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  1. Man, the title alone sold me to this episode, even more so as I’m frsh from watching The Wolf of Wall Street! let’s go!

  2. Holy balls, an episode posting early Monday!? What is this, 2012? I kid, I kid. Glad to see this up! This’ll make the day much better.

    Can’t wait to listen! I haven’t seen Smaug or Wolf of Wall Street (and if I’m being honest, probably never will), so I’m curious to hear what you say about them.

  3. Man, already blasted trough the episode, you guys have excellent beginning of the year episodes… Can’t believe it’s already a year since I heard Elston’s awesome story about him finding a wolf in the woods (Or him talking about Empire of The Sun.)

    Also… Am I the only one who doesn’t get the controversy surrounding The Wolf of Wall Street? I mean, yes it’s foul, yes it’s shocking… it’s a fucking Scorsese movie! What were people expecting? But furthermore, all this talk about the film being immoral or glorifying the guys in the movie… Did those people watch with their brains turned off??? Or forgot how black comedies fucking work???

    Anyway, really enjoyed listening to most of the stuff you talked about, for once I agree pretty much with your judgment about the movies you watched like Frozen and stuff, and yes, that ‘Ludes scene in Wolf of Wall Street is probably the funniest scene I’ve seen in a while. Out of all the things I knew Scorcese to do really well, now I can add comedy as one of them.

      1. There’s way more than it should be, at the very least. With several critics and people online complaining that the film apparently isn’t moralizing enough. (even though if they did that, it would completely destroy the comedy and momentum of the film. And here ARE quite a few sobering scenes as it is.)

        And then there’s all the people reporting on the inadequate reactions many stupid viewers had when watching the movie. (Like people cheering whenever the character neglects doing what he should in order to snort coke) But that is not the fault of the movie so much as it it the fault of stupid people.

        I’m also a bit sore because while I loved it, my parents went to watch it today and walked away within the first hour of the movie, (And they loved Goodfellas and a few of Scorsese’s films.) saying they didn’t feel it funny or enjoyable at all, and found the nudity and strong language too much. Which I guess strengthens the point Chris made about Scorsese not being afraid of shocking or alienating his own audience.

        1. I meant theres just probably a loud vocal minority,
          film didnt exactly open at #1 meaning not that many have seen it

  4. I work at a Walmart in a suburb of Ottawa, Canada. Our clientele are families, government workers and people who work for Blackberry and we’re still full to the brim with Duck Dynasty garbage.

    What follows is a list of departments which have Duck Dynasty garbage in them and the most embarrassing piece of crap within it:

    Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Fashion – Slogan T-shirts
    Front End – Collectible Stickers
    Jewelry – Bottle Opener Wrist Watches
    Women’s Accessories – Slogan Purses
    Shoes – Slippers in the shape of a duck wearing sunglasses
    Electronics – DVDs of the show
    Sports – Huntin’ Gear
    Domestics – Beach towels
    Stationary – No less than three books written by cast members
    Seasonal Christmas – Duck Dynasty Chia Pets
    Seasonal Halloween – Costumes of the cast members

  5. (Similar to KillerWhalen) I worked at a Kohl’s over Christmas between semesters and I’d say that at least half of the purchases that I saw go through had Duck Dynasty stuff in them.

    Disclaimer: West Virginia

  6. I live in ky and know people who watch shit dynasty.
    Shit dynasty is popular because of shit heads, shit heads who like to hunt, ironic shit heads, and alright people who desperately need something to talk about with shit heads.
    shit shit shit, fuck that show
    dear god, there is also a show called turtle man
    fuck, fuck, fuck.
    hate, hate, hate

  7. Im with brett and I thought there were too many songs in Frozen for it to be tolerable, after awhile I was like….and the pointless trolls start singing.
    I didnt like who they made “the villain” as the film didnt seem to need one really.
    Also I felt the true love kiss thing was pointless as well, seems like something shrek gladly snuffed out and did better long ago.

    But yes the let it go song was great and I did like the sisterhood of the characters, wish the story had been more about that.

    1. Frozen does have a lot of singing, specially at the beginning, but I guess I enjoyed it enough that it didn’t bother me. Though I agree that the trolls in general felt unnecessary and the film might have worked just as well or maybe even better without them.

      I completely disagree about the “Villian” though, as I felt it was a clever twist and more so in a Disney film, because that subverted several tropes and conventional tropes Disney films are known for. (Plus, IMO it teaches girls and just young people in general the dangers of falling in love too quickly… Which is again a message that goes completely against what most previous Disney films taught you.)

      Same thing with the true love kiss, mainly because again it was subverted in a clever way, and defuses the idea that true love is meant always for romantic relationships only.

      YMMV of course, and I liked the movie a lot, but it’s definitely not perfect. And yes, most emphasis on the sister’s relationship with each other would have been nice. But it worked well enough as it was IMO.

      1. I didnt like him trying to let her die though, I wouldve liked it better had he kissed her, it not work, and then he reveals that he was using her to get the thrown and didnt really love her and apologizes that theres nothing he can do.
        Just making him straight up evil was pushing a bit.

        And yes how the true love thing resolved was good, but the fact that one of the trolls says true love kiss and its carried then by the main cast was so on the nose it made me sigh.
        We gotta get you to Hanz so he can true love kiss and save you!
        Definitely felt like shrek at that point
        Felt they couldve done somethin better than that.

        1. Dude, remember that this IS a Disney movie, meant for kids as well as adults. Being a bit too on the nose with their messages has always been a trademark of their movies, for better or worse 😛

          And I mean, even then, to me it worked because it fit the overall tone of the movie, and again, the payoff for both twists was pretty cool, and both pretty excellent subversions that justify the lack of subtlety, at least for me.

  8. Something about the wolf of wallstreet just bothers me. I’ll probably never watch it and it may be amazing but eh. But I can’t wait to hear about the rest of the topics. Also welcome back guys! My earholes have missed all your wonderful voices.

  9. This was a great episode, I love movie episodes, and ones where you guys complain about the south, so this was the best of both worlds.

      1. …They don’t really do that though. They complain about Duck Dynasty mainly (Which from what I heard, totally deserves any bashing it gets)… And not even that much *shrugs*

        1. Yeah, they do complain about college football being relevant, which is pretty humorous. And I loved Chris’s description of a “boys car” down there, but its not really bashing on the South. More laughing at how the south just walks into those humorous stereo-types (they really do, I mean has anyone seen the Top Gear road trip thru the south?)

  10. “All the women in The Wolf of Wall Street are either bitchy or prostitutes.”

    What kind of women do you expect a guy like Jordan Belfort to surround himself with? He’s a young rich horny power-hungry man. All logic points to him surrounding himself with as many sexy women as possible. And of course the wives are, as Henry said, “bitchy.” They’re married to horrible assholes. I’d be bitchy too.

    I don’t get this idea that a film/game’s female characters have to be well representative of all women. There are 3.5 billion women on this planet. Anyone who looks at one movie/game’s characters and uses to interpret how all women of the world act is a moron. This is a movie for adults, and adults live in the real world with female doctors, police officers, etc. We’re smart enough to keep a positive opinion of what women are capable of without needing every piece of media to remind us. Some stories simply don’t have positive female characters, and that shouldn’t make those stories off-limits. That’s not how art works. Many stories lack positive male roles as well, so all I’m really asking for is equality.

  11. Not to nitpick but the University of Kentucky is in the SEC (along with the University of Florida and the University of Arkansas). FSU is an SEC-esque school but is actually a member of the ACC.


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