Cape Crisis #69 – Happy Birthday Superman


Henry, Chris, and Brett have read a lot of comics this week, so they have a ton to talk about, including a lot of found memories of the Bat-Man!


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Cape Crisis #69 Question: Best horror comic you ever read?

19 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #69 – Happy Birthday Superman

    1. Yes and no. I’m actually happy that the Spider-Man ’67 jingles are gone, but I do think the sound effects add a lot to the show. The Spider-Man jingles had run their course, in my opinion. I have been missing the old TalkRadar sound effects for a while now, actually. Joker’s “Yeah.” Rorschach’s “No.” Macho Man barfing. Baby Brett. “Waaah! Super horn!” Marcus Fenix grunts. Darth Vader’s “WAT?!” Chris burping. Chris farting. The Wikiparaz sound effect.

  1. Well….the last horror-themed comic was the manga ‘Parasyte’: a boy ends up in a symbiotic relationship with an alien lifeform that replaced his right arm with itself. The story deals with the morality of killing to survive, what it really means to be “human”, and having the will to protect the people you care about. The ending was a little bittersweet.

  2. I’m a little surprised by some of that stuff in the Superman tribute, I was under the impression that some of those things were huge embarrassments for the franchise, or am I just letting the internet hate machine colour my perception?

      1. I thought the death of Superman became this big mess that people hated, and stuff like the Jimmy Olsen comics (Superman’s Pal!) and things that are just products of their time like Superman fighting Muhammad Ali, I suppose it’s better they embrace it than sweeping it under the rug.

        Except Superman 64, that can stay under the rug.

        1. Those all create a rich history of the character. And stuff like Superman vs. Ali and Turtle Boy Jimmy Olsen have become more campy fun than embarrassing. Same with Superfriends. DC is better off recognizing it than ignoring it

  3. Man, seems like major comic-related news always comes out the day Cape Crisis posts. Oh, well, great episode anyway. I shall look forward to Cap and (most likely) Days of Future Past trailer impressions next week.

  4. [In Bill and Ted voice] “69 DUUUUUDES!”

    But yay a new cape crisis, looking forward to hearing the Arkham Origins talk.

  5. For a good Halloween book you guys should check out Beasts of Burden from dark horse. Its a cool bunch of stories about a pet dogs that protect their owners from the super natual, it sounds hokey but showing the supernatural from an animals perspective is really interesting. also one time they teamed up w/ Hellboy and I dont think I have to say that hellboy and dogs vs ghosts is rad

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