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Apropos of nothing, we start off this week’s show with a Top 5 about heroes who have, at best, a tenuous grip on their heads. Then there’s some talk about Broken Age, Banner Saga, and a smattering of last week’s news, followed by some startling revelations about your favorite ability-granting costumes.

Question of the Week

If you could turn any of the 2014 Oscar Nominees into a game, what would it be?



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50 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 48 – Head Games

  1. I can’t remember the name of the movie but the one with Judi Dench and Steve Coogan would make a great L.A. Noire style game. Also American Hustle would be a great open-world crime game.

  2. The Wolf of Wall Street, where you play an actor that never gets any recognition for his amazing talents.

    In all seriousness though, I would like a game resolving around the idea of Gravity. You’re lost in a place god knows where (your pick of: dessert, jungle, middle of any ruin, SPAAACE), you hopelessly try to salvage parts scattered around you as a way to escape this dreaded place.
    There are no enemies for you to combat… just you against the forces of nature trying to kill you at every turn.

    PS: Gravity is the only movie I was able to watch, since we don’t have cinemas here. I’m sure if I saw the other nominees I would’ve been able to think of more ideas.

  3. I’d turn Captain Philips into a Telltale style adventure game since throughout the film the crew are having to sneak around, talk their way through tense conversations, gather items and use them as the situation requires, for example:

    Find the bottle, wait for the right sound sensitive moment to break the glass, lay the glass in front of the right door, hide, switch to Philips then bluff your way out. Move on to the next puzzle.

  4. The fact of the matter is, if this was done, it would have a 99% chance of being a horribly offensive creation, but I’d like to imagine 12 Years a Slave as a game. If done correctly/perfectly, the player would live the life of Solomon Northrup, going through all of the events highlighted in the book/movie.

    I guess the fantasy I have with this is that it is about a 5 hour experience that is held up as one of the most important narratives in gaming. Watching the movie was hard enough, so I can’t imagine having the controller in my hand and having me, the player “experiencing” what Solomon went through.

    Certainly not a fun game, but an important one.

  5. GTA V proved that a simplified version of the stock market CAN work as a side element of a game. So simplify it even bit more, make the consequences of your messing of the stock market tangible as either quick and funny cut-scenes or slide-shows, make that the least of your problems as you also have to manage the fortune of Jordan Belfort while also keeping the cops from busting him after his increasingly more decadent, exuberant spending and activities… And you’d have the perfect “The Wolf of Wall Street ” video game.

    Think about it, it could totally work as a strategy game in which you have to, in a daily basis, keep the economy of Belfort’s business growing while at the same time covering your tracks to the police can’t arrest you. Your reward for doing things right (or wrong) could be seconds long videos in which you watch the kind of shenanigans and debauchery Mr. Belfort got into for the day, making them more funny and outrageous the further you progress trough the game without being caught.

    And obviously, the game could go for even longer than the film (and real life) did. Making it possible for Belfort to avoid arrest if you’re clever enough to cover his track and/or keep him away from the police’s grasp. You’d get different endings depending on how long you kept Jordan Belfort out of Jail, and how much Fortune you managed to amass/Savage during that time.

    I mean, if way more boring and mundane concepts like The Sims, or Train simulator can work and have an audience, certainly this could work wonders too, no?

  6. Her, make it a dating sim where you fall in love with the menu screen

    Also the gifs you guys are putting on these are golden

  7. 12 Years a Slave

    Get Telltale to make it, except in first person so there can be Oculus Rift support!

    A cramped up slave ship in 3D!

    Picking cotton in 3D!

    Getting whipped in 3D!

    But yeah, a first person interactive experience would be cool. Imagine internal narration sort of like Dear Esther mixed with Telltalle’s ability to tell a story and move it forward through gameplay. And quicktime events are the perfect way to represent the tedious nature of slave work.

  8. Gravity would be pretty cool as an FPS similar to System Shock, where you play Sandra Bullock fighting a SHODAN-esque AI which has taken over the ISS.

    FYI, if you look past the generic name, Elite Squad 1 and 2 are pretty bitchin’ Brazilian action movies, which were also recommended by Rockstar leading up to Max Payne 3’s release. So it’s not the director’s fault the Robocop reboot is going to suck. It’s just plain old Hollywood bullshit

  9. Beautiful episode gentlemen, Grimm was on a roll.

    I found their opinions on Metal Gear Rising’s boss fight odd (although I’ve already said something like this on the comments for an earlier episode), since I found the game to actually have amazing boss fights. It’s even weirder when i think about how much they seemed to like DmC’s boss fights, which in my opinion, was how they felt about MGR’s. A lot of spectacle, but just super meh to actually fight.

  10. QOTW: Okay, we need to turn Nebraska into a survival-horror game. Now hear me out: you’re car has broken down smack dab in the middle of Nebraska (no-man’s land), you’ve been wandering around for hours, it’s the dead of night with no sign of civilization inn sight. Dead tired, you decide to take shelter in a local corn field (of which 99.99 percent of the state is made up of). And, despite no sign of life anywhere within miles of where you are, you swear that you can hear something, a whisper, faint but distinct, saying only one word: Malachi.

    1. Its about Nebraska it can’t be that exciting. Should just be you listening to the podcast and going to work. Think of a much slower paced Shemue without any story progression ^^.

  11. QOTW: I know that in Frozen, Ursa spends a lot of her time alone with her out of control ice powers. Now, let’s just say, that I take a few liberties and throw in a few hundred ninja cyborgs and turn it into a nutso action game, aaaaaaaaand let’s just say that you can do bayonetta style-finishers where you summon huge ice monsters and step on them. And be sure to put Platinum on it.

  12. I think Gravity would make for the most interesting game out of all of the nominees for Best Picture. You could turn it into some type of survival horror or suspense filled game that is different each time you play it. At one moment things could be calm in one place within your first play through, but in the 2nd one, something completely different happens. Also, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to place a morality type system into the game that puts some type of emotional into the decisions you make. IF you decide to help someone stay alive, you’ll be happy you did, but oxygen would run out quicker. If you don’t, congratulations, you have all the oxygen to yourself, but you let that person die only to find out later that he or she could’ve helped you with some other situation mad harder because you chose to a selfish dimwit.

  13. QOTW: The Wolf of Wall Street. Basically, it’d be pretty similar to Michael’s story in GTA V but with Leo and extra hookers.

  14. Star Trek Into Darkness (Nominated for Visual Effects)

    I would make Star Trek into Darkness into a game because I got all excited about a new Star Trek game last year and the one they released was SHIT. Maybe they could get it right this time.

  15. Poor Grimm, he’s made that Simpsons football/soccer joke like three times already and still no one catches it.

  16. QOTW: I dunno why, but I feel like Pokemon: Blue Jasmine Version really works as a game title. So I guess I wanna see Blue Jasmine as a Pokemon game(?)

    Also, Grimm gets a bonus point for name checking Wavves.

  17. Uh…Gravity is practically already a video game. George Clooney is basically the voice of the tutorial guy, “Go float to this Russian space station. Quick find the hatch before you run out of breath!” I actually heard that as a critique of the movie, but growing up playing video games I was used to the mission-based plot developments.

    Anyways my real answer is Captain Phillips. A campaign mode from his perspective would be cool, but cooperative multiplayer would be better. Go team pirates!

  18. I drink both coke zero and diet coke, zero is fuller and closer to regular coke and diet is obviously lighter. I for one prefer zero most of the time.

  19. It’s funny that the consensus is it’s ridiculous for a dude who made a movie called “Elite Squad” to make a movie called “Robocop”. Am I missing something?

  20. In this episode: Tyler continues to misuse the word “racist”. Spanish is a language and/or Nationality. Not a race.

  21. The visual style of Puppeteer sounds a lot like Gunstringer, which had a free download code packed in with the Kinect. Basically a spaghetti western shooter portrayed with marionettes on a stage… actually surprisingly fun.

  22. So many questions to answer this week.
    1.) My dick sucking technique is called Nermal gives Garfield his lasagna.
    2.) Coke Zero, but it can be a crap shoot as about 30% of the cans do in fact taste like battery acid.
    3.) A psychics based survival puzzler based on Gravity would be fucking awesome.

  23. I’m envisioning an NES era Chinese Bootleg of Wolf of Wall Street, which like most Chinese bootleg games has nothing in common with the source material. A bipedal wolf-man in side scrolling beat em up style fighter a’la double dragon, working his way down a generic street with signs that just say “Wall St.”

    Also, my dick sucking technique is called the Crazy Ivan.

    Also, Diet Coke

      1. Both taste like ass. If I’m gonna bother drinking soda, might as well make it the real deal and just drink normal Coke.

        1. I genuinely prefer the taste of diet coke to real coke… im not a fan of super-sweet stuff. Coke gives me “Sugar mouth”, where your spit seems super thick and sticky, and i hate that feeling.

          I dont hate coke zero either, but id pick Diet over Zero every goddamned day of the week.

          Sidebar: RC cola is the greatest regular cola, but paradoxically Diet Rite is the WORST diet cola.

          1. People say you can’t taste a difference but man if all I have as an option is diet then I’m not drinking it, hate the taste of aspartame and that shit is way worse than regular soda. It’s in all gums now too, can’t get away from that crap.

          2. I agree with you completely. I’ve never understood how people think the taste is comparable or even remotely similar. And yeah, I hate how aspartame tastes, which is why I rarely eat any “diet” versions of things.

            As for regular coke being too sweet… Well, I’m a manchild who loves sugar, so I guess that also explains why I prefer that XD

          3. I guess I don’t think of diet coke as trying to emulate the taste of coke. I think of it as its own entity, which i prefer. It seems more refreshing to me! and falcon, despite my backing of diet coke, and my hatred of sweet mouth, just try and keep me away from a can of cream soda.

          4. Oh man… Yeah, Cream Soda is so fucking delicious! It kills me though, that there’s no one that sells ANY kind of Cream Soda down here in Mexico ):

            My only way of drinking it is when I go to LA to visit my girlfriend, BUT THAT?S NOT OFTEN ENOUGH D:

  24. Turn 12 years a slave into a Gone Home style experience.

    or you could make it like killer 7?
    one of those seems appropriate, some one should have told that to Quentin Tarantino.
    But i liked Django Unchained as well. Guess both would be good if executed well.

  25. American Hustle where all the cutscenes are amazing and beautiful to look at, coupled with great character development but it takes 80 hours to beat.

    I liked the movie but it had an odd quality to it. Also thats the only movie i can remember watching recently. Also I never realized how thick Wikiparezes Spanish accent sounds. Since I’ve grown up with the Mexican accent, the Spanish one sticks out like a sore thumb. More spanish on the podcast!

  26. ***MINOR SPOILER*** I could see Philomena being a detailed mystery thriller RPG, maybe something like Heavye Ryain. You have to find your long lost son through a series of fiendish puzzles. And to make it extra difficult, every scene is an escort mission with Steve Coogan, who suffers from horrible following AI. At the end you attempt to torture an apology out of the evil nun. At which point you can decide whether to blast her with a shotgun and take all her money.

  27. The Kickstarter game Grimm was talking about is called Unsung Story: Tales of the Guardians. (Which I agree sounds pretty generic.) And it’s indeed a new RPG in which Yasumi Matsuno (Creator of Final fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, Vagrant Story and part of Final Fantasy XII before Squeenix screwed him over.) will be actively involved with.

    The whole project hasn’t started development yet, but the ideas sound really promising, and they should be posting gameplay concept and mock-ups soon. I already backed it as I’m a huge turn based strategy nerd, and a fan of Matsuno’s work.

    In case anyone else is interested, here’s the link:

      1. My pleasure, the better people understand what the project is about, the better chance there is to make a better game out of it.

        Also, just today it was confirmed that if the base goal is reached, the art designer that has worked on most of Matsuno’s games (And also the designer of the characters in the upcoming bravely default.) will join the project as well. That, coupled with composer Sakimoto joining if they reach 1 million, would mean that the game WOULD have the main faces and talent from FFT, Vagrant Story and Tactics Ogre are working on the game, making it even more legit than just having Matsuno on board, because now, it will also look and sound like a Matsuno game πŸ˜›

  28. Dallas Buyers Club – the game would be basically Smuggler’s Run but with late ’70’s luxury sedans. After each successful run there is Dr. Mario-esque mini-game with an 8-bit version of Matthew McConaughey using pills to kill the AIDS virus. The final mission of the game would be a Call of Duty style night vision AC-130 shooter aiming at immigrants sneaking across the border because, let’s face, it Texans have been wanting to do that for like 40 years.

  29. Gravity could be like what they’re trying to do with Aliens Isolation but you know you’re out in space and the big ol monster is dying out in freakin’ space!

  30. QOTW: This is easy all of them as a cross over fighter I wanna see Dicaprio as the wolf of wall street use his Jonah assist to take on Sandra bulluck riding an escape pod, the cast of despicable me 2 taking on Nebraska as a state. I want tons of items to pick up and use like the Lemons from wolf of wall street, the whip from 12 years as a slave and even assist trophies composed of all the nominees for best supporting actors.

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