New Godzilla 2014 trailer is sooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood


Welp, it took sixteen years but it really looks like we’re going to get a good American Godzilla movie after all. The latest trailer promises drama, giant monsterS PLURAL, human characters that may not be the worst thing of all time and some amazing, intense visuals in the style of the 1954 original. 

So yeah, plenty to talk about here but I’ll cut to the chase:


That looks like Rodan. It COULD be an F-22 or 35 with a bay open, but that looks more like a big ol’ dinosaur bird monster with its feet primed for grabbin’. Also the fact that the next scene in the trailer is…


… a giant tail with an F-35 falling out of the sky. GODZILLA DON’T FLY, SON.

What this means is, Legendary may have rights to additional Toho monsters and isn’t being particularly upfront about it. In a good way, of course. I want to be surprised a la Thanos, to not know the real twists until I’m there on opening day. And if that means we get Rodan, Gigan or whatever else in addition to the suggested insectoid creature, fuggin’ great.

I’m also pretty happy with the “nature is the boss, don’t think you’ve mastered it” vibe of the trailer. Godzilla is at his best when he’s an allegory for our own hubris / arrogance, and if there’s a way to make an American / Western audience feel that horror even 5% as much as a moviegoing Japanese audience in 1954 did, then it’ll be a success. That’s a hard line to walk though… hopefully it’s done well.

But given that Toho would even TALK to Hollywood after that ’90s mess and stay the course with Legendary / Gareth Edwards suggests something’s going right.

20 thoughts on “New Godzilla 2014 trailer is sooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  1. I like the guttural growl at the end.
    Also it just goes to show how much better cg effects have gotten since ’98
    As well as film making and approach to well known (certain) iconic franchises who are now being taken more seriously in bringing them to the screen.

    1. I think it’s actually the original ‘Zilla roar that’s been distorted heavily for advertising purposes, but I’m probably wrong.

  2. Brett please, we need a Godzilla episode from you. Especially now! You have a duty to educate people on why this is exciting O.O. But I gotta admit the trailer looks extremely promising. The fact that you could only see Godzilla for like 3 seconds max was a really good sign for me. Also people have said this before but having Bryan Cranston just delivering lines over the whole trailer really did it for me. Just finished breaking bad not too long ago and this is definitely the man this movie needs to make an even more amazing impact.

    Arrrgh excitement!

    1. I agree 100%. As a kid growing up in the 70’s, my “dinosaur” obsession was only satisfied by Godzilla movies and King Kong. (I was horrified that a T. rex could be killed by a ape!!) I’ve seen all of the Godzilla movies as a kid, but retain only the memory of enjoyment in the movies. I also was lucky enough to be able to experience the giant monster tv shows in syndication. “Johnny Soko and His Flying Robot” and “Ultra-man” also satisfied this need. I thought they were awesome! They don’t hold up now, but in the 70’s this was the shit.
      tl:dr- Godzilla 2014 looks amazing. TV giant monster shows, not so much.

  3. I don’t know. Bryan Cranston is not Matthew Broderick. And where’s the cast of the Simpsons, for pete’s sake!?

    Kidding. This looks amazing.

  4. It looks so good. Can’t wait!! The real question is when will we see a remake for Son of Godzilla? Loved watching that movie on VHS when I was like 7 for some reason lol

  5. Well, that was an incredible trailer. This year is shaping up to be a great one for movies. I guess it’s about time for that Godzilla episode, right Elston…?

  6. Brett’s enthusiasm is simply infectious. I’m more pumped for this movie than I would have been on my own, mainly because aside from the 1998 trash of a film, I’m largely unfamiliar with Godzilla.

    But really, what seals the deal for me is Bryan Cranston. I already knew from the last trailer that he’d be in this, but knowing that he likely plays the protagonist, or at LEAST a very prominent role makes it all the more exciting.

    And yeah, the effects looked super good. Kinda hoping they wouldn’t shown the monster so clearly though… at least not in the trailers.

  7. Gojira ga koko e kimasu! Gojira ga koko e kimasu!
    Ima, uchi e kaerimasu kudasai! Uchi e kaerimasu kudasai!

    Exciting! I like the hints at the historic cover up, and that it’s a fully international crisis, and not just Japan’s or America’s problem.

    I’m as giddy as a little (Japanese) schoolgirl.

  8. Man, Bryan Cranston is just awesome.

    I swear if this movie has a giant monster fight I’ll have a brain aneurysm in my seat.

  9. You guys have mentioned having a purely Godzilla episode (not just that Pacific Rim stuff). It looks like this summer would be a good time for it.

  10. As far as is that Rodan, i’d have to say it is more likely to be like aliens. While i’d prefer Rodan, aliens are far more digestible for the main populace.
    Either way can’t wait to see it.

  11. After catching the trailer I jumped straight to LaserTime just to see if Brett’s reaction was there yet. Not at first, and then not for a relative bit, but when I did see it finally posted I laughed my ass off at the title – I could just hear him saying that. I figured he’d be crapping bricks.

    Better still, I totally agree. I probably watched it five or six times in the last day or so, can’t freaking wait.

    I remember taking off work to catch the ’98 Godzilla opening day – I walked out of that theater SO disappointed. But just this trailer (and the prior teaser) feel like a long-overdue-with-interest-paid apology. Something tells me I’ll be taking the day off of work…

    Oh yeah – Lasertime Godzilla episode – stat! With a “top 10” at least. Most would probably agree with/predict the top 5. Let’s make it interesting and dig a little deeper.

  12. I’m jazzed beyond words. The trailers looks good, and now I’m just hoping they don’t trip at the finish line. We need a Giant Monsters Fighting 2 episode with Elston when the movie hits.

  13. Watching my own Godzilla hype bubble up, I know it’s a different situation but I’ve always liked giant monsters myself. My situation mostly differs in that, since I’m 27, my giant monster love is due to Power Rangers and the Votron and Gundam reruns on Toonami in the late 90’s (why yes I DID love Pacific Rim).

    So basically, yeah this trailer is great and made me very very excite!


    It’s probably not Rodan. From what I’ve heard, there won’t be any of the old Toho monsters in the movie, but mutated insectoid creatures called “Muto”. Based on some trailer analyses I’ve seen, we’ll see a Rodan expy and something similar to Mothra. Those two at least but there may be more. We already know about the multi-armed centipede thing.

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