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  1. wow! that crazy greg story! WOW!
    yah, i remember paul pope telling stories of his time in japan, and how they are very much hard core nationalists. still seems like a nice place to visit, but not to live.
    this was the least tangential episode of lasertime ever! still good tho, still good. haha

  2. Sorry to be a lazy fuck, but can someone share the link to that Full House audience clip? That had me rolling over in laughter.

  3. Man oh man that was cathartic. And yet, I feel like there’s so much more still festering inside me. . . .

    Thanks for the love!

    1. Hey do you have a recording of the song you played?
      I’m rather interested to hear what it sounds like = ^)

  4. I’ve been studying Japanese since high school, been at it for roughly 8 years now.
    I must say that it’s very rewarding for me to hear someone vocalize every minor discrepancy I’ve had with the Lasertime crew’s thoughts on Japan in one podcast, this was a brilliant idea for a show.

  5. this guy adventures around Japan, the rest of the hosts travel the world and talk video games. what a dipshit white bread life I’ve lead

  6. This is another case of LT and my personal interests coming together. I just moved to Japan 3 months ago to teach English here and I found myself agreeing with a lot of what was said on this episode

  7. Loved this episode! Greg’s story made this day trip back home a breeze! And that last monkey scream made me laugh out loud, just when I was about to get out of the train. All the people around looked at me like I was crazy… “they don’t know what they are missing” I thought, while rewinding to hear the monkey again.

    Thanks for the fun guys. A long time listener from Chile.

  8. This has to me one of my top episodes of Lasertime hands down. I’ve known about Greg a bit before you guys started mentioning him just from his work at Capcom. I mainly just remembered him being a badass at DMC when the demo was just out. But I knew nothing about him and all these stories just grabbed me, I was hypnotized I tell ya. Also the man has a very nice voice, it’s very soothing I think. I really hope Greg comes back for future episodes.

    Also if you guys wanna make a 19 year old dude swoon, get Seth Killian and Greg in one podcast. Those two voices at the same time would be pure bliss.

  9. Love all the JP episodes. I want to visit myself one day, but know that my romantic impressions of it will be shattered forever by grim reality. Instead, I’ll listen to everyone else’s adventures.

    1. I agree with Greg on that. You should definitely make the trip. I’ve been in Japan for about seven years, and as much as I’m dying to go back home, I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. The grim reality of life in Japan doesn’t settle in until your here for a while, anyway. I’d give it at least 6 months before those romantic impressions fade and you start getting annoyed by the way some things are here.

  10. Correction:

    The Silvia is an FR layout car from NISSAN not TOYOTA. I think the S13 Silvia was the one around the same generation as the famous Toyota AE86 Truenos and Levins.

  11. Just wanna say that the teeth story nearly broke me. You guys know how Henry heaves when they talk about gross shit like tub girl? I was approaching that stage as the story progressed. I can’t handle stuff like chipped teeth or arm stumps, especially if they’re hurt after the damage is done – think zombies walking on leg stumps; that’s too much for me. Coincidentally my player died right in the middle of the story, much to my relief. I now ponder whether or not I should finish it or fast forward a few minutes. Probably the latter.

    1. Where the hell have you been, bro? They heavily advertised Laser Time prior to Talkradar’s demise (even though I thought it was some joke about Tyler being an old timer initially).

  12. I spent a few months in Fukuoka living with a family that didn’t speak english. I am decently fluent, but it was still pretty tough, and not being able to really connect with others was hard. You guys really helped the long train rides and rainy days pass. Being stared at as I brake out in laughter on a crowded train because you guys are reading Mass Effect fan fiction will forever be ingrained in my mind. Thanks guys.

  13. Listener in Japan, here 🙂 I teach English to elementary and jr high students and live in Nagasaki. I moved here from San Francisco ten months ago. It was a decision that came pretty late for me…. I’d been thinking of JET Program for the ten years since college, but kept saying “Screw that! Gotta focus on my art career.”, and I did, gradually forgetting most of my ten years of Japanese study, and growing farther from the culture in the intervening years. After the recession took its toll, life became more of an issue of “What art career?”, so I applied for JET as a “Hail Mary” move of sorts, and it was probably one of the best decisions of my life thus far.

    Man this was an especially interesting episode for me… A lot of what Greg was talking about is stuff I see & deal with every day. Funny thing is, despite not being on a train when I was listening to this one (I’m sitting at my desk, lettering manga for a freelance gig), but I have the hour-long bus ride every day, and it’s often accompanied by Laser Time, VG Apocalypse, VGMpire, or Cape Crisis. Life has been awesome in Japan, but ten months in, the homesickness is starting to creep in a little bit, as I deal with the constant “othering” of being a non-Japanese person in Japan, and struggling with the occasional miscommunication faux-pas, and I have to say that Laser Time has been a nice tie back home. Even though I only met Chris, Mikel, Tyler, Brett, and other LT/GR folks a few times back in SF (mainly at Midnites for Maniacs, and one impromptu Future office visit), it feels almost like hearing old friends talk, and is one of the things that helps make Nagasaki feel more like home.

    Anyway, a few random thoughts:

    * Portuguese did in fact trade in Japan in the olden times… In Nagasaki in fact! One of Nagasaki’s most famous foods, “castella”, a semi-sweet cake thing, is actually of Portuguese invention. Nagasaki’s Dejima island is where the Portuguese used to trade until they were kicked out, and then where the Dutch traded (until they were also kicked out). This was all quite a while before Commodore Perry rolled in, and Nagasaki was one of the only places open to international trade (to some extent) during Japan’s isolationist policy.

    * Car nerd alert… I’m surprised that Grimm didn’t correct Greg that the Mazda3 is called the “Axela” in Japan (the Demio is the Mazda2). I have a Mazda3 back in the states and I loooove it. I can attest that Mazda always makes the best handling mainstream-affordability cars.

    * I can attest that Hiroshima (and Nagasaki!) are pretty inspiring places to be when you see how vibrant they are now, considering how they were totally decimated only 68 years ago. It’s weird, living day-to-day in Nagasaki, I often almost forget that the city was nuked, as bad as that probably sounds. The Peace Park and Peace Museum are off my usual paths, and it’s only really around August that it becomes a heavily talked-about thing. (full-disclosure, given that I only understand about 30% of the ambient dialog in Japan, I may be missing a LOT). One sort of chilling thing I remember is on August 9th of this year, looking out my apartment window as the air-raid siren rang at the time of the bombing. Every pedestrian I saw walking outside suddenly stood still and didn’t move until it was done.

    * “Living cigarette” LOL… Very apt 🙂

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