Cape Crisis #75 – Winter Wonderland


Henry, Chris, and Brett pull together one last time before the holidays, and they have much to talk about, from their favorite comics of 2013 to a desperate need for manscaping. Find out what was so great about this year in comics…


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Cape Crisis #75 Question: What 2014 comic are you looking forward to?

4 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #75 – Winter Wonderland

  1. I am looking forward to the reprint of Marvel/Miracle man. I especially cannot wait to finally see a completed, colored #25.

  2. My attempt to get into comics this year sort of borked when I ran low on cash and couldn’t keep up with all the series that I was reading. And I was too stubborn to pick up a current issue when I did have the money, so I’m actually more excited to catch up on all the shit I missed next year. I also want to break in my comixology account so I can if Soinc Archie comics are worth it in complete secrecy.

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