Laser Time – The Post Game Show


What’s the best thing about the Super Bowl for people who don’t care about football? No, not commercials. We’re talking about those lead-out shows that immediately follow The Big Game. Huge series premieres, star-studded guest appearances, and famous flops abound!



16 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Post Game Show

  1. Sounds like a good theme for this week consider I’m one of the people who don’t care about the superbowl

  2. I can’t believe Chris is such a supporter of VAPE CULTURE. Does he like to have is face vaped? Is he a vapist? The jokes go on and on…

  3. Love the show, love you guys.. as I was driving home today Eachning, I heard bret say “lost did but then every one realized it was full of shit” .. and because I might be psychopathic I could not let it go.. mostly because after listening to you guys for years it seems as if our child hood and adulthood interest mirror each other.. this isn’t the first time LOST has been disparaged by yon hosts. As a man 32 years into life on this earth, I’m not ashamed to admit I hosted weekly lost parties are which we were completely enraptured with the entire saga (used with permission by candy crush) , through the end. I mean.. we were all reallllly high but I don’t think that’s the only reason. I lost (get it) credibilty right there but at least I’m honest. Show is great, Has a cool story and the ending is never described well but that’s why one should watch out. Damon whats his fuck is certainly… whatever.. but when I have heard you guys talk about it it seems no one has actually watched it all the way through. In there I think there are many story arcs, laughs, and mysteries that would tantalize and rxcite you guys. Have Chris blow his vapor in the room to up the mysterious ambiance. I don’t smoke any more and I still enjoy it. I’m really proud of my grammar, sentence structure and valid a
    Claims of this post. I should get a career in losting.

    1. SLP1981, I’m actually a pretty big Lost fan and I’m pretty sure I’ve defended it once or twice on various LT shows, but I’ve learned that convincing a Lost-hater that the show is great (excellent continuity, possibly the greatest musical score of any show/movie) is akin to trying to changing the political beliefs of someone on Facebook. Futile!

  4. Henry, you know you can just search by someone’s name right, stfu about your stupid f’n twitter name. Short episode this week but enjoyed listening to it while playing Spelunky.

  5. Did Chris ever say if he was smoking (sorry, vaping) the second and third times he encountered the guy, or if he was just remembering that Chris had been doing it on public transit one time, so he had to attack him later when he had the chance? It sounds like Chris was probably smoking again (sorry again, vaping) and the guy still thought that he shoudn’t be, but it wasn’t clear in the story.

  6. Shame about being such a short episode. It was fun though! Chris’s story about that guy who grabbed him was both rather funny and also very jarring. One can only hope that douchebag eventually encounters someone that WILL break his face for being an asshole, and also a fucking coward.

  7. Great episode guys.

    Is there ANYBODY out there who can turn that World of Color song into a sick ass hip hop beat?

  8. Two of my favorite things are football and Family Guy (at least the first six seasons), and I can’t stand them getting ripped. I can’t believe I wasted battery and memory on this episode. I think it’s time for a Laser Time hiatus. No wonder everybody hates ol’ Hank G.

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