Cape Crisis #80 – What’s the deal with Green Lantern?


The boys are all over the place this week, covering old school stuff, Marvel Unlimited, Jerry Seinfeld’s jealousy, Flash castings, personal preferences, and the return of the trivia challenge…


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Cape Crisis #80 Question: What Marvel short films do you want to see in the future?

19 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #80 – What’s the deal with Green Lantern?

  1. I’m just gonna go with Dr.Strange, as I usually do. I don’t think he merits a whole full length film but dammit I wanna see a magic man with spandex go through dimensions.

    1. Also a possible-maybe She-Hulk movie?? Like make it slightly comedic or just have fun with it in general. Not every Marvel movie has to be loaded with serious story all the time.

    2. I’d totally be down for a full Strange movie, but Marvel’s been super resistant with fantasy. Mandarin wasn’t magic, gods are actually aliens. You can’t really pull away from magic with Doctor Strange, but I’d love to see them do it.

  2. I would say Daredevil, they have the rights back now. Since he does not have the best rogues gallery and that awful movie from before, it makes sense to just give a short film to get people to see the Hero re-envisioned without making a full feature. It could be a nice tease of things to come. Oh and for anyone who thinks the bad wire effects and poor writing do not make the original movie bad I say Wake me up inside…

  3. Brett: Dan Abnett has actually been talking with James Gunn.
    Gunn has asked Abnett specifically to write new Guardians of the Galaxy content to support the film’s release.

  4. How dare you shit on Captain Marvel brett!?
    Dude fuck you you’re wrong Captain Marvel is one of the best books marvel has right now.
    I have lost all respect for you Brett.

    1. I don’t think I shit all over it? Not liking it isn’t condemning it and all who read it :/

      That said, they got my money so my indirect support hopefully keeps the character alive.

    1. Yeah, and even as a kid of 8 years, I got tired rather quickly of the stupidity and how ridiculously long everything dragged in that show, stopped watching pretty much during the Frieza arc.

      Your point?

  5. Man of Steel was for people who wanted to see a superman story with an actual credible threat that he’s NOT strong enough to completely mitigate. One where he isn’t automatically the smartest man in the room and doesn’t have the perfect easy way to appear as the flawless hero archetype the entire time. A movie that’s aware of how legendary and awe-inspiring powerful superheros would be in real life, but also how horrific the fallout of the battles we see happen in comic panels all the time would actually be in reality.

    I think people who disliked it wanted an Avengers version of Superman, that really stays true to the style of storytelling that the comics had. But with Superman, I don’t find that interesting at all. His comics put SO many restrictions on him.

    Something like Invincible takes most of those restrictions away, but it adds the restrictions that come with trying to directly parody and subvert comics.

    Man of Steel is a superhero movie that takes the universe and characters from the source material, but is not concerned with adhering directly to every trope.

    1. Uh… Superman has NEVER been the smartest man in the room, not even in his own comics 😛 (If he was, there would be no comics, or at least, no threats for him to fight, because with the ammount of powers and skills he has, if he was smart, he’d have dealt with any problem or foe a long time ago.)

      I don’t think anyone (myself included) went this expecting it to be like the Avengers, or anything like that. And it’s not like dark, serious portrayals of superheroes can’t work, Batman Begins and the Dark Knight are proof that you CAN do that right and that people very much like that approach that well. I also don’t think MoS’ problem had anything to do with not being faithful to the comics… It was just a poorly executed movie overall.

      Like, some of what you’re saying does sound like the movie it SHOULD have been, but actually isn’t. Like for example, I agree that Super Man killing someone is fine if you’re going to show the brutal side and consequences it has on Superman for it… Except the movie didn’t do that at all. You see a few seconds of him screaming in pain, and in the next Immediate scene you see him acting like nothing had happened at all. That’s as if the dark knight had ended after Batman takes the blame for Dent’s death, arrives at the Batcave, and Alfred cracks a joke at him and then batman just chills as if everything was cool.

      To me, that’s the biggest problem what Man of Steel, I often don’t get what it’s trying to be, and it just ends up feeling bland as a result. If they wanted to make it dark and gritty, that’s fine, but if so, then go all the way with it, be more serious, but take things more seriously as well, too damn many scenes in that movie were either intentionally, or unintentionally silly and at odds with the otherwise morose tone it had.

  6. Sorry boys, Ellen Page just came out of the closet today. Also my webisode would be of Lady Sif and the Warriors 3. You only ever get brief snippets of them fighting, and then Thor coming in and finishing things. I want a whole battle with just them being badass while Thor is away.

  7. Spider-Man 2099
    I know a lot of people don’t like Miguel O’Hara, but I love him.
    I just wanna seem him doing future Spidey stuff.

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