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Between last week’s Sly Cooper movie reveal and the incoming release of Thief, February is shaping up to be a very burgle-y month. So let’s kick it off with a celebration of our favorite master thieves, then get giddy about Jazzpunk, Octodad, and Dustforce before talking about your favorite sports games of all time. Oh, also, it’s our 50th anniversary, so we introduce a news “theme” for which your ears will never forgive us.

Totally Self-Serving Question of the Week

Now that we’re celebrating 50 episodes, which VGA episode (or bit) was your favorite?



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38 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 50 – Master Thief

  1. Happy 50th episode guys!!

    QOTW: Honestly the user review quiz from episode 49 is a highlight of the podcast for me, but if I’m going to pick something older I’ll go with the discussions about Ride to Hell: Retribution and Bioshock Infinite.

  2. Happy 50th Guys! Wooooo!

    My favourite episode of VGA would have to be the Musical Easter Egg Episode. Mainly because it was filled with the humour and chemistry of an old Talk radar episode. It even had a cameo by Mikel’s dad in the opening of the Top Five.

    My second favourite would have to be the GTA 5 episode (You Forgot Poland)

  3. Good episode, guys.

    “These cartoon animals are sexy.”

    5 minutes later…

    “Japan should grow up and get over this lolita bullshit.”

    Let’s not judge Japan’s maturity based on the clothing of young girls in games 1% of the population buys.

  4. EPISODE 50! Love the podcast, a great spiritual successor to TalkRadar!

    QOTW: Off the top of my head I would go with 21 where you guys debated the Xbox One DRM controversy that was both funny and interesting, not being entirely one sided like many in the industry were at the time, even if it ended up as the podcast verses just Chris. Even the offbeat top 5 about fake games in film was a different approach and that’s what I like about this show, even with recurring gags (which are still fine) you do mix up the topics regularly.

  5. QOTW: I remember listening to the “100% Prue Trumours”, very early on (maybe the 1st episode?) and thinking “Yes. Yes this is the podcast I want.”

  6. My favorite moments and episodes from VGA come from the Grand Champion Gummi Venus de Milo, Mike Grimm. His pure love or pure hate (since there is no in between) is infectious and beautiful. I bought Saints Row IV solely based on his boner/recommendation.

    And my favorite future episode is when Seth Killian joins the cast for some magic.

    – Really though, you guys are just as great as always and keep on keepin’ on.

  7. QoTW – definitely the kickstarter Dreamcast magazine bit from a few episodes ago. Where you guys were discussing stretch goals, how Chris would deliver a crate of them like a baby, a font would be made from the Cleveland Browns posing, and so on. I was crying with laughter and since I listen to this podcast while driving, it nearly killed me. Good job guys! Keep up the magic.

  8. Happy 50th! anniversary guys! Here’s for many more! ^^

    QOTW: I know many complained, but I actually had a lot of fun with the “Rad Bromance” episode, in which you guys just let loose with the “bro” puns with such unapologetic gusto, it even seeped into the next episode XD

  9. QoTW – My favourite episodes have always been the ones where you mention me by name – I’m one vain SOB. If we’re talking about real episodes though, I did enjoy episode 22 – THE GAY EPISODE. The user review quiz in 49 was also really fun. And finally, the Pokémon release episode because that game is like cocaine combined with cake.

  10. My favorite episode is probably the one with my favorite Top 5, which was Top 5 Disowned games. One thing I love about this show is definitely how interesting the entries for Top 5’s are, and how I end up learning about games I’ve never played or hear interesting information about things related to the games.

    Happy birthday VGA, thanks for the great year of constant episodes. At first, I was expecting a new generation of Tdar, but I feel like Mikel and Ann really gave this show it’s own personality seperate from it.

  11. happy biiirday VGA! So glad you all take the time to make these episodes for us. As for my favorite, it’s probably the musical one. I think that might be my favorite combo of guests. The holy trinity (chris,brett,mikel) plus Anne and Grimm. Any episode with Grimm gets me hyped actually.

  12. ‘Sup bros.

    My favorite episode so far? The VGA about bros, bro. Seriously, how could any bro dislike this episode? Real bros know that the show about bros was the shit.

    Anyways, that’s my choice bros. Time to get back to lifting weights and making out with hot chicks.

  13. Well just great!
    Now every time I reminisce about playing sly cooper as a kid I’ll also think about how people like Ann played it for a, very different reason.

    1. Hey now, when I was a kid Carmelita’s boobs were the last thing I was thinking about. HOWEVER, as I grew older I became more and more of a horrible, disgusting cave creature.

  14. QOTW: My favorite moment of the show is when Chris said something to Ann which made everyone get the “Oh-Boy” laugh and how Mikel said in what sounded like a gleeful voice that he felt like he should punch Chris for that. Chris of course agreed to which then followed a speed run of all the plugs. First out of curiosity, was that punch ever delivered? Second, this by no means made me hate Chris. I still love the guy and always welcome him and his humor within my ears.

  15. The user review quiz from 49 was great, as was the music episode that started with a bit involving Mikel’s dad. I also fondly remember a short skit you guys had with Duke Lombardi where it was revealed he sold his soul to Jesus, as well as the raccoon singing to Mario music.

  16. Choices, choices. The entire Bro episode had me in tears, as did your ideas for Dear Esther mods, Episode 44’s discussion about pirate-era sex toys, Anne’s user reviews game and that great Michael Grimm character..

    But my favourite would be Episode 47’s tangent-heavy Top 5

    1. I can’t believe I forgot about the bro episode. That was certainly one of my favorites. You could tell they knew how stupid it was yet they kept going with it, which made it even funnier.

  17. Best moment was hearing you guys describe pouring four-loko in a glass. In general, you guys should be more drunk each episode. In general, everyone should be more drunk for each everything.

  18. Heeeey Happy 50th geeeeuuuuys!

    I guess two of my favorites would be #45 Top 10 Games of 2013 and #47 Playing Dress Up. Also I didn’t get into Spelunky until I watched GiantBomb streams of it. This can be highly related with me with Super Meat Boy which turned me off initially, as Spelunky did, until I heard Hank talk about it and then giving it another shot, it’s one of my favorites. You guys were talking about Hardcore, I’ve always thought of the term just to describe how many hours of video games a person plays. Also finally visited the Ubi blog!

  19. Celebrating Vidjagame Apocalypse’s 50th as only you guys can: with extended tangents about terrifying sexual fetishes. Congrats, guys. Here’s to 50 more.

  20. I don’t know the episode number but when you guys talked about any narrative driven game like Dear Esther and asked where the deathmatch mod was.

  21. My favorite episode has to be episode 44: “Stalin Badman.” It has earned a permanent place on my phone, and I still listen to it on a regular basis.

    That episode has my favorite combination of hosts (Mikel, Micheal, Anne, and Tyler). The laughs come non stop from beginning to end. From serious discussion about the impotence of online petitions to octopus handjobs, this episode demonstrated everything I love about this show. It solidified VGA as my favorite podcast (sorry LaserTime…) and serves as a stellar example of why VGA is less a group of industry professionals talking about my favorite pass time, and more of a group of friends I get to hang out with once a week.

    Tyler was absolutely killer with the one liners that episode. “Truth seeking dicks” and “Counter Strike Defoe” cause me to literally laugh out loud every time.

    Congratulations of 50, guys! Never change!

    PS, If I ever have a band, It will be called “Grocery Store Fedora” and our first album will be “Purchasable with Bitcoin.”

    PPS If this gets read on the show, please be sure to mention both “moist” and “tumescent”

  22. I’ve only recently found your podcast, and therefore am doing a lot of catching up. I feel I have to say that I can’t choose any one episode over another, as there’s always so much to love about each one! Please don’t make me choose 🙂

    Also, I’d like to say thank you for accurately representing the video game playing community…ever since the term “gamer” hit it’s been tough to find people to identify with that have a sane voice about truly playing video games. Playing video games means you love games and play many genres on many platforms without loyalty or bias.

    I’d like to do a late entry for my favourite sports game if I could, Looney Tunes Basketball on SNES…I really wish this could happen on the new gen systems. I’m also afraid my memory of it is better than the game was. At any rate, I’d love to see this again, as I used to love basketball and always have and will love those Looney Tunes characters.

    If you read all of this, thanks…and sorry 🙂

  23. I’d have to say my favorite episodes would be 1-3 because the night the 3rd episode was posted I was in a serious car accident where I broke my back and neck in 5 places.

    I wasn’t allowed pain killers during my stay in the ER that night and had to remain awake for the next 32 hours while they x-rayed and ct scanned my broken body to determine if I would walk again.

    So to keep myself awake while I was strapped down to a hospital bed I asked the nurse if I could borrow her phone charger and listen to vidjagame apocalypse and laser time I laughed my ass off and was kept in high spirits that night.

    So even though I’ve never met any of the VA or laser time Crew I feel like they are some of my best friends for keeping me company in one the worst times of my life thanks guys your shows really mean a lot to me on a very personal level.

  24. You know, Anne saying that they get grumpy near the end of the show since because usually just come back from work kinda put the whole kneejerk reaction some of you guys have towards things more in perspective for me. I definitely know that feeling, so I take back my previous comments. They’re hereby retconned out of podcast commenting history. Totally in the wrong for the way I responded.

    1. Noooo, it put some stuff in perspective for us too. We’ll try to keep the bitching about it being late to a minimum. We just need to start trying to record earlier so 1) Mikel doesn’t get a parking ticket and 2) our neighbors stop calling the landlord with noise complaints. He’s a very scary man…

      1. Wow, I didn’t think you guys were serious about the noise complaint stuff before. That said, the last few episodes have been really good. Even with the jabs at the comments you guys got, it is good to know you really do want to make a good show and don’t just go the “haters” way a lot of podcasts do when they get negative feedback from their audience. Honestly expected that’d happen with my comments after reading back and then seeing the additional comments it got from fans here.

        I really didn’t want to come across as one of those annoying entitled people, since this is one of the few podcasts where I actually wanted to take the time and go through the entire backlog of. It’s become a regular thing to just listen to any of the Lasertime podcasts while playing games, which often makes it harder to skip over or turn it off at points when I probably should because I can’t move away from the game for a while, like with online games.

  25. QOTW: Honestly, my favorite episode is still the first one. I was working for Hostess Brands(yes Twinkies) before they closed, and driving ALOT at the time. A couple of my favorite podcasts had recently either been cancled or were no longer worth listening to, and i’m not a big music guy. I’m glad no one was around to witness just how excited I got when I found out that Ep. 1 was available. I remember being in a hotel room with horrible WiFi and just praying for it to finish downloading before I had to get back on the road. Thanks for the hours of content and actually maintaining a reasonable release rate.

    Honorable mention to Rad Bromance. Also, the Racoon is the greatest bumper bit I’v heard in any podcast, making yours the only “commercials” I actually listen to and may actually donate to.

  26. As someone that’s pretty much memorized the Street Fighter plot guide, I’d like to kindly request that Chris eat a piping hot plate of dicks.

    Please don’t ever have anything to do with Street Fighter while working at Capcom. Stick to writing Launchpad dialog.

  27. Happy 50th epsisode!
    I loved the “esports” bit with Mikel’s dad, and the “Steamos” sleazy-Greek-guy bit… so I guess I basically just like episodes where things are pronounced wrong.
    There’s also something to be said about the first episode, it was such a great moment to finally have a true spiritual successor to TalkRadar on the Laser Time Network, and hearing Helix Nebula again at the beginning just warmed my heart. (The new intro song is great, too – nostalgic value aside, I didn’t care for the mashup version of Helix Nebula that was used.)
    Those parts are great and all – but I’d have to say my favorite parts of the podcast are when you get off topic about Community.

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