Vidjagame Apocalypse 47 – Playing Dress-Up


The VGA crew limps through another slow January release week the only way we know how: with lots of tangential nonsense. There’s also a Top 5 about costume changes as a major gameplay mechanic, some chat about CES 2014 and PlayStation Now, a bold plan to Kickstart and revive the Official Dreamcast Magazine, and a quick look at your most-anticipated games of 2014.

Question of the Week

What’s your favorite ability-granting costume from a game?



*NOTE* We’ve been getting some AMAZING donations lately but hardly anyone is attaching a name and the intended recipient of said donations. Please try to make note of which podcast the donation is going to so maybe we can get some new equipment and thank the right people for all their support.

Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break songs are Ignorance is Bliss by Jellyfish and Alex Kidd (All-Star Theme). Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.

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50 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 47 – Playing Dress-Up

  1. I have to go w/ the toilet skin in saints row, which gave you the ability to turn normal cut scenes into the “so dumb it looks back around to ingenuous”

  2. In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the Gray Fox’s Cowl allowed me to have a criminal alter ego that no matter how many crimes I committed, I could simply take it off out of sight and just blame the Gray Fox if the guards were after me.

    The bandana from Red Dead Redemption also had a similar effect.

    1. I saw that there was only one comment so I almost just went ahead and posted my answer to the QOTW before reading your comment. But holy shit, that was the first and only thing that came to my mind.

      I love stealing and fencing items in RPGs, thus becoming incredibly wealthy. Being the Gray Fox and earning the Cowl allowed me to become a medieval Scrooge McDuck.

      1. But…
        Did you dive head first into your pile of gold? You cannot be truly Scrooge McDuck without that ability.

  3. Was Anne in a particularly bad mood this episode? She was a lot more hateful towards everything than usual.

    I’m probably going to drop Vidjagame Apocalypse and just stick to Cheap Podcast and Cape Crisis with the occasional episode of Lasertime after this one.

    1. So what if she’s in a bad mood? Does that diminish Mikel’s dedication and Chris’s weirdly over the top excitement for Monster Hunter?
      Also, kinda funny you mention Cheap Poocast and Cape Crisis, since they almost always have Henereyg (on twitter), and a lot of times he’s in a bad mood. But it’s OK, because it’s fun to listen to him rant about politics.
      Point being: don’t complain about something that is being given to you for free, unless you have constructive criticism, i.e. “If Anne doesn’t feel well, or feels she’s in a bad mood, she should leave the kitchen studio because it’s good for both parties”.

      1. Except Anne bashes nearly everything, always. Most of my friends have stopped listening to episodes with her on them, and I’m the only one left in my friend group still listening to Vidjagame Apocalypse. Although I had to throw the towel in for this one.

        1. I thought Anne was bloody delightful, as she usually is. is this because of that Fox song? guys, it’s really not funny, never has been.

          actually this VGA was more fun and full of life than the show has been in a while. really enjoyed it.

          1. I have a suspicion that this might be more about her attitude towards FF games during the segment in which they were talking about FFX-2. Anne has been very vocal about her distaste/indifference towards the franchise… Kinda like how Diana does the same with anime. And apparently some people can’t seem to tolerate other not liking something they like.

            I mean… I am a guy that complains a lot as well, (As seen below..) but i always have to cringe when some commenters get so vitriolic or defensive when a cast member complains or doesn’t personally like something they do.

            Which in turn makes this comment about Anne being so “negative” and “hateful” kinda hilarious, seeing as this is a podcast that also features Mike Grimm, who is far more hateful and dismissive or more things than most others combined. (Not saying this is a bad thing though, since that’s a huge part of his charm for me.)

          2. Grimm is hilarious, though sometimes he may display a liiiiitle over the too hatred for some things.

        2. Are you freaking kidding me? I can’t even count the times where an obscure game is mentioned and Anne gushes over it. Just because she doesn’t agree with you on your beloved tastes doesn’t mean she “bashes everything”.

    2. Oh this comment. Was I in a bad mood? I don’t think so. Am I not allowed to dislike Final Fantasy? That’s cool, if not. I don’t think I bash everything. I’m the most positive person on the whole show. I’m a fucking ray of sunshine in the shit sky compared to Grimm.

  4. KIRBY??! UFO??

    Yea kirby was the first thing I thought of. I could bring up any of the dozens of abilities he’s had but the UFO is probably one of my favorites. You do a little cute floaty dance, you got a smiley face, and you obliterate poor innocent wildlife from above with lasers.

  5. Man, listening to “Ignorance is bliss” always bring a huge grin on my face. It’s such a stupid song but the melody is so fucking great and catchy I can’t help but hum and sing along every single time.

    Also… Yeah, what the fuck people? If you don’t want to podcast then just don’t do it, but it’s kinda unnecessary to announce every 5 minutes that you’d rather go watch an overrated comedy show you could easily watch at any time, than to do the show.

    Maybe it was done half jokingly, but didn’t care for that kind of attitude, specially when it interrupted on topic discussions such as Mikel’s thoughts on Lords of Shadow 2, which we didn’t really heard anything about because Tyler interrupted with a stupid joke and then they immediately moved on.

    So yeah… some of the ramblings WERE genuinely funny, but more than other times, this episode really felt like you guys would have rather be anywhere else but doing this, and that in turns made me wish I’d do anything but listen.

    1. Tyler commented that he’s going to watch community AFTER the show.
      Anne is the one who wanted to watch it instead of doing the show… at the END OF THE SHOW.
      Are you seriously complaining about a free 2 hour weekly for that is being produced outside of their work hours AND nearing the middle of the night, just because 1 minute of that show mentioned an “overrated comedy” in your opinion?

      1. The whole thing wasn’t mentioned just once or twice, and only at the end of the show, this was brought up at LEAST on 3 or 4 different occasions during the podcast, specially during the previews and community section, cutting both of them short after making it amply clear they wanted to finish the show quickly.

        As for it being a free show… That is true and fair to an extent. Considering that they still clearly rely on donations and getting some revenue for it, so making these shows isn’t exactly a “charity” and as such I don’t think they should be treated as one. (specially since I HAVE donated several times to the show and the network in general, I do it completely willingly and happily of course, and don’t expect anything in return. I point this out mainly so you won’t think I’m basing my argument in a hypocritical way, saying that and yet not giving anything in return myself.)

        And even if it was, are you then saying that no one has any right to complain or criticize anything they see wrong with the show? Should we well then just grin and nod and just say thank you and not say what we think? The attitude they displayed in this specific episode bothered me, so I talked about it, but more often than not, I enjoy the episodes and I also acknowledge as much when this happens. I’m giving my honest feedback, and while it might not always be pleasant, I’d like to think it’s preferred rather than to be blind ass-kissing no matter the subject.

        Regardless, unlike a poster above me, I’m not threatening to stop listening to the show or anything of the sort, and I really do appreciate what Mikel and company do overall. But just like when they complained about their beloved community kinda sucking on their 4th season, so do I feel we can at least have the right to point out when they didn’t do so great, at least in my personal opinion, no?

        1. I think they were really cranking them out this week, and by VGA were probably on podcast 2 or 3 of the day. Anne said it was almost midnight and they still knocked out a 2 hr show.

          give them a break, most podcast networks don’t give you this much content, and especially when it’s hosted by all the same people. I know you’re not threatening listenership like the guy above, and you’re a veteren around here, so I’m really not trying to give you shit. but until I read this comments section I wouldn’t have imagined anyone had anything to complain about.

          1. Having calmed down more and distanced myself a bit from the situation, I do realize I may have lashed out harsher than I should have. Mainly because there is something that genuinely did bother me, and that’s when Mikel got interrupted from his preview of LoS2 and that they just straight up ignored it afterwards.

            Again, i know this crew’s bread a butter are tangents, and going-off topic like that, that in itself I’m fine with, but I do find it very irksome every-time they are just about to start talking about a new, relevant topic, and then it gets sidetracked with a joke or throwaway line, and never addressed again. I mean, this IS still supposed to be a videogame podcast, right?

            And really, I get it, i mean, you know, you’ve seen me around, I’ve stuck with this network almost since the start, and i know how much it has grown, and I do appreciate the guys often go out of their way to bring us this content. If I didn’t appreciate it, i don’t think I’d be here anymore or listening, would I? 😛

            But that doesn’t make them perfect, and when they do stuff I do think damage the quality of the show, I do feel like we have the right to point it out. Granted, I probably could have done it without sounding so angry at first, I’ll give you that 😛

        2. Seriously? Did you actually compare this to a “charity”? It doesn’t matter if they filled the HALF of the podcast with pleas to give them money, you still don’t pay a dime to listen to it. I’ve been a fan of these guys for three years now, and I didn’t pay anything. Wish I could, but I don’t own a credit card and I live half a planet away.
          Dude I agree with you on the criticizing part, but no matter what they do on the podcast they still do it FOR YOU, they have no obligation whatsoever to entertain you, yet here we are. And if you still don’t like anything they did in it, do it in a constructive manner, not a passive aggressive one.
          The difference is that when you do it constructively you sound like a person who loves a thing yet wants to improve, but if you take the later route you sound like an entitled fanboy.

          1. “It doesn’t matter if they filled the HALF of the podcast with pleas to give them money, you still don’t pay a dime to listen to it.”

            …You may wanna take more care in how you write sentences, I want to think you meant to say, “you still don’t HAVE to pay a dime” otherwise, you’re making an assumption is not yours to make, and a false one at that.

            And listen, I agree that the way you make criticisms matter a lot, and I recognized in other posts here that I overreacted in my initial post. So for that apologize, although I still believe I had a point then, and I still do, this doesn’t make me appreciate what they do any less, it actually means I want them to improve. But yes, I’ll make a more serious effort to check the way how I make a criticism next time it becomes necessary.

          2. Yeah I did mean that. Sorry, I should edit my post more.
            I apologize for lashing out on you without thinking. These kinda posts (negative reactions) always piss me off, because most of them reek of entitlement.
            Your post didn’t seem like that, so I don’t know why I just lashed out. Sorry again.

  6. The water suit in both Twilight Princess and Ocarina of time are my favorites not only because blue is my favorite color, but because you can finally roam around in the water without having to worry about drowning yourself. Even outside of the water, I would constantly wear it because of how much I like Link in a blue costume better than in a green one which grants you nothing special, even though he looks good in green. The red one is also nice because it protects you from the gestating heat in volcanic areas, but the blue I like more still because as opposed to the red costume, you can actually swim in the liquid that the color represents. Then again, wouldn’t make much sense to swim in lava, would it?

    1. I second the VGA Official Dreamcast Magazine Kickstarter (which I have to because the word Dreamcast is in my name).

      Now, what are all the tiers and stretch goals?

  7. Game: Saints Row The Third.
    Costume: None.
    Ability: being fucking hilarious, especially when you play an obese fanboy that only talks in zombie.

  8. QOTW: the Gravity Suit from various Metroids, since it lets you go underwater and through lava, opening up large portions of the game area and making fights in others a hell of a lot less stressful.

  9. QOTW: The ultimate spiderman costume from the ps1 spider man game that let you have unlimited web

  10. Sumo sound, I found my new text message sfx for my phone! Also +1 to playing game audio again, getting a ol’ Tdar vibe with this one.

  11. My favourite costume power ups in a game would have to be the ones in Ray-man 3. My favourite out the ones in that game is the costume that fires mini tornadoes
    when you punch. Despite most of the power-ups lasting a minute they were actually pretty fun and powerful to use. Man that game is so under-rated.

  12. If you make a top 5 dating sim episode I vote for mass effect to be number 1. Just wish the side story about the reapers didnt always get in the way of the main story

  13. QOTW: Hotline Miami has a bunch of good ones, but I’d say Nigel, the mask that reverses the controls. I’m not usually a fan of super difficult games, but this makes a hard game even harder – and funner!

  14. Man… what a hijacked episode. :/

    I used to like this show a lot but I think I’ll just stick to VGMpire and the occasional Cape Crisis. At least those shows have hosts that can keep things (reasonably) on point.

    1. …Cape Crisis… Reasonably on point? *Bursts out laughing*

      I get that you got annoyed at this episode, I did too… But seriously, VGA does a far better job on remaining on point and on topic than cape Crisis does, even when going on extreme tangents, VGA does talk about videogames for most of the episodes…. Whereas cape Crisis often ends up becoming Henry’s personal soap box.

    2. what’s the matter with you guys?

      “we want Laser Time to be more like TalkRadar!”
      “cool, VGA is like TalkRadar all over again”
      “hey guys, stick to the point! what is all this hue-mar?”

      point is, if you guys can’t get on board with a sentient Dreamcast that tyrannically runs a magazine, we’ll never see eye to eye

      1. I guess as a final addendum to my defense of this show, and all the shows on the network, all I have to say is that if I wanted to listen to a tightly focused show that crammed in a ton of news and dry, comedy light conversation there are 100’s of other podcasts to choose from.

        I listen to this network for the personalities. and when they go off topic it’s usually fun and/or interesting. not 100% of the time, but the fun they have in the studio is infectious, and it feels genuinely more like a conversation with good friends more so than just about any other show I can name.

        1. Well, I don’t disagree with you there. The reason I listen to most of the podcasts here (Only one I don’t tune in is Cheap Popcast, and that’ just because I really don’t care about wrestling whatsoever.) is definitely because of the personalities of these people, and that even when they annoy me, they always do it with an energy and passion I don’t feel with most others.

          Case in Point, after the crossover between VGmpire and LegacyMusicHour, I decided to give that podcast a shot… Even though I am still listening to it, (almost reached episode 50.) Brent and Rob just haven’t clicked with me, I listen mainly for the music, I don’t enjoy their conversations nearly as much as i do Brett’s in VGMpire. Often, listening feels like a chore, whereas with these pod-casts I always want more.

          So I guess it’s just a difference of how we perceive we should act in regards to our love for the shows? Also, again, notice my problem isn’t necessarily that they go into tangents, so much as it is when said tangents interrupt and cancel out potentially interesting topics. And to be fair, that doesn’t happen TOO often, but it does annoy the shit out of me when it does XD

          1. Legacy Music Hour is a great counter point. I listened to them off and on, their knowledge on obscure and awesome game music is unparalleled. BUT, the show never had that certain spark for me. Brent is a funny guy, and I wish they incorporated a but more of that personality into the episodes. it seems like they didn’t often allow themselves to cut loose and have fun. on the other hand VGMpire feels alive. Brett’s love of the music and frequent stories of why a particular game or song is relevant to his life forms a perfect foundation for a great VGM show. then when you add Chris, Henry or anyone from LT the podcast becomes a show that moves along fast and feels alive.

            I hate saying anything even slightly negative about LMH, because I very much respect the show and intend on checking out their back catalog port-mortem. it’s too bad they had to shut down. I feel like if they had more guests, or allowed themselves to goof about and incorporate Brent’s comedy a little more it could have been a favourite of mine. I’ve learned a lot from the brief time I’ve spent with that show.

  15. QOTW: My favorite ability granting costume is the stuff you can morph into in Ape Escape 3…

    I just want Ape Escape to be relavant again.

  16. I’ve battled through it enough and now I’m going to voice my opinion. Just my opinion, guys. Ann is nice, she does great work, but I just can’t handle her incessant laughter and blowing up the audio levels in excitement. I had to give up on this one after the 30 minute marker. Sorry, guys.

  17. QotW: In FF7 dressing Cloud up like a fine ass piece of strange allowed me to see a creepy scene where an old slum-king tries to slip his “little Don Corneo” in Cloud’s “little brown corn-hole.”

    Wow, theres a lot of negativity going on in here. I personally enjoy every host of every show, I even find myself listening to Cheap Popcast despite not giving a shit about wrestling, because you guys (and gals!) are all entertaining as hell. I will continue listening, i will continue donating, and if i ever meet any of you hosts in person, ill give you a hardy handshake, and a genuine THANK YOU for making the more drudgery filled parts of my week fly by a little faster.

    Sidebar, Anne i hope you finally got around to reading those Question comics!

  18. Re-listening to this one because it’s so good. Love the Tdar-ness of this one, tangents and sfx ftw! We need more game sfxs, esp on games that just came out or are just coming out.

  19. What…the hell Chris.

    You work for Capcom, they’re doing a costumes that grant abilities list, and you don’t think to bring up the Mickey’s Magical Quest games?

    Those games are all about the costumes! Fireman suit for the win!

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