Cheap Popcast #20 – Royal Rumble Rambunctiousness


True to Royal Rumble form, Dave’s partners in crime for this podcast are completely random as they chat up the WWE’s wildest show of the year. After Dave goes solo to talk about the next night’s Raw, we reconvene to dissect the cheesiest Royal Rumble promos ever!



21 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #20 – Royal Rumble Rambunctiousness

  1. Part of me wants to listen to this now at 2:30 AM so that I can get my mind off of the CM Punk news, but I know I should wait until tomorrow. Fuck.

        1. If the WWE is smart, this actually wouldn’t make that bad of a worked angle you know? But then again who knows how intelligent the WWE is these days.

    1. I didn’t see your comment, but the answer is now yes. I did it to spite you. Definitely not because I live there and Dave asked me to be on for 2 seconds.

  2. If this Punk news is true it kills me. I was just getting back into wrestling and he was a huge reason for it. I guess there’s still Bryan….

    1. Getting into the WWE because of Daniel Bryan is like getting into dog fighting because you’re a dog lover: He’s there, but you really aren’t going to like what happens to him.

  3. This royal rumble was the first thing of wrestling anything that I’ve ever watched (I blame you, Dave), so it was interesting when it turned out to be somewhat of a snafu.
    Also, it’s super weird to hear Calgary get mentioned, that’s where I live! I guess that’s what they call a cheap pop? Still trying to understand all the jargon.

  4. That sound effect got progressively more hilarious as the podcast went on. Just trying to take a bite out of my sandwich and then “JAYSUS” out of nowhere. I hope it ends up staying for future episodes :O.

  5. I’m kind of surprised how tame everyone was at tolerating the song I picked. I was expecting way worse, half picked it because it’s a guilty pleasure but also one of those totally forced wrestling sounding songs. I did laugh when Brett or Henry went “oh boy” as the lyrics kicked in. Pretty sure Kidd has only used it one time he wrestled fandango in late 2013.

    Totally forgot to enter the rumble bet, there goes the dynasty. Sad news about Punk, but I don’t think he will be gone for good. Dude just needs a break. Highly doubt it is a work. Sheets were saying part of it was due to him not liking the way creative was going with things and that he felt older guys like batista/sting shouldn’t be getting all the attention since they haven’t been busting ass all year. If it is a work though, WWE is finally learning how to use dirtsheets to their advantage.

    Now it’s looking like bryan/hhh which will ultimately satisfy no one and result in a ton of boo’s and daniel bryan chants during the main event.

    I swore off WWE after Rumble, but gave RAW a chance. I think I’ll stick around a little longer, but if Bryan doesn’t win at EC, I will riot.

  6. Also, here is what I would have done for mania 30 before they wrote themselves into a corner

    Cena + Sheamus vs the wyatts

    Batista vs Orton vs Bryan triple threat no DQ

    Langston vs Cesaro

    Cody/Dust vs NAO

    Lesnar vs Taker

    Shield triple threat for the US title, rollins wins and it becomes the new “cruiserweight” title so guys like ziggler/sandow have something to fight towards again

    Punk vs HHH. Stipulation is that if punk wins he gets a title shot at any point in the future

    Punk beats HHH and Bryan beats batista/orton. Punk challenges Bryan for the title at mania right after he wins it, but Bryan beats him clean. The pops would be insane.

  7. Finally (sorry for so much text, but lets be honest, we could all talk wwe all day), those of you that swear off smackdown really should watch it this week. From what it looks like it will be the best smackdown in a really long time

  8. Good show, doubly so to take my mind off of everything going on with Punk, but I’m surprised nobody corrected that Jericho is from Winnipeg, you idiot.

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