Brand new Winter Soldier trailer shows brand new Winter Soldier footage


Thor and Captain America were the two modern Marvel films I lacked confidence in. In the end, they both turned out OK (Thor especially!) but I kinda hoped Marvel would count its blessings and leave one of those two characters for team ups; after all, do you really think people would line up for two Captain America movies? Welp, if the movie lives up to its trailer, it may be Cap trouncing Thor this time around…

Really dig it! The line “This isn’t freedom, this is fear” is SUCH a Cap response to the modern world that it restored some of my faith. I also really liked the “So before we get started… does anyone want to get out?” quip. Henry also pointed out Cap is directed by the Community paintball folks, so that’s a nice li’l positive bump too 😛

Great stinger too – the costume’s a little low rent-ish in stills but perhaps in motion it’ll all pan out.

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14 thoughts on “Brand new Winter Soldier trailer shows brand new Winter Soldier footage

  1. I think you’re right Brett, just going by the trailers, this looks like it’s going to be a lot better than Thor. And thanks for the recommendations, going to pick those up right away!

  2. Wow, this looks pretty fantastic indeed! I’m a little weirded out by Black Widow’s hair, but other than that, I’m licking what I’m seeing very much. Falcon specially, looks much cooler than what I expected.

    As for Thor… I guess I’ll get to see that for myself before you gringos will 😛 I do so love that Marvel films keep coming out everywhere else a week before it does for you guys =3

    1. I’m in Mexico as well (expat). That is an advantage, but a disadvantage about living over here is that some movies don’t come over here at all or very, very late. I’m still waiting for The World’s End and This is the End.

      1. Well yes. Mexican theaters are shitty like that. Which is WHY I celebrate any kind of advantage we can get 😛

  3. This has to be the movie I’m looking forward to the most in the second round of avengers films next to guardians of the galaxy. Can’t wait to see this next year.

  4. It looks a little cheap, like a TV-show kind of, was this filmed in 48 fps or something? Like when he catches the shield, looks very fake : /.

    1. Yeah, I kinda felt the same thing! It felt like a cheap TV movie with a few expensive CGI shots thrown in.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they massively scaled back the budget after the first film did poorly. I love how Marvel keep steaming ahead with their grand plans even when a movie does badly, something Warner Bros need to learn, but they’re not idiots. Hulk not getting a second movie for example.

  5. I’m pretty damn excited for this seeing as Cap is my favourite out of the MCU Avengers (due in no small part to Chris Evans brilliant sympathetic/humble portrayal of the character).

    Also, since this is S.H.I.E.L.D heavy movie, any chance of a Phil Coulson scene? “Hey Cap, I’m not dead! Now how ’bout you sign my damn trading cards.”
    Fingers crossed for an Ultron related stinger!

  6. Cap trailer was awesome! My faith for this movie is growing stronger. Now I just have to wait for the trailers for Amazing Spider-man 2, Days of Future’s Past and Guardians of The Galaxy, then I’ll be a happy Marvel fan.

  7. Looks freaking amazing. Loved the first Cap movie, especially Chris Evans, and I loved the arc in the book so this is probably my most anticipated Phase II movie. Can not wait.

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