20 thoughts on “Laser Time – Embrace the Dark Ride

  1. I remember as a 12 year old being dragged onto the American Eagle at Great America in IL and openly weeping by the end of it. I would give it another shot if I was confident the end result would be different.

  2. My home town of Pittsburgh has a pretty great theme park called Kennywood. Its where they actually filmed Adventureland. A lot of people around here like to hate on it because its no six flags or Disneyland, but I’ve always appreciated growing up 30 minutes from a pretty cool theme park with four fun ass rollercoasters.

  3. As a lifelong resident of Nebraska (smack in the middle of America), I had a lot of trips to the nearby theme parks, Worlds of Fun (Kansas City) and Adventureland (Iowa). So when we would have a huge family vacation to a Disney park, they blew my goddamn mind (no offense to my Midwest park, they were still pretty damn fun). But those are some of my best childhood memories and they will never be tainted. Disneyland/world is fucking magic for a child.

  4. Fuck Yes! love listening to you guys talk about Disneyland. Disappointed that Brett’s favorite ride is Space Mountain.

  5. I was honestly not expecting a LaserTime this week due to all this holiday in the air but y’all proven me wrong. I’ve only been to Great America before so I’m curious to see if its still worth it for 19 year old me to make a 6 hour drive just to go to a Disney park.

  6. when I inevitably visit Universal Studios again, I’m gonna be really bummed
    out to see all my favourite rides missing. what’s the Alfred Hitchcock exhibit now? Shrek or something? fuck that shit in the mouth.

  7. My family went to Disney World only once when I was a kid. I remember it being fucking magical, and I really want an excuse to go again.

    And Chris, you really need to give Atlantis another chance. It’s one of my favorite Disney films (and I’ve seen ’em all).

  8. I wouldn’t normally ride a rollercoaster because I’m the guy who thinks about the 10 people who die each year because they choose to sit in the Human meat grinders that these rides are. Having said that I would love a Super Mario World themed ride from the perspective of a goomba. This ride would consist of a long straight obstacle course that you have to navigate through with only the movements of a goomba while trying not to be jumped on and killed by a stout italian man (preferably Danny Devito) in a cap and overalls on PCP and mushrooms. Your only weapon a shiv fashioned out of a NES cartridge and your only reward is a small chance of survival, the ultimate thrill. Anyways I love the podcast and despite this being my first comment i’ve been listening since the beginning. Thank you guys for making me laugh loudly to myself in public for two whole years and I can’t wait to hear more podcasts from you.

  9. Oh man speaking of roller coasters, TOP THRILL DRAGSTER at Cedar Point;
    0-119 in 3 seconds (Hulk is 0-40 in 2) JESUS CHRIST IS THE MOST FUN YOU CAN HAVE IN 3 SECONDS.
    Best part was the staff telling you to not raise your hands like you usually do because they will snap back and could possibly break. Lo and behold the idiots in front of me did just that and right as the thing started both their arms slammed back into the top of their chairs right at the elbow.

  10. You know, I’ve listened to every episode of this podcast. I’ve noticed that Grimm always seems to be the guy that takes the “I’m too good for this” attitude. It is not endearing.

  11. The part where they talk about how dumb lettuce is is literally a bunch of 4 year olds complaining they can’t eat dessert if they don’t finish their greens. It’s fucking ridiculous (in its own charming way, but fucking ridiculous).

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