Vidjagame Apocalypse 37 – The Pokéclypse


This week, Mikel and the rest of the regular VGA crew take a breather, giving special guests Henry Gilbert, Carolyn Gudmundson and Brett Elston exactly the opening they need to stage an impromptu reunion of their old Pokémon Monday podcast and chat at length about Pokémon X/Y, before turning the conversation to the very important matter of Pokémon in general.

Question of the Week

Out of all the Pokémon that have appeared on the series’ covers, which is y’all’s favorite?



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30 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 37 – The Pokéclypse

  1. I have an attachment to Scarizard. I’m not sure how they got the license from Disney, but it’s really cool that they got Jeremy Irons to reprise the role. runner up would have to be Coffee, he’s delicious in the morning.

  2. I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! Totally gonna listen to this in one sitting….after I play some more pokemon. Or maybe I can do both and stay in a state of complete bliss.

    I’m gonna go with the fire red cover. Charizard is cool and all but just how it looks was awesome and i love the art style for that game.

  3. Venusaur from Leafgreen. Sure, it should be Blastoise since Blue Version was my first adventure into the series….but having chosen Bulbasaur every time he/she was available as a Starter (and still having one by my side as a keychain for the past 15+ years), the plant/dinosaur family is literally and figuratively #001 in my heart.

  4. Rayquaza from Pokemon Emerald. I still think it’s the most coolest Pokemon design ever and I freaked the fuck out when he was a boss in the Super Smash Brothers:Brawl Story mode!

  5. I’d say Ho-Oh is my favorite, simply because HeartGold is my favorite pokemon game.

    However, I’d also consider Rayquaza because Pokemon Emerald came out while I was in elementary school and some kid insisted that its name was pronounced Rayquayzay.

  6. Yay a poke-sode
    Just regulars i’d say charizard I love its color scheme and design also its my favorite type of pokemon, fire finally it can learn good moves to help it in combat such as dragon breath or claw in case it fights a dragon and its mega form Y ability (drought) rebalances the scale when fighting a water type. In terms of legendaries its a draw between Ho-oh and Groudon, Groudon just looks cooler with black lines on red surface also it can learn solar beam which combines with drought to eliminate the charge turn. But Ho-oh has one of my favorite moves sacred fire which has 100 power and extremely high chance to burn the target and seems to have a greater auro of history around him.

  7. Suicune, no question. It always pegged me as the calm, collected type of Legendary Pokemon, even in Gold and Silver, before it became a cover Pokemon. When it eventually did, it was almost like Nintendo *agreed* with me in thinking he was the coolest. After all, why would they make him the star if that wasn’t the case. Keep in mind, I was seven years old. I appreciate his slick design and decent movepool nowadays.

  8. For the record, I fucking DESPISE Mega Evolutions.

    My favorite thing in Pokemon is collecting every Pokemon. And one of my favorite things in Pokemon sequels is when older Pokemon have a new evolution introduced.

    Mega Evolutions basically give all this Pokemon amazing new forms, and then completely takes any collectibility out of them.

    The Pokedex doesn’t recognize that they exist. I can’t put a Mega Evolution in it’s proper space in my PC. And since the Pokemon Bank isn’t going to allow Items, it means you won’t even be able to transfer these Mega Evolutions to future games because none of these Mega Stones are going to be transferrable.

    I would have much preferred that these just be another level of evolution that I could evolve my Pokemon to, register in the Pokedex, and add to my permanent collection

  9. Is the regular cast even gonna bother reading these answers or just go back to the GTAO question. Grimm, our hope is in you. Read the Pokemon answers.

    My favorite might be Yveltal, though I haven’t caught it yet. I just really like the design. Honorable mentions to Giratina, Rayquaza, Suicune, and Charizard.

    1. Tangentially, you guys should check the forum for the Pokemon friend code thread. Apparently will be helpful to have more PokeFriends post-game.

  10. Woo Pokemon episode! Super psyched about this, can’t wait to give ‘er a listen.

    QOTW – Hmm… I suppose Lugia. Despite playing every Pokemon, some of my strongest memories are with Silver and playing that every day before class with a friend of mine. Plus, Lugia looks cool, he’s enormous, and has giant finger-wings. That’s kinda cool.

  11. I’m not a Pokemon guy. Is there anything in this podcast for me, or should I just pass on this week’s episode?

    Nothing against Pokemon. It’s just not for me.

    1. I’ve never played any Pokemon, and this episode didn’t convince me there was any good reason to start now. The improvments they made to the new game sound like things that should have been there a long long time ago, and they’ve had plenty of games and years to implement them. I hear there’s 3D in some of the game, but not all of it. That reminds me of the Yakuza games having some voiced cut scenes, some with everything written out, and several different quality types of cut scene. Japan just doesn’t seem to know how to put togther seamless games any more, and some people like that. Pokemon seems to be the biggest holdout in really improving their games, and moving into the 21st century, at least in the view of someone not playing them.

      It’s nice to hear people being into a franchise, but this episode hardly had anything I cared about hearing.

      1. So the fact that they’ve fixed a bunch of problems with the game isn’t a reason to play it because they didn’t fix them sooner?

        Don’t follow that logic.

        Also, 3D sucks anyway.

  12. QOTW: I have to pick Rayquaza, but for a slightly different reason. I know the Hoen legendaries are called the weather trio, but I call them the Biblical Trio. That is because Groudon is based on the Behemoth, Kyogre is based on the Leviathan, and Rayquaza is based on Ziz. First of all, Biblical Trio is an awesome name. Secondly, in the Bible, Ziz appears as the Master of the Skies, ruler of all birds. Lastly, all three of those beasts are said to be feasted upon when the Messiah comes. As the last food I would ever eat, you could do a lot worse than roasted Rayquaza.

  13. Just wanted to say thanks. Pokemon Monday was how I found you guys, and I’ve been a listener ever since. Somewhere I have a Snorlax that Carolyn traded during one of the Games Radar 24 Hour Marathons, and it’s awesome.

  14. I loved the episode but It makes me sad that there isn’t a Pokemon Monday anymore, and even more sad that Carolyn won’t be on more podcasts.

  15. I’m really surprised that I’m one of the few people here that liked the Lugia cover best. Especially the soulsilver one. It’s composition is very aesthetically pleasing. Plus In the gold and silver covers in general, it actually looked like a freeze frame of a moving pokemon where now a lot of times it looks like they just stick the main piece of concept art like a sticker on a glowing background. HH and SS had an awesome Japanese Ukiyo-e style backgrounds. I also really like the X cover because although it kind of looks like they just stuck that picture of Xerneas’s main pic there, the X in the background with the forest look gives it the natural habitat sort of vibe. And the X looks slick too. I’m glad at least one of my podcasts takes pokemon a little more seriously! Thanks guys.

  16. Heh, I’m amused that the features you guys shrugged off as non-essential or whatever are turning out to be the most important, whereas things like mega-evolutions and horde and sky battles barely really matter.

    Wonder-trade? actually pretty great!, super quick and easy to use, great way to get several different pokemons early on, even if most are obviously expendable pokemon. And also since this game has poke-miles (points you get with each trade) which you can redeem for a lot of useful items. For example, getting Ultra balls is super easy and cheap, and saves a ton of buck because you can trade so easily via wonder trade.

    O-powers? very damn useful as well, specially ones like money prize and capture power, which lets you get even more money from battles, and increase your chances of capturing pokemon, respectively.

    My favorite new feature though, has to be the super training. That thing is fun, and an excellent way to completely control your pokemon’s EV growth quickly and easily. Want your pokemon’s EV values to be focused solely on speed and attack from level 1? you can do so right away thanks to Super training!

    Overall, I’m having a blast with the game so far, yes, they made a lot of things way easier, but honestly that’s for the best, as the grinding can get super tiresome.

    QOTW: I’m gonna go with Yveltal, I loved his design right from the get go. He looks super baddass and honestly the idea of him being Y shaped and having claws at the end of each wing is rather original and neat.

    1. Totally with you on the Super Training.

      Between that and Pokemon Amie, every time I decide to make a Pokemon a permanent member of my team, I just spend an hour playing crappy mini-games, and the Pokemon has maxed out EVs, gets extra crits, shrugs off status effects, gets a 30% xp boost.

      It’s awesome. And it really differentiates between the Pokemon I actually care about, and the ones that will spend eternity in a box.

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