10 thoughts on “Laser Time – Pay TV

  1. Living in Mexico meant that pretty much we had to pay to watch TV, as the only free channels in the entire country are only 3 or three, and they are all national shit channels that produced nothing but cheap, poorly made sitcoms and soap operas that were always rip-offs or remakes of better done North American or European shows.

    Oh, and our paid for cable TV wasn’t much better anyway, since we lived in a shitty town, the most we had access to were channels like FOX or Cinemax, but channels like Warner, Sony and HBO? Shit out of luck there. I only knew about most of those shows and networks once we got Internet in out house in 2001 >>;

  2. I remember that my parents finally payed for one WWE payperview some time in the 90’s. My brother and I got really in to it up to the point that i decided to try to arm bar my brother in front of my parents. Needles to say a payperview was neither payed for nor viewed ever again.

  3. yeah, I remember some really early cable stuff.
    disney channel, absolutely hated mousercise. it was SO weird and boring to look at.
    fraggle rock on hbo, i loved it.
    I remember when nickelodeon first came out, it didn’t have commercials.
    then maybe halfway through the year during you can’t do that on television me and my sisters saw the first commercials to run on the channel… Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes.
    I still remember how thrown I was by it, I was laying upside down on the sofa and fell off when the show went to commercial break. it had never done it before. It also used to sign off at 8 o’clock, they didn’t have nick at night yet.

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