Cape Crisis #78 – Know Your Role


Henry, Chris, and Dave ponder how comic book annuals are like non-televised wrestling, they talk about Walking Dead apathy, the confusion of the X-Men, and many more hot topics (but not Hot Topic) in this week’s show…


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Cape Crisis #78 Question: What DC character is The Rock going to play?

11 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #78 – Know Your Role

  1. Henry really needs to quit that female empowerment shit. I love and respect women as much as much as any other guy. He just goes on and on and it just starts getting weird and annoying.

  2. Did Brett really stop reading Superman because an alien showed up? Also, JLUnity started out as a JLA arc, but apparently the writers plans brought him to far away from America, so they just decided to change the name.

  3. I don’t know who The Rock could play from DC’s roster as I’m not familiar enough with it, but he couldn’t possibly look worse than fuckin’ Dave Bautista does as Drax The Destroyer.

  4. I appreciate Chris sharing his desire to see the characters in The Walking Dead face horrible things all the time but, this is the exact reason I will never be interested in the comic or show. I enjoy seeing how people face terrible situations but, I also like seeing them overcome these and rise to the occasion. If the protagonists never get to a better place in life then what’s the point? I see terrible things in real life all the time. I don’t need to subject myself to them in my entertainment too with no positive resolution. Also, why are the zombies still alive? Over the course of months and even years they would all die off. Could someone please explain this?

  5. I used to think about how Spiderman would get around in my neighborhood as a kid (all one-story houses) and I figured he could skate along the street, pulling himself from houses and lightpoles with his spidey strength. He could make some kind of low friction skids for his feet out of web. Then I would get depressed realizing there would never be a reason for Spiderman to come to Sunnyvale.

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