Days of Future Past gets a proper full trailer


Hot on the heels of last week’s new Winter Soldier trailer comes our first real look at X-Men: Days of Future Past. As most of you know, it’s based on the classic X-tale “Inferno” where demons overrun the wo… oh no wait it’s about Days of Future Past.

For realsies this time, it’s an interesting double-sequel to both The Last Stand and First Class, with pieces taking place in a future gone wrong (Last Stand) and a past in need of a course correction (First Class). Originally it was Bishop sent back in time (ya likely remember that from the cartoon?), but this time it’s Wolverine. Of course it’s Wolverine.

The trailer gives us a quick glimpse of Bishop, Warpath, Blink and apparently Sunspot, plus some sort-of-hilariously-too-cool outfits for Prof and Magneto.

Thoughts? And while you’re at it go read the original story!


15 thoughts on “Days of Future Past gets a proper full trailer

  1. I think it’s Kitty andd Rachel Summers that were sent back in the comics. They changed that to Bishop in the cartoon because it was the 90s, and to Wolverine in the movie because of course.

  2. Super excited for it! Though I am worried that the time spent in the future/present will actually be very minimal and most of the movie will take place in the past so we will not see much interaction with the mutants in the future featured at the end. All the shots from the future appear to be shot on the same set.

  3. I guess I’m the only one who’s not excited for this. I was a huge X-men fan for years but seeing this trailer only reminded me that it’s going to be another Fox X-men and not a real marvel movie. Very disappointing. One day Disney will own everything and we’ll finally have a great X-men movie.

  4. Yeah, in the original comic Kitty Pryde is sent back into the past to prevent Senator Kelly’s assassination. They changed it to Bishop for the cartoon because….the 90’s.

  5. I can believe Patrick steward in the future because the dude has always looked the same age his entire life, but I don’t know if I can buy a future where Ian McKellen isn’t a mummified husk.

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