Paul Rudd confirmed as Ant-Man, coming July 31, 2015


After a healthy amount of rumor and speculation, today Marvel confirmed Paul Rudd will indeed play Ant-Man in its first Phase Three film. It’ll land just a matter of weeks after Avengers: Age of Ultron too, which suggests a cameo, stinger or some other lead-in to this lesser known character.

I’m a fan of Paul – if only for his constant torment of Conan O’ Brien – and think he’ll bring a great sense of quirky energy to the role. With Edgar Wright directing it should be a slightly sillier film than the rest (even though Thor gets pretty cheesy at times) but again, with an Avengers film on its doorstep and Hank Pym’s many issues (hit his wife, created genocidal robot) can it really be that silly and fun?


So whyyyy Ant-Man? Well mainly because he creates Ultron and bases the robit on his own brain patterns. Ultron is supposed to be his greatest achievement, but derp it quickly becomes obsessed with killing and replacing its father. This alone leads to all kinds of drama, strife and anguish in Hank’s life, leading to even more stress and several costume/name changes.

HOWEVER – Marvel’s more or less said Ant-Man isn’t tied to Ultron in the upcoming movie so…. not sure why he’d get his own film, actually. Other than Hank is often portrayed as the “ALSO super smart guy but not as smart as Stark and kinda resents it and tries to overdo it,”  which does make him a conflicted dude with wacky powers. To my knowledge he doesn’t have a “key story” to show why he’s such a great choice for a multimillion dollar movie, but just thinking visually the whole huge/small thing could be cool, and it does open up the floodgates for all kinds of goofy crap.

I’d suggest checking out the ’60s Avengers stuff, but also his recent-ish stint as the leader of the Mighty Avengers from #21 on (linked below!); it’s a great sampling of him attempting to be a leader, or a technical wizard and often falling short but stiiiiill winning. You can also check Age of Ultr… nah don’t.

Marvel Studios may surprise us with this one… or it may finally stretch itself too far.

But this will always be in my heard:


15 thoughts on “Paul Rudd confirmed as Ant-Man, coming July 31, 2015

  1. Do we know which Ant Man this is yet?
    In regards to Ultron, I like the theory that the mechanical arm Stark uses has become sentient and becomes Ultron. I seem to recall Stark mentioning that he bought it from some college, and if that happens to be the case Ant Man could have been involved in the creation of its AI.

    1. The script supposedly has both Pym and Lang in it, presumably Rudd would be playing Pym.

      HOWEVER, Wright and Cornigh have been working on and off on the script for like 7 years, so that may have changed. Originally this was due to come out the same year (or thereabouts) as Iron Man and Incredible Hulk, and obviously a lot has changed at Marvel Studios since then, so WHO KNOWS.

  2. I love Hank Pym (Hopefully it’s Pym) because he’s always trying to be the best he can be even when he screws up a lot, he’s kind of like the underdog of marvel’s science world.

    Hopefully the movie doesn’t just treat everything as a joke, it really gets old when you tell people you like Ant-Man and they say how dumb that is, he really is a cool character.

    My recommendations off the top of my head are Avengers Academy and the currently ongoing Avengers A.I. for modern Hank Pym stuff even though they don’t revolve specifically around Pym.

  3. I think his range might surprise some people. Movie is going to be weird, but I think he can also play someone charismatic. He has a flair for drama.

  4. I haven’t seen Paul Rudd in anything outside of comedies, so I can’t really think either way if he’ll be suitable for a more dramatic role, but I do like him, and I know very well to never underestimate actors known mostly for comedic roles at this point. So that should be interesting.

    Though I echo Brett’s sentiment of not being really sure why Ant-man, of all characters, deserves to get his own movie, specially if he’s not gonna be linked to the creation of Ultron. And considering we already have Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, Hank Pym would feel redundant as yet another scientist in the Avengers roster…. UNLESS they planned to kill Tony Stark in the Age of Ultron movie… Which, scary as it sounds, I really wouldn’t rule it out, specially if negotiations with Robert Downey Jr. don’t pan out. (And no, I don’t think Bruce Banner could be in danger of dying, considering the preposterous amount of movies Ruffalo is now contractually obligated to appear in.)

  5. I’d say Paul Rudd is clever casting because, frankly, I’d be hard otherwise to get people in the cinema to see something called Ant-Man. A comedy actor is a good choice, it’ll disarm people and let them give themselves over to it, it’s easy to forget now, but when Marvel started this whole thing off with Ironman a lot of that film was comedy.

  6. I really think it’s going to be Scott Lang. Mainly because Hank Pym’s bullet points are: genius, created ultron, hit his wife. They’ve already taken away ultron and they already have 2 geniuses in Banner & Stark. And I really don’t see them going anywhere near the domestic abuse.

    Where as Scott Lang is a bit of a chancer out of his depth and therefore has more scope for comedy. They’ve also described Ant-Man as a “heist” movie. Lang also has a daughter, Cassie, who could be used as a link to a potential Young Avengers movie/TV show.

    My guess is Hank Pym will be a smaller role as the creator of the Ant-Man suit but Lang is the actual Ant-Man. What that means for Wasp? I don’t know.

    ALSO!!!! Paul Rudd is quite a big name/well know face. With RDJ only signed on for one more film after Age of Ultron, could Rudd be the new centrepiece of this universe?

  7. I have total faith in this movie. Almost none of which is because of Paul Rudd (not that he isn’t great).

    I honestly think that Edgar Wright is one of the best action directors in the business. Scott Pilgrim and The Worlds End both showed he can shoot action and special effects. He even made Michael Cera of all people look like the best fighter in the province!

    With Wright and Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) writing I seriously think Ant Man could be the best solo Marvel movie yet.

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