is why the episode, “The Tale of the Chameleons” stands out amid the series. Trust me when I say this one is worth a watch.

    Thanks for the show!

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