Cape Crisis #79 – A Super Bowl of conversation


The Super Bowl is over and that can only mean one thing: trailers to superhero movies! We discuss that, along with sad celebrity deaths, comic books, dated Matrix outfits, Superman comics, and waaaay more things…


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Cape Crisis #79 Question: What do you think of the Days of Future Past movie costumes?

23 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #79 – A Super Bowl of conversation

  1. Do you guys realize how long you talked about Phillip Seymour Hoffman being dead before you actually said his name? I’m all for tangents, but I think giving people a little heads up on what you’re talking about is nice. If you haven’t seen his movies, like Brett, a listener doesn’t know what’s going on for several minutes before you finally talk about a movie about an actor playing an actor, about Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

    1. To be fair, they did warn in the blurb of this page that they were gonna talk about sad celebrity deaths… and PSH’s was by far the most notable one this week. I mean, I’d think that being just marginally aware of new would be enough to know he had passed away on Sunday.

    2. Yee I gotta agree. I’ve been more active on twitter so I’ve known about it but it still took me a while to realize that’s who they were talking about.

  2. Sad you guys dont like the Ninja Turtles designs, I thought they were cool.

    The Ultimate Spiderman show is shit, even as a baby show, tis shit.
    Shit shit shit
    Same for Hulk: Agents of Smash and the new avengers cartoon, all shit.

    Spectacular Spiderman 4ever.
    Cant believe you guys havent seen Young Justice yet.

    Man of Steel Haters gonna hate.

    1. Fuck yes Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice were awesome.
      Also, I blame Loeb for all the garbage Marvel cartoons we have right now.

    2. The Ninja Turtles redesign is garbage. Yet another misguided example of modern execs thinking that all it takes to make a reboot of something is to just make it “grittier and darker” without regarding the tone or spirit of the original material. That is essentially what the new redesigns are, dark, gritty, and ultimately bland, they lack personality.

      Then again, you did love Man of Steel, which is plagued by the exact same issues, so I guess it’s only fitting 😛

      1. How are they gritty and dark?
        Also the first original turtles were gritty and dark, so wtf are you even on about…

        1. …How are they NOT? The color is desaturated, they all look “menacing and serious” even when Donatello is smirking, they look more “realistic” and less stylized.

          And are you kidding me? The Original comic turtles were a PARODY, if there was any “grittiness” , it was to mock and make fun of the material they were parodying. And even then, look at those designs, even if they had the same bandanna color, they were far more stylized, cartoony and full of their own personality.

          Stop trying to bend the truth to justify your shitty taste…

          1. new

            They look more realistic cause they arent muppet costumes anymore, theyre mocap, which brought us great depictions of caesar the chimp and the avengers hulk everyone loves.

            The greens differ from each one but on mikey it looks brighter than the old ones, which looks like a old dingy green, that is the same for all of them.

            Also each turtle looks more stylized/personalized to fit their tastes and personalities, which the original also lacks, as the only have the bandanas and weapons to distinguish them

            And even if they were born from parody and are parody those old turtles were dark and gritty, and did drastic violent things.

            Plus those old films are fun to watch, have their moments, but a lot of it doesnt hold up well today, so there is need of new.

            You can insult me, but face it Falcon your just wrong and upset, the movies not directed by bay, its a guy who we should give a chance at least until the film is out and can be seen and actually know its quality.
            The old turtles had their time, and they slowly turned to shit and faded, consider that these turtles arent for you, dont go see it, hate it, be bitter about it. But if this keeps the brand alive, relevant and goin then good, Id rather have Ninja Turtles, then no ninja turtles at all.

      2. Also, you can talk shiz about Man of Steel all you want but the costume looked good, but you stab at if Superman Returns doesnt exist, with its very true comic version of the suit, which does not look good on film.

        1. The costume still looked silly, just less iconic. And that’s because just like the Captain America costume, no matter how you go around it, it looks inherently ridiculous in live action.

          1. It did not look goofy, it looked like the natural wear of the kryptonians.
            The avengers cap uniform looked goofy because it tried to hard to be like the comic version, the suit in the first avenger film and the upcoming cap 2 look good. Comics are known for extremes, one of those extremes is color, and such colors dont work well on film and I like films more than I like comics, but comic fans should appreciate when filmakers like whedon or snyder take even the slightest consideration of what the minority of unpleasable nitpicky comic book fans like.

          2. …Yes, because the kriptonians didn’t look goofy at all.

            Both looks are goofy because they are costumes DESIGNED to stand out, without taking practicality into account. So if you’re still going to take the base costume design and look ridiculous, you might as well go all the way and embrace it.

    3. Amen brotha! I think the Turtles’ designs are very fine. And don’t even get me started on Man of Steel, it’s at least just as good as Batman Begins was (and people forget that has mixed reactions) and it was the movie I wanted to see.

      …still yet to see Spectacular web head though.

  3. So, I hadn’t looked at those Days of Future Past covers yet…now that I have, I’m almost hoping the movie absolutely bombs, so that Fox will sell the franchise back to Disney.

    Oh, and I will donate so much money if you three do a commentary track for the ’98 Godzilla movie. So much.

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