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This week is Call of Duty week, with CoD: Ghosts hitting store shelves ahead of its next-gen launches, but let’s ignore that for the first half of the show. Instead, we’ll talk about our favorite heroes over 40, then chat with Bob “bobservo” Mackey of Retronauts fame about Typing of the Dead: Overkill, and discuss what you all did for Halloween.

Question of the Week

Are you picking up Call of Duty: Ghosts this year, and if so, for which platform(s)? (And if not, feel free to vent and say why.)



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Also, we said we’d post some of the costume photos you used to answer last week’s question of the week, and by God, a promise is a promise!







Gray Ghost

Lazer Thyme


20 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 40 – Over the Hill

  1. I’m not getting Ghosts because I never really liked the multiplayer presented in COD and with the intent of getting Battlefield for the explodiness on the next-gen I can’t in good consciousness buy two shooters can I?

    By the way does anyone else find it odd that COD Ghosts seems to have “borrowed” form the Tom Clancy-verse? I mean we already have Ghost Recon about a bunch of special badasses and the logo for the alien mode is Sam Fisher’s goggles.

  2. Not picking up CoD: Ghosts for the same reason I haven’t played any CoD game since Black Ops: Their single player feels essentially the same every single time, except the story seems to make even less sense or be less interesting with each iteration, and I don’t like multiplayer in general. So while I don’t HATE the series like many seem to do, (I recognize they are solid games- Just more of the same, shamelessly so.) There’s way more other stuff to play for me to pay for essentially the same experience that the series has ever been since CoD 4: Modern Warfare.

    That, and while I don’t hate the CoD series, I do despise Activision, their practices, and what they represent, so if I can avoid giving them any of my money, I’ll be all the more happyfor it.

  3. I usually ask for the latest COD Game on 360 for Christmas since Black Ops 1 but since my younger brother’s got a 360 this year and there are so many better games I want (AC:Black Flag) I’m not going to ask for it this year.

    I was never big on the campaigns to begin with but multiplayer is good when I have nothing else to play, so i’ll probably borrow it from my brother’s every once in a while. 🙂

  4. I think I may pick up CoD: Ghosts this year. I haven’t played a CoD since MW2, never paid any attention to the ones between then and now, but I dunno, I’m feeling the itch again this year. I think it’s just the next gen shine. If there’s a nice deal on Black Friday or something similar, I’ll probably pick it up on my PS4.

  5. QOTW: I’m gonna pass on CoD: Ghosts. Having played Call of Duty since 2 on the 360, I got pretty burned out around MW2, but I still played Black Ops and that really killed it. I’m not as against it as most people, I just prefer the older entries (4 being my favourite) and have no interest in playing any more.

  6. I won’t be getting Cod Ghosts, got burned out on CoD by the time the first Black Ops came out. I’m using that money to buy off my buddy’s import copy of the new BlazBlue anyway. In an alternate reality where I have the time to get good at all the fighters and action games I play, /then/ I’d probably get a new CoD. But even then I’d probably finish my old save from Mass Effect 2 I’ve been neglecting for over a year.

  7. I don’t plan on getting Ghosts. That said, I always seem to end up with COD from either my birthday or Xmas. If I get it I hope to get the PS4 version (if I get my hands on a PS4)

    I know its popular to poo-poo COD because of its popularity but I actually think COD is a good franchise, The yearly release means it that generates no buzz for me. When I hear people say it’s the worst game, I just shake my head, They clearly don’t understand the medium.

  8. I’m not gonna be getting CoD: Ghosts unless they release a Ghostbusters expansion pack, and even then it’ll be iffy.

  9. Jesus, I didn’t mean to get y’all down with my comment. While I do live in Brooklyn, and getting to a big Halloween bash wouldn’t be much of an issue, it’s just that no one else was gonna hand out candy, and the people around here are sometimes really creative/adorable, so I don’t mind handing out candy too much. And a kid who was a few years too old to trick or treat did recognize my costume.

  10. Oddly enough, Master Chief is also in his mid-40s. There’s some leeway because of cryosleep and time dilation from space flight, but he’s about 46 years old as of the last game.

  11. nope.

    I’ve had Modern Warfare 2 sitting on my shelf untouched for 3 years. I turned it on once, just long enough to say “oh cool, Lance Henricksen” before turning it off in a fit of venomous indifference. that’s the level of interest I hold for the series. maybe I’ll get into Battlefield someday.

    kinda bummed you guys didn’t mention my Sub-Zero costume.

  12. I won’t be getting Ghosts, i think like most people here i fucked the series off with MW2. Shame because the original Modern Warfare is one of my favorite current gen games and its almost impossible to play online on the ps3 anymore because of the cheats and hackers

  13. Black Ops was officially for me my last Call of Duty game. It’s been diminishing returns on the series and I was actually excited by the prospect of BLOPS – a new time period, a new war to explore – but the campaign was terrible. Haters think that the series has always been about following poor AI NPCs and waiting for them to have the fun, forcing you to watch everything, and keeping to a neat narrow line which if stepped outside of means death, but even MW2 wasn’t ALL just this. Black Ops was a chance for a fresh start, and instead forced the player always forward down a straight narrow path and became the personification of what the series will now always be – a rollercoaster, an on-rails shooter, Activision’s Dragon’s Lair.

    So no, I won’t be buying COD GHOSTS.

  14. Getting Ghosts for Xbox One because I can get it for $40. I really only play the IW CoD games, but I still get burnt out pretty quickly. Also I’ll buy anything for $40.

  15. Not getting the new COD for a few reasons, the most important being that I work six days a week and I’m usually pretty strapped for cash. With this being the case, my standards for a $60 game are pretty high and the COD series hasn’t even come close to meeting them since four was first released. To me it’s just too steep of a price tag for some half assed campaign and a couple of new maps. I’d buy it for 10. 20 would be pushing it. But 60? That’s a fuckin joke. No, I’ll just continue playing GTA V. Far superior game and actually worth the money.

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