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In honor of Laser Time’s 100th episode we enter into a highly self indulgent, bare-knuckled debate on which season of The Simpsons is the grandest of them all. Cast your vote!


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75 thoughts on “Laser Time – Simpsons Reference

  1. anything between season 2-8 is totally completely absolutely un-fucking-questionably perfect.
    but if I had to have a favourite… season 3

    1. I agree with season 3 being my favorite. It strikes the perfect balance of Season 2’s grounded plots and genuine emotion coupled with more cinematic animation, references and oddball gags that would come to dominate later seasons. But, yeah, it’s hard to argue against any Simpsons’ season 2-8. The greatest 6 seasons of televsion ever created.

  2. and now that I’ve actually listened to the episode, let me assure you that it was 2 hrs VERY well spent. if this is self indulgent, then please, keep indulging. you managed to get 2 hrs of quality Simpsons references and all without the strength of Troy McClure movie titles. the Simpsons has snuck it’s way into every fibre of my being, and I’m sure there isn’t a day that goes by in my life without a “possibli” or “TRIANGLE!”.

    seriously, this podcast is a joy to listen to every week. congratulations in making it this far. you built this thing from nothing, and look atcha now.

  3. Was never a Simpsons guy. I might have watched an episode here or there but I was too young to get the jokes. I probably only laughed when Homer was choking Bart, idk. My friends though, they reference the show all the time. Same with the people I talk with on blogs i frequent. “Mike Scioscias Tragic Illness” and the simpsons gifs come up constantly. I feel left out. I listen to this though and it all sounds hilarious. Iv tried to convince them to listen to your podcast, but they never seem up to it. Maybe this episode will convince them 🙂

      1. Of course. I just do different things. I’m probably more likely to watch family guy or bobs burgers, and watch Simpsons in the process. And everybody’s always saying the new seasons aren’t great. But yeah i’ll watch ’em.

  4. Grimm wins, but Brett and Dave made strong cases for their seasons.

    But man, my personal favorite is season 7. Bart Sells His Soul, Radioactive Man, Mother Simpson, The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular, Marge Be Not Proud, Mother Simpson, 22 Short Stories About Springfield, Flying Hellfish, Homerpalooza, and Summer of 4 ft. 2 are all incredible.

  5. “100th episode’s coming up…I’ve got nothin'”, Chris said. He couldn’t have been more wrong. 100 episodes have passed in what has felt like no time at all, and what a ride it has been. I’ve been a fan ever since I heard the phrase “it tastes like a mummy vomiting grapes in my mouth” way back in the early days of Tdar, and I couldn’t be more proud or happy for you guys. Congratulations on this amazing landmark. I wish you guys nothing but the best of successes in the future, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the next 100 episodes. In the words of Tak Fuji, “lub u guys”.

    Oh, and season 4 is the best. Is this actually up for debate?

  6. 99 episodes littered with Simpsons references? 100th episode’s topic was a no brainer.

    And what a great series it’s been… Laser Time! Keeping the old TalkRadar flame alive, it’s gone further in creating a whole network of great podcasts with their own identity. The amount of free content is one thing but to also have it on the whole top notch is an achievement.

    You guys (and occasional girls) are great, love the podcast and network…

    …also if you keep going, I’ll slowly have a little more to add to the Wikipedia page.

    1. Also want to add: great episode to. Personally I’m going with season 5 with Homer Goes to College, Cape Feare, Rosebud (Bobo), Deep Space Homer… you get the idea.

      Also Grimm, you’re awesome but as a side though, I can’t speak for mainland Europe but the UK really goes in for super spicy hot food. Terrible Simpsons ad still.

  7. This was a great episode guys, and I can’t wait to keep listening to this amazing family of podcast. I’ve been a fan since Talk Radar 42 and I don’t plan to stop being a one.

  8. A sincere and heartfelt congratulations to Chris and the Laser Time crew. Seriously, this podcast is a gift week after week and the fact that you have been providing us nerds with hours of quality (free!) content since 2008 never ceases to amaze me. I’ve been listening to your shows since I was 13 years old and I know I speak for many others when I say they have shaped the way I see everything, not just pop culture (you guys get deep sometimes). The amount of useless facts about random shit from the 80’s and 90’s that now fill my mind thanks to Talkradar and the Laser Time network actually worries me at times, but the joy I get from refreshing the LT homepage and seeing a new episode with an absurd cover image is fucking priceless. I really hope you guys know how much Laser Time means to so many of us, and that this podcast makes it to another 100 episodes and beyond .
    some english kid

  9. At first, I didn’t want to agree with Grim cause of how cocky he was…

    But god dammit, season 8 was tremendously good.

  10. Wow I’ve never looked more insane than this episode while sitting down in a restaurant to eat. I was almost in tears laughing loudly, getting the most odd looks.

  11. This is the most perfect topic for Laser Time’s 100th episode. Happy 100 guys! Its been a worthy follow-up to the TalkRadar days and I’m glad every week that I’ve stuck around and been here for all 100 LT’s and all the various sister shows. Keep up the good work everyone, its much appreciated. Here’s to another hundred.

  12. This LaserTime is one of the best. Right up there with Shame Songs. Indulge all you want. You’ve ruined my productivity and made me look like an laughing moron in front of my coworkers and I could not be happier about it. Thank you so much for this and the LaserTime network in general.

  13. I watched the first few seasons before our Fox affiliate went away, and I didn’t get to watch it again until season 7, which was when syndication started. Season 7 didn’t have any bad episodes, and it was the first season I had seen the orignal run of, then saw the syndicated versions that had stuff cut that I remembered from the original run. Season 8 had mostly terrific episodes, with a few, like the Homer they Fall, the Old Man and the Lisa, and especially the Secret War of Lisa Simpson, that I hated and showed what the show was going to become in the ninth season, after which I only watched a few more seasons before giving up.

  14. Season 5 has the two best single episodes (Deep Space Homer and Cape Feare) but for overall Season I’d have to go with 6.

  15. Congratulations on your hilarious 100th episode. Never realised how impacted i was by the simpsons, i could remember every reference and episode that you mentioned clear as day.

  16. Brilliant way to celebrate episode 100 guys, hope you keep the Simpsons references coming for a 100 more! And Im gonna go with Season 6, Homer the Great, Lemon of Troy, Who Shot Mr Burns and the best Treehouse of Horror episode make the choice easy

  17. As a 20-year-old born in 1993, I know next to nothing about Simpsons. With that said, I still enjoyed this episode, and am now scouring the Internet for ways to stream full episodes that aren’t on Hulu.

  18. As a 19 year old born in 1993 I think I watched The Simpsons everyday for the first decade and a half of my life, and to you guys on a podcast sine tenth grade. Great episode guys, love the show.

  19. Thanks for the kind comments guys, super stoked to have such a loyal group of listeners who appreciate (and encourage!) our self-indulgent tangents. <3

    1. To answer your question about how Australia feels regarding it’s infatuation than total abandonment by America. I think it’s pretty hilarious. Self degrading humour is often the funniest.

  20. The Simpsons started the year I was born. My best friend and I started hanging out because of our mutual love of the show. A day rarely goes by where I don’t make or think of a Simpsons quote. I doubt any show (or movie or game or what have you) has had more influence on my personality and worldview. I’ve been waiting for you guys to do a show like this ever since you started pointing out how long into an episode before someone quotes The Simpsons, and I couldn’t stop fucking laughing throughout the whole thing. It really drove home how embedded the show is in my brain, since I could see in my mind’s eye every scene that was quoted. Making me choose the best season is ridiculously hard. Chris, Brett, and Dave all presented compelling arguments, but I’ve gotta side with Grimm on this one. Hank Scorpio is my personal hero.
    Happy 100 episodes, Laser Time crew. You’ve gotten through a lot of rough and boring times, and I can’t thank you enough.

  21. Simpsons episode and no mention of “Chowdare? Chowdare?, its pronounced Chowder!!” possibly funniest line ever for me

  22. Congrats on the 100th episode guys! Absolutely loved this episode and can’t tell how much I appreciate the time and effort you guys put into the podcast. Here’s to a hundred more!

  23. I was born in 1991 but being from the UK I have seen all of the older episodes of the Simpsons because BBC every weekday had that at 6, then fresh prince at 6.30 followed by an hour of Star Trek: TNG at 7. That was basically my childhood and most people I grew up associate with it too. Recently Channel 4 got the rights and they would only show old episodes on Sundays but that is what made me make a friend on the teaching course I did at university because we would watch them every Sunday and make references before the lectures on Monday.

    Personally I think Season 5 is the best because that is when it got the most self referential and fourth wall breaking (just look at Homer loves Flanders for the best example of this). It also has some of the best episodes period such as Homer Goes to College, Cape Feare, Rosebud (Bobo), Deep Space Homer which others have already mentioned but they bare repeating because of how great they are.

    I have been a fan of you guys from Talkradar 1 and I sincerely thank you for the hours of entertainment you have given me over the years. You guys were always there through the good and bad times of my life and I don’t think I can thank you enough for taking your spare time to record podcasts. I’m living in Japan at the moment teaching English and I can’t emphasis enough how much having the podcasts on the Lasertime network to listen to has helped me get through boring train rides and days where my lessons could of went better.

    I have went on a bit (I know TLDR) but thank you Chris (sorry about my username), Brett, Henry (@hEnergyE), Mike Grimm (I’m from Northern Ireland so good to hear your stories about Ireland), Mikel, Tyler, Anne, Dave, Carolyn, Charlie and anyone I have forgotten who have ever been a part of any lasertime podcast.

  24. Damn that’s a hard one. Season 2 is a no-no, because anything before season 3 is (let’s be honest here) pretty mediocre compared to the golden years episodes. Season 8 has some of my favorite episodes ever like “You Only Move Twice”, “The Springfield Files” and “Brother From Another Series” and Season 5 has “Deep Space Homer”, “Cape Feare” and fucking CHOWDAH.

    But having looked over the episode lists on Wikipedia (I’m a huge fan of the series, but not big enough to have the seasons memorized) I’d have to go with Season 6. The Stonecutters? Lemon Tree? Itchy and Scratchy Land? Trying to open the door but there’s too much blood on the knob? I’M GONNA TAKE THIS ALL THE WAY TO THE PRIME MINISTAH!

    It’s a very close call but damn, what a great season.


    Nothing is perfect, and this show has had it’s ups and downs like everything else, but even when I don’t exactly like what you guys are saying, I’ve never missed a single episode, and it’s always entertaining.

    So cheesy as it could sound, thank you guys, Chris, Brett, Henry, Michael, Mikel, Dave, Diana, Anne for giving your own time to entertain us with whatever you guys can find. Even when I bitch about the show here, I do it because I love you guys <3


    My experience with The Simpsons is kinda different than it seems to be for you guys. As someone that grew in Mexico, and while the show was already well underway, I'm someone that didn't really get or relate to a LOT of the references or situations displayed in the show, since it has always been rooted so heavily in American Culture, and that didn't 100% translate into my own Mexican culture, specially since being younger, I hadn't wholly embraced North American culture back then as I ahd done now.

    As such, I never really was as obsessed with the show as clearly most North Americans my age or slightly older ones are. But it still made an impact, and even as a kid I remember enjoying it a lot. (It helps that I think the Mexican dubbing was fucking amazing, something I'd argue even better than the original voice acting… Blasphemy, I know, but shush.)

    So while I might not even remember enough of a single season as a whole to even pick a favorite. I still very much appreciate this episode, and had a lot of fun with it! cheers!

  26. After listening to this podcast during my commute on the shuttle to work; WHILE playing the “Simpsons Tapped OUT” on my phone; then, listening for the second time today, and starting the third, I’m with Chris on this one people. Season 2! TRUCK-A-SAUR-AS!!! Thanks LaserTime for making this culminate to what might be my favorite podcast yet out of the 100 episodes!

  27. congrats! congrats?… CONGRATS!
    i can’t believe it’s been this many episodes already.

    also… chromebook. just get a simple ass chromebook for lasertime production.
    it can just sit in the kitchen studio and only be used for recording and holding those files.
    you can run an Indiegogo fundraiser for lasertime to raise the money to buy it.
    doooooo iiiiiiiiit!

  28. This has been one of my favorite episodes. I love The Simpsons (season 2 – 8) and am so glad to hear to guys just rattle off my favorite moments without restraint. Can you please go through ever episode season 2 – 8? That would be my dream. Congrats on one hundred and here is to 98 more. I love you guys and everything you do for us 😀

  29. Yo dawg, awesome yo. Ah sorry been watching a lot of Breaking Bad lately and I’m stoked like Walter White’s partner. Yeah it’s been a great many episodes and congrats from all the Tdars and all the Lasertime/VGMpire/VGApocs.

    You guys really need a video format, just saiyan.

  30. First and foremost, congratulations on making it this far, fellas. It’s been a hell of a ride with you so far, and I’m hoping we can have it continue for a long long time.

    Second, I’d like to come out as someone who got through this episode (three times at this point) without being an enormous Simpsons fan. Born in ’94, if it matters at all. Haven’t seen a single season to completion, so I don’t own any DVDs either- I would just watch a couple syndicated episode after school when I was a kid and still have a few vague memories. I’ve still got an appreciation for the show though, due in part to the Lasertime crew. So I’d like to thank you all for about 50% of my baseless Simpsons affinity, as I attempt to explore its backlog on my student budget.

  31. Wow! 100 episodes!! You all must feel so full of…what’s the opposite of shame?…Pride? No, not that far from shame…less shame? Yeah.

    Seriously, thank you all for the fantastic entertainment on these 100 episodes and everything you all do on the Laser Time network to keep your fans entertained, and ensuring myself and my friends will eventually grow up to be old, haggard cynics who sit on rocking chairs and quote Simpsons all day long, while waiting for our grand children to call us who inevitably won’t. Thanks Simpsons!

    Also, props also go to all my fellow listeners, especially those on this thread who’ve somehow resisted the urge to not this into a Simpsons quote-fest.

  32. excellent 100th episode. but for me i gotta go with season 7 (like i see many others have) .
    The episodes where they do a bunch of little stories and the tall guy gets out of the automobile still cracks me up.

    1. It also had the best Grandpa Simpson story ever, when he describes moving to America in a day, then having to move out of the Statue of Liberty after filling the head with garbage.

  33. Best lasertime ever.
    Think my favorite scene in the Simpsons is from the 4th of July episode in season 7:
    “Let me have one of those porno magazines… large box of condoms, bottle of Old Harper… a couple of those panty shields, and some illegal fireworks, and one of those disposable enemas… Nah, make it two.”

  34. i just got through my second listening of this ep. and i love it even more, i’m glad it took this long for you guys to do a simpsons show.
    you know, it’s like you guys were all meant to meet each other, cause i only know one person i think that has the kind of love and knowledge of the simpsons as you guys.
    i know they’re all out there or maybe i’m just the odd man out from our generation, but you guys just have a crazy awesome harmony like you guys are all childhood friends but you guys just all worked together. it’s so weird. or maybe it isn’t since you were all in games journalism and it seems like gamers all have good senses of humor for some odd reason.

    anyhoo… i got super inspired and started watching old eps of the simpsons.
    job well done fellas.
    *insert some random hilarious simpson quote*

  35. I can’t believe how many of my favorites you guys touched on. Bravo.

    Congrats on the 100 Episodes, You guys (and girls) are wonderful at what you do, and you’ve gotten me through dozens of flights, drives, and countless days at the office. Please don’t ever stop!

  36. Not sure whats different, but the show has been really good lately (not saying it was bad before, but there is a different kind of energy to it of late). Everyone seems to be having a good time, alot of good off the cuff quotes/hilarity. Feels less like a show and more like getting together with your friends and hanging out. Thanks for the work you put into this show, it is my go-to source of entertainment.

  37. if you ever stop, I’ll eat my own arms and cry. I love you. I have tricked people into thinking im interesting by imitating you guys. i love you so much more than you know

  38. Awesome episode and so appropiate after literally every episode features a Simpsons reference. Looking forward to all of the hundreds of episodes across the LT network to come y’all are the best.

  39. I loved this episode a lot! I was a kindergartener when season one began, so The Simpsons was an integral part of my childhood and adolescence. I had parents that taped episodes on good ol’ VHS tapes and my siblings and I would watch them till they broke. This podcast episode was an amazing stroll down memory lane.

    I totally agree that the heyday of the Simpsons was the first ten seasons, but there was the occasionally good episode season 10 onward. The lowest points were prior to The Simpsons movie, and I believe the show has come back into another round of great writing and wonderful irreverence.

    I very much look forward to the FXX marathon! I shall make my DVR die!

    Look forward to many more episodes from your podcast.

  40. The name of the third cracker company Grimm was trying to remember was “Southern Cracker” that’s the company Kirk was a “big shot” at. Their slogan is ” the dryyyyyy cracker”

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