Cape Crisis #68 – New York, New York


This week it’s Chris who just got back from a big trip. He was there at New York Comic Con, and we talk about his haul, his Broadway adventures, as well as Brett’s love of riding ghosts and Henry can’t shut up about Spidey (as usual)…


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Cape Crisis #68 Question: Lightning round! Marvel TV series!!!

8 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #68 – New York, New York

  1. Jeff Lemire is still on Animal Man, it’s just that no one talks about it anymore, still good though. Also, good episode.

  2. Off the top of my head


    Captain Marvel (though it would require expensive effects, maybe as a special to tie in with GOTG)

    Wasp (or at least wok her into agents of shield)

    A spinoff of Agents that contains relatively unknow or original heroes who form their own incarnation of the Avengers. Maybe led by Luke Cage.

  3. fast!

    some X-Men team
    I second Iron Fist
    Hawkeye. use the Fraction comics as storyboards
    and fuck it, I second R rated Punisher show on Netflix

  4. maybe if you guys talked about comics and didnt make fun of your listeners for telling you to stay on topic, I would donate money to you guys. I could click on the amazon link ….but na, ill just open a new tab.

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