Godzilla 2014 trailer is live, teases actual tension and drama


The last time there was an American-made, highly secretive Godzilla movie in the works, hype and attention were at an all time high. For the first time since the 70s, it wasn’t just weirdos like me pining for a good look at the beast, it was mainstream Moviegoer Dude (not a bad guy, give him a chance). So here we are again, more than 15 years later, and it’s happening all over again… but this time, god damn it, I think we’ve got a good movie on our hands.

And if not a good movie-by-movie’s standards, then surely a good Godzilla movie. The treatment in this trailer, where he’s obscured, feared, impossibly huge and plodding – and not to mention seen murdering thousands (millions?) with no actual feeling toward the world, that’s all awesome. That’s imposing and startling, something the original movie did way back in 1954.

If this film does what it’s apparently setting out to do, it’ll attempt to approach the same feeling of that black and white original. That is, we should feel some sense of horror, we should be confronted with some kind of real-world fear, and Godzilla should be seen as a natural disaster of our own making, not a reptilian savior or friend to children (not dumping on those versions either, they’re what lured me in!). As a fan since roughly age 7, I am down with this flick.

But uh yeah! Thoughts? This director’s previous work includes Monsters, which you should definitely check out. Don’t go in expecting a typical monster movie though…


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      1. please don’t. if you want a middle ground between what Godzilla was, and what we all hope he will be, watch Godzilla 1985. it’s a nice blend of cheeseball giant monster action, and a legitimately tense, epic disaster.

  1. Wheres lovable ol’ Anguirus??

    All Joking aside, Gojira is like, one of my favorite all time movies. The scene where his head first pops over the hillside is still terrifying, and the ending makes my room seem all dusty, and it gets in my eyes. If they can come close to approaching the feeling of the original, where its less us battling and trying to outsmart it, and more being horrified and feeling helpless never knowing when/where he (not SHE Broderick, you douche) will pop up again, it should be amazing. also, good to see Cranston with some hair again.

  2. Whooo boy this actually looks good. Only worry is that it’ll be all about the people and very little Zilla, then again Monsters worked fine


    I’ll be honest, my only experience with Godzilla is with that Matthew Broderick movie… So needless to say I don’t really think much of the name because of that, even though I know there’s way more to the franchise. Still, this looked pretty good, and I really like that they hide the monster, and not straight up show it, hopefully they will handle this aspect smartly thorough, and not drop the ball at the end of the film.

    And anyway, if nothing else, I’m watching it because it has Bryan Cranston in it, that’s enough reason for me to watch it.

  4. Those last few moments, when Godzilla was moving through the dust clouds, I was holding my breath thinking “please do it, please do it, please do it…” and the moment he roared I fell back out of my chair with a triumphant cheer and had tears in my eyes. So ready for this movie.

  5. That was fantastic. I hope that throughout the movie we still just catch parts of the monster, either obscured, or just a part of the body. Don’t show him entirely until the last half. Just the mystery of him in that trailer made my heart rate increase.

    This just shot to the top of my most anticipated list. I’m also happy that the first time I saw it was through Laser Time. Seemed rather fitting.

    1. Actually, I’d say it’d be better if you never showed the full monster clearly. In my experience, that never truly works, not when you’re using it to create tension or horror, the payoff is always underwhelming. Think back on Cloverfield or Signs.

      Of course, signs was a shitty movie even before the aliens appeared, but that just made it even worse.

  6. I really hope people don’t get all up in arms because it’s another american godzilla. Listen, Toho isn’t doing shit with big G; the last time they did was almost 10 years ago and even if Final Wars was a lot of fun to watch it was objectively a bad movie that was nearly on the level of a Syfy original. This movie looks to be at least on par with something like Batman Begins in terms of the production values, gravitas and respect for some of the best aspects of the franchise it belongs to and if it’s like that, it might just be one of the best Godzilla films ever made. At least they got the look and roar down.

  7. when I saw there was a Godzilla trailer I sat on the edge of the couch and smiled like a stupid baby, with a gleam in my eye and hope in my heart. my gf was sitting next to me, not giving a fuck, and what she probably saw when she looked at me was the closest thing to genetic regression I could possibly exude. with my face resting on my palms, and my eyes glued to the screen, I watched carefully and patiently to see the glorious silhouette of a crooked spine emerge from the debris. and when the head came into frame, and that familiar roar bellowed out of my tv, I was 10 years old again for a few brief seconds.

    if I haven’t been entirely clear, I really want this movie to be good.

  8. I hope it’s everything you want it to be, because it’s fun to hear you geek out about this stuff, but I just can’t watch disaster movies, I feel too much empathy for the little people, even when it’s something as conceptually silly as a giant lizard killing them.

  9. I’m on a Brett level of love for the franchise so naturally I’m more than intrigued about this film. The trailers gives me hope for now, while acknowledging most trailers are made to look good. Depends on how good or bad the humans are along with screen time verses Godzilla’s.

  10. “it wasn’t just weirdos like me pining for a good look at the beast”
    I read this and looked to see who wrote this article and was quite sure it was Henry.

    But it was Brett.

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