Cheap Popcast #18 – Big Toys For Big Boys


Dave, Henry, Brett, and Grimm unify to talk about TLC 2013’s merger of world titles before Dave chats up the next night’s Raw and WWE’s holiday slowdown. After that, the group reconvenes again to talk about what Christmas is all about… wrestling toys!



8 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #18 – Big Toys For Big Boys

  1. Another great episode!

    The wrestling toy talk brought back some great memories for me when I actually had that nitro ring advertised in that commercial and several wrestling action figures that I wrestled with. However, I used beanie babies as my wrestlers and then played songs from the create a wrestler menu on the old wcw mayhem game on n64 so my wrestlers/beanie babies would have entrance music. And then I cut out title belts out of old socks and colored them in with a marker. Had some amazing feuds and even kept up with who won what and for how long in a little log book I had. That shit was off the hook.

    Beanie babies were the best for this because you could do so much with them and not necessarily be as limited in moves like the hard plastic action figures were.

  2. I don’t care for wrestling. I’ve never gotten the point of it, and it just seems silly to me.

    But, I never miss an episode of Cheap Popcast, and I love listening to you guys talk about it. That says something. 🙂

  3. I don’t see wrestling toys on the shelf like I used to, but regardless this oughta be a great nostalgic trip.

  4. Hey i don’t always comment but i do listen regularly and love it, as i do all the laser time networks podcasts. I stopped watching wrestling when wwf bought wcw out and fucked the invasion thing up completely and listening to you all speak about it has made me dip my toe back into wwe and tna every now and again. But anyway, Thanks for all the entertainment keep it up guys!

  5. ^Same exact scenario, CP got me to start watching regularly again a few months back after a few year long hiatus. Now I watch Raw/SD every week. Kept forgetting to leave a comment. As a smark, I applaud you guys for doing CP.

    Reigns is definitely getting pushed hard in the near future, wouldn’t be surprised if he goes for the IC title now that it’s being brought up with the lack of a WHC. He will probably do really good in the rumble, wouldn’t be surprised if he eliminates Ambrose to start the feud as Rollins cries that mommy and daddy are fighting.

    I want to see Cesaro secede from the Real Americans and feud with Swagger, or start a feud with Ryback. Dude is strong as hell and praised by the locker room for his in-ring ability. I would mark out if he went after the US title again.

    I really hope we get Austin/Punk at mania. Austin said on Larry King that if he had to come back he would want to wrestle Punk, and the payday would have to be nice.

    WWE’s problem is that they have too many people signed on and not enough air time to show them all off. 10 divas in one match is a clear cut example. It’s also why they’re probably pushing tag teaming so hard. Fans are only going to buy tickets if they are able to see their favorite stars, so WWE has to have everyone on the roster appear on roughly every show. A brand split would solve this problem but they just screwed that with the unified title. I’m tired of 6 man tag matches honestly. They also really need to put work into creative on SD, there are way too many shitty matches and too much time is taken up with replays of stuff.

    BTW, if you guys want behind the scenes stuff, this site is great:

  6. Great episode! Great work like always. Always listen but rarely comment. How excited is everyone about the WWE Network announcement today? That is going to get me to watch way more shows and pay per views.

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